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U OK Hun? Self Care For Internet Entrepreneurs

U OK Hun? Self Care For Internet Entrepreneurs

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can you do my work for me You may be great at running your business, but are you any good at taking care of yourself? More than any other group of people, entrepreneurs are notorious for pushing themselves to the limit, burning the candle at both ends and not listening to what their bodies are telling them. When you don’t have a line manager, and everything you’re working on is to set up your future then working long hours and barely leaving your desk can begin to feel somehow normal. You’re under a huge amount of self-generated pressure to succeed, learning new things, trying to bring everything together and make it work and desperately aiming to become profitable while keeping calm. The important thing to realise is that for an entrepreneur, health IS wealth. You are the engine of your success. Your creativity, vision, ideas and hard work are what makes your business. If you neglect your health and become seriously ill, then your business will be damaged in the process. So making time for self-care isn’t just a smart investment – it’s a necessary fundamental of running a successful business. If you want to build a long-term career and company, then you need to prioritise your own mental and physical health, even during the busy times.  http://www.conn29th.org/university/read-the-essay.htm

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voltaire essay universal history For every business fundamental, you have an allocated slot in your schedule. Time to create a marketing strategy. Time to brush up a client pitch. Time to go through the accounts and prepare a business tax return. The same has to be true of your health – you need to create an allocated time and stick to it. The key is to be clear on what relaxes you – for some it could be fitting in a 5k or a game of squash, others will find it in reading a few chapters of a great book or even playing video games. Some may benefit from using a daily mindfulness app. Find whatever works for you and make it a religion to honour that small slice of time for yourself. cheapest generic cialis online


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asha leader: march 2017 – the unique speech needs of children in poverty Just as you would try to identify any business issues quickly and sort them out before they escalate and cause damage, so you must take the same approach to your health. Instead of ignoring that sore back or the onset of insomnia, it’s a good idea to get them checked out by your primary care doctor. Perhaps it is just nothing, but if it isn’t, treatment will be a lot quicker and more effective if you tackle the problem head on and early.  see

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viagra sales cape town click here   http://mcorchestra.org/15535-intro-to-sociology-essay-topics/ It can definitely feel like the last thing you have the time for is exercise, but keeping active is a form of health insurance for entrepreneurs. The right sport makes you mentally and physically stronger – allowing you to be more productive and focused at work. It also helps to keep you healthy, lowering your risk of multiple diseases and keeping your immune system primed – and when you don’t get paid to take a sick day, that’s a pretty big deal! https://farwell.com/camp/10-resume-words-not-use.html

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