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Man’s guide to muscle strength and cutting routine. By Guest Blogger Victoria L.

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Man’s guide to muscle strength and cutting routine

Photo provided by Guest Blogger Victoria L.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger Victoria L.

Found on: www.mindbodygreen.com
Those who are new at bodybuilding aim to get as big as possible; huge slabs of muscle mass, wardrobe that suddenly becomes too tight, and looks of friends filled with respect and even awe for your new looks. Because this is something you achieve after a long time of intense training, you begin to understand that there is more than just impressive muscle mass at stake in bodybuilding and proportion, strength, shape and health.

Forget about the final result

As silly as this may sound, understand this: focusing on the final result will have you overlooking those great little things that happen along the way, and it may even leave you disappointed. Set more minor goals instead, it will make you strive to accomplish those and fill you with pride and dedication. Specific actions you have told yourself you have to complete will make it easier for you to form healthy habits of going to the gym and clean eating than only looking to see whether you’ve lost your stomach after three gym sessions.

Photo provided by Guest Blogger Victoria L.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger Victoria L.

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Stimulate muscle growth

There are three ways you can make your muscles grow bigger, but the best results come to those who combine them effectively. Cellular fatigue means that you will be pushing muscle fibers to repeat certain exercises until they can move no more. Muscle damage will gave you damaging our muscles with high levels of tension, after which you need to rest and eat the right food, and your body will grow new fibers to deal with future stimuli better. The third and the most important method is to progressively burden your muscles with more and more weights.

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Victoria L.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Victoria L.

Found on: www.365voice.com
Weight gain doesn’t mean muscle growth

Weight gain is just that – gaining weight, if you are not careful enough in a long run, and if you work out the right way, gaining weight is the result of putting on more muscle mass, but you have to approach the subject carefully. It is difficult to achieve muscle growth, especially if you’re the ‘skinny type’ and have problems putting on any weight, let alone muscle mass. People who have problems putting on weight often have the wrong approach altogether – eating pretty much anything, forgetting about counting calories (the more the better, you’d say), not training intensely enough; all this leads to the wrong kind of weight you’ll be putting on. Nobody wants to put on fat, not even super skinny people.

Man Up

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Victoria L.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Victoria L.







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Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in an organism, and for those who are looking for effective ways to get more muscle, perhaps the most important there is. This hormone is in charge of muscle growth, and no wonder an average person is looking for a testosterone booster and doing research about different ways to raise testosterone levels in order to get the best results. What is important here is to note that not even steroids can miraculously increase the amount of muscle you can build, but for people looking for all the help they can get, it is still significant. Make sure you monitor the dosages, and consult an expert in order to get the best results.

Once you decide to hit the gym, you should keep in mind the following: it is not just about the looks; there is a lot more than meets the eye here. Superior strength, overall health, and strict discipline are the basis for great looks, and once you respect the rules and go slowly, you will understand that gym is not the means to get to your goal: it is a lifestyle.

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