Keeping Eyesight Strong. Tips on Triggers:

By Tia Cristy

Tips on Triggers: Keeping Eyesight Strong.

Fine, eyesight tends to go as you age, but there are also times, in health or diet that eyes can become strained. If health has caused a problem in vision you my let your doctor know of your symptoms. Poor diets can have an effect on the eyes and cause sight problems. Eating foods that have sight benefits can help trigger healthy vision.

Eye of Man in Glasses

So to keep the diet for your eyes is important. Now, you have heard that adding raw carrots to your diet will help your eyes and you may have heard that information is false.

The information isn’t false, you just need to eat carrots in a reasonable dose. Sweet potatoes have the nutrients good for eyes too. But, Carrots and sweet potatoes do have the ability to give an orange tinge to the skin. Another trigger food is cheese, which can be good for the eyes, as well as, eggs.

If you are having vision problems be sure to contact your doctor. You may have a lutein deficiency that may need to be treated.

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