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The Significance of STI Screening

By Guest Blogger, Union Quay Medical

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Sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) are frighteningly common in America, with one person out of every 208 in the country diagnosed with chlamydia alone. STIs can lead to complications such as infertility, swollen joints and possible inflammation of the heart, brain or spinal cord, and yet these can be relieved so easily through early screening. Sadly, many people don’t even realize that they could have contracted an STI through mere skin-on-skin contact, so the infection develops unbeknownst to them until it results in one or more of the medical complications stated above.

You may think that, because you haven’t had sex in a while (if ever), you couldn’t have an STI. However, they spread so readily that if you have even the slightest inkling that you could be infected, you should go for screening straight away. Indeed, everyone should avail of STI screening as soon as they can, because early detection gives you the best possible chance of finding an STI and eliminating it. If you go for screening and the test comes back negative, any worries over possibly being infected can disappear.

This infographic from Union Quay Medical in Cork, Ireland provides useful starter information on STI screening, such as the scenarios where screening is most vital, the periods of incubation and the screening process step-by-step. Consider for a moment that 20 million STIs are diagnosed in the U.S. every year. Don’t let one of them be yours; get yourself screened without delay.

1 in 208 Americans diagnosed with chlamydia

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Sexual Health Performances: Pleasing a Man-(MA). By Guest Blogger, Carvaka

By Carvaka

Sexual Health Performances: Pleasing a Man-(MA)

When it comes to pleasing a man in other ways than through his stomach, there are many adults who find this task daunting and overwhelming. Some who don’t like to do it, while others don’t feel they know how to do it properly. If you are one of the latter, here are some basic tips on how to perform pleasure on a man, alleviating any self-confidence issues or embarrassment you may have.

TipsfromTia.com still suggest practicing safe sex in every situation. Using flavored condoms is a safe and fun way to get the job done. A sexual expert once said, “If you’re doing it right, a man will forget he even has a condom on.”

Carvaka BJ

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Friends with Benefits or Just a Booty Call? (MA)

By Tia Cristy


Friends with Benefits or Just a Booty Call?

“Beautiful Women And Handsome Man” by alexisdc FreeDigitalPhotos.net
“Beautiful Women And Handsome Man” by alexisdc

A recent debate ignites over the topic of is there a difference between Friends with Benefits (FWB) and a Booty Call? It appears that it can be taken subjectively by some individuals, but the truth is for most people there is a significant difference.

After tallying a poll between men and women, over a twenty year-old age gap, I found more men than women didn’t really see a difference until being provided with the definition for each. More women than men on the other hand, clearly knew the difference without further explanation.

I found the biggest difference between FWB and a Booty call is being ‘friends’. In today’s world, random sexual encounters are readily available through hookup sites, but to maintain a FWB relationship, one must actually, in fact, have a mutually respected relationship of some form; usually in the form of friends.

"Couple Standing at Back View" by imagerymajestic FreeDigitalPhotos.net
“Couple Standing at Back View” by imagerymajestic FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So, what’s the point of being FWB and not just dive into a respectful committed relationship? The only reason that seemed to hold any merit is because sex is a mature decision that should always be safe and made with a clear conscience, but nobody wants to get emotionally hurt, right? FWB is a way for some individuals to have mature companionship without a full-blown commitment. Does it make sense? Sure, if you want something steady without feeling locked-down. Unlike random hookups, FWB isn’t a lack of feelings; it actually appears to put feelings and a specific relationship into a different box than the stereotypical caring relationship.

Booty calls and hookups are designed to intentionally disconnect any kind of emotional feelings to where one is able to only partake in a specific physical act.  How many times have you said or heard someone say they have trouble committing? Here’s the ironic part, one must understand sex in itself is a commitment. There is no do-over’s or denial that it happened when it’s finished. It’s a commitment to your partner and to yourself that you have weighed the pros and cons of this physical activity to the fullest and you and both parties are willing to move forth with the act.

So, why does it seem that men are having trouble with the concept of FWB when they (probably) created it? Well, FWB seems to be falling into a grey area since apps have made it easy (and confusing to the ego) to find someone local looking for a casual night. On the other hand, women are more accepting of being FWB, nowadays, since the process of courting or dating is almost non-existent with an extreme all or nothing policy being presented on any given dating site. It’s been mentioned to me that women have found FWB to be an outlet without allowing society pressures to force a decision on ‘is this guy the one or not? ’ or dating sites wanting to know if you’re ready for a marriage or a fling.


It’s important to understand that psychological and physical health that can be impeded by a life full of a plethora of random encounters, but I get it, not everyone is ready to settle down with the first face they find attractive.  Without judgment, I say to each their own- in their own time, but when you are about to engage into any sexual experience, I recommend communicating with your potential partner to be certain which kind of relationship you are getting involved with before you commit in the act of sex, and then come to find out you and your partner are not on the same page. I also believe falling into bed too soon can turn a ‘friend’ into a Booty Call, instantly, if the friendship’s foundation hasn’t had proper time to solidify. (We’ve all heard, at one point in time, from a girlfriend about that guy that was so amazing and funny before they had sex and now she suffers from confusion over his disconnection.)

As a Sexual Heath Tips provider and promoter of safe sex, I will not preach against anyone’s protected sexcapades, but for one to believe sex has the ability to lack any feeling, emotionally, baffles me personally since a human being must use every single muscle group to partake in the act. Those muscles include the brain and the heart. Science has shown the ‘healthiest sex’ is the monogamous kind when it comes to overall physical and emotional health while having the ultimate power to strengthen overall brain function.


So, to wrap this up, (no pun intended)… Is there a difference between FWB and a Booty call? Yes. And it is up to you, the Mature, that feel you are grown up enough to have a physical partner, to decipher which experience you want to commit to. As Evan Marc Katz said, “Men look for sex and find love. Women look for love and find sex.” Although sex feels good, when you find that one partner that is everything you could never imagine existing in one person…well …that feels amazing.

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Why Woman Get Uncomfortable. Thoughts of Liam M. (MA-Language)

By Tia Cristy

Liam McRae from ‘Ask the Naturals’ is what some may call a professional dating guru or pickup artist. But ‘The Naturals’ and Liam prefer the title, Social Freedom Coach.

Liam’s style is mature in the world of casual sex. Although I speak of monogamy in relationships, Liam tells stories of the infamous One Night Stand.

Either way, Liam and I could both agree on Sexual Health and it’s importance physically and mentally. This video is a great insight for men to see the reasons they may not think of when it comes to a woman’s indecision about being physical, although she may be attracted to you. Safety and comfort is her number one priority.

By Liam McRae

How to deal with a woman’s crazy behaviour

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10 Things You Need To Know About Premature Ejaculation.

Created by Carvaka

10 Things You Need To Know About Premature Ejaculation.

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