Insider Workout Tips: Top Clothing Brands for Sweating This Year. By Guest Blogger, Brooke C.

By Guest Blogger, Brooke C.


Insider Workout Tips: Top Clothing Brands for Sweating This Year.

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Brooke C.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger, Brooke C.

After all that pumpkin pie, getting in shape is a resolution for many of us as the holidays wind down. When setting goals this new year, the trick to keeping them is making them doable. If you know you want to lose weight, make some small manageable goals to get started so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Just start with 20 min of cardio three times a week. As you get better, make more time during the week for workouts, or make your workout longer. Always warm up with fast paced cardio like jumping jacks to get your body warm, and blood flowing. For greater muscle tone add squats, jumps and abs to your routine. You also don’t want to underestimate the importance of the right brand for hitting the gym. Getting in shape and getting in style don’t have to conflict with each other, as long as you check out this list of brands to wear while you work it.

The quirky yoga-style Lululemon Athletica brand has become a major force in women’s athletic apparel. Their form-fitting lines are sure to be flattering as much as sweat-wicking. These clothes are business first, socializing second. It doesn’t have to be yoga, because Lululemon clothing is perfect for any kind of workout, especially one that incorporates a lot of cardio work since they offer a lot of support.
Sometimes you can’t beat the classics like Nike. This brand has been providing the world with comfortable and affordable shoes and sports apparel for a long time. Their jogging shoes have even been recommended from foot specialists in Toronto to Florida. They have quite a line of workout clothes, and they are better than Lululemon for outdoor sports, jogging, and training. Nike has sportswear for both men and women in a wide variety of colors. While not quite as high-end as Lululemon, Nike is the best one-stop shop for men and women looking to put together an outfit for running that can work in both the summer and the winter.

Adidas is a solid choice because of the versatility alone. You can find clothing to fit all kinds of sports and workouts in all weather conditions for men, women, and children. The Foot Clinic says to check the arch support and heel when buying Adidas shoes. If you have longer legs, your heels definitely won’t have to be as high. Their selection is even better than Nike’s, especially for winter sports and workouts.

Between these three brands, you will have a good selection of the fashionable, the practical, the durable, and the versatile workout brands out there. Think carefully about the kind of exercise you want to do, and whether it will require being outside, and if so, in what weather. That will tell you where you need to look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, either. Take what you need from each of the three brands to you are getting the best.

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