Cover Up Blemishes. Quickie:

By Tia Cristy


Quickie: Cover Up Blemishes.


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There actually is a right way and a wrong way to cover up blemishes, on the skin. If using a liquid foundation, don’t smear it on, pat it on by allowing air to combine with the makeup, it  gives a more natural appearance.

If you are trying to cover up a specific area, using a coverup stick, concealer or liquid foundation is effective for most. Apply to your finger or applicator and blot into the blemish. It gives a longer lasting camouflage to the area.

Remember, if you are using your fingers to apply your makeup, the shelf life of the makeup lessens, rather than, using an applicator. (Help lengthen the life of makeup, by washing hands first before applying)

If you are having trouble with foundations and cover-ups effecting your skin in a bad way, try going with a more natural product like, the one’s that green and glam has to offer.

(SIDE NOTE: If you have kids, it’s inevitable, your girls will probably  play with your makeup. They have Eco Princess line of organic and natural play make up products, for girls. So teach them, that the earlier the young faces learn proper skin care, the longer, great skin will last throughout their lifetime.)

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