2015 is the Year of Nails: 8 Hottest Nail Trends to Watch Out For. By Guest blogger, Kathleen

By Guest Blogger, Kathleen

2015 is the Year of Nails: 8 Hottest Nail Trends to Watch Out For
Mani fans, listen up! 2015 is going to be the year of surprising nail trends and you’re definitely going to want to try them. Remember Rita Ora’s $56,000 VMA manicure last year? And what about the ombré, marble and nail, tape trends – will they stay or will they go? It’s time to find out what your nails are in for in 2015!

1. Negative Space is Positive Taste

All Photos Provided by, Guest Blogger Kathleen
All Photos Provided by, Guest Blogger Kathleen

Short nails are definitely in for the coming spring and with it the A+ trend of negative space nail art. By not painting in creative shapes, you can craft pretty and eye catching art on your fingertips. Crescents, stripes, chevron, you name it – they can all be designed by cleverly using some tape.

2. Criss-cross Your HeART
2One of the biggest trends for the Spring/Summer runways, carefully painted criss-crosses seem to have taken over. It’s the perfect nail look for sophisticated events, parties and even for when you say, “I do.” Such nail art is taught by reputed beauty schools such as Marinello all over the country, so if you’re interested in learning nail art, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the training you need for it.

3. Pretty in Pastel 3
Who says you need glitter to look glamorous? Sheer, nude and glossy pastel shades are in! It may surprise you, but that age old beauty tip – “keep it simple,” applies to manicures too! The best part is, you won’t need a fancy artist to do it for you – it’s easy enough to do at home.
4. Think Linear Thoughts
If you can recall Sarah Hyland’s 2014 Emmys manicure you know you can’t go wrong with nail tape. It adds elegance to dainty tips and is super easy to use. It’s no wonder the trend is still popular, and will remain so. Don’t be surprised if you see it again on the red carpet this year.

5. Double French Tips
4French manicures are classy by themselves, but add a little twist to it and you’ve started a new trend. Two different polishes, a steady brush and ready fingertips and you’ve got a cute manicure you can wear for a bachelorette party.

6. Ombré Monday to Friday
Even those not really into fashion noticed the trend of half dyed hair. Blending a color into another became popular enough to try on nails and what a trend it has turned into! Ombré nails will not be ushered out anytime soon. If you didn’t try it last year, 2015 gives you a whole new chance!

7. Geometrical Patterns

8Triangles, squares, rectangles – you can make the Pythagorean Theorem fun with a shapely pattern on your fingernails. With a little creativity, you can create your own never-before-seen mani. It’s guaranteed you’ll want to experiment with this trend more than once.


8. In 3/4 Time
Going geometric is gorgeous, but if you’d prefer something simpler, simply paint ¼ of a nail one color, and the remaining ¾ another. Nail art doesn’t get simpler than that – and it doesn’t look too shabby either. Here’s to another nail trend you can try at home!

New year, new resolutions, new fashions and new nails. Give your tips a treat this year and try out a few of these nail art trends to celebrate 2015.

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