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Giving Your Kids Choice When It Comes to Exercise

Giving Your Kids Choice When It Comes to Exercise

Getting your kids to engage with exercise can be relatively difficult. Sure, many children will run around outside for hours of their own accord. But you want their fitness routine to be varied and incorporate all sorts of exercises that will keep them well-rounded and fit on all levels. So, how can you achieve this?

Well, the first thing you’ll need to do is to make sure your kids are actively enjoying exercise. If it seems like a chore, you’ll have an ongoing problem with essentially forcing them to do something they don’t want to – and this can end in tears and tantrums. The easiest way to find the best form of exercise for your kids is to ask them what interests them.

Many of us make the mistake of assuming what kind of sports our kids will want to try their hand at and we’ll push them to participate in these traditional activities. But as the infographic by Cisco Athletic below shows, many popular sports – like football and soccer – are actually decreasing in popularity. Activities like lacrosse, track and field, and gymnastics are on the rise – so what many kids are enjoying is changing!

So, give your little ones some choice. Take a look at the data and see what the different trends are. Make some suggestions based on what’s popular with your kids’ peers and they may be a lot more likely to have a go at some alternative sports and exercises!

Infographic Design By Cisco Athletic

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Do You Exercise Too Much?

Do You Exercise Too Much?

Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It has a vast range of benefits from helping you to maintain a healthy weight, to boosting your immunity and fighting off disease. Regular exercise can improve your mental health, increase your circulation, improve your social life and mood, and help you to sleep. Your skin might be brighter following exercise, your muscles will be stronger, and your overall fitness will be improved. Even better, there’s no right way of doing it. Some people enjoy running, others hate it and would prefer to do an hour in the gym. Some people struggle to make time to exercise and so focus on YouTube workouts or fitting more walking into their day to day life. But, however you choose to exercise, have you ever considered that you might be doing too much?

Many people have the opposite problem, they find it hard to make the time to exercise, and they have trouble staying motivated long term. But, not everyone. Some of us are going to the gym too often, pushing ourselves too hard. Exercising too much could damage your heart, your muscles, your mind, and even leave you with a frightening exercise addiction. Too much exercise can mean that after sustaining an injury and seeking help from a personal injury lawyer, you struggle to get back to normal and fully recover. 

Do You Exercise Every Day?

Exercising every day can seem like a great idea. You’ll burn more calories and see faster results, right? Well, maybe. It really depends on what you are doing. If you are hitting the gym and working out at an intense level, you should have a day off between workouts to give your muscles the chance to repair and strengthen. If you don’t want to take entire days off, use rest days to practice yoga or go for a long walk.

Do You Ache All of the Time?

It’s normal for your muscles to ache after a tough workout, it’s good even. But, you shouldn’t feel like this all of the time. If you constantly hurt, even following days off, then you might be pushing yourself too hard. 

Have the Results Stopped Coming?

Have you reached the point where you are in the gym everyday but seeing no results? Has your progress plateaued? When this happens, it’s tempting to push harder, and add an extra workout. But, it’s often because your body has got used to the same routine. Instead of working out for longer, try something new. Change your routine, and you might find that you get better results even if you drop a workout or two. 

Are You Tired?

We all get tired sometimes, it usually just means that you are working hard and need a good night’s sleep. The tiredness that you get from exercising too much is a little different. If you feel like you are always tired like you can’t concentrate and even walking to the car is a considerable strain on your body, it’s time to cut down and give yourself a break. 

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Want To Feel Stronger? It’s All In Your Bones (And These Great Exercises)

Want To Feel Stronger? It’s All In Your Bones (And These Great Exercises)

When most people embark upon an exercise plan, it is usually for one of two reasons: to improve general fitness, or for weight loss. There are hundreds of different diet and exercise plans that exist, written by various health professionals, which claim to give you great results. But as we are so focused on losing fat or gaining muscle, we often forget one other very important part of our bodies, and that is our bones. When you choose to invest time and effort into taking care of your bones, you are making a lifelong investment. We only have one set of bones to last us a lifetime, after all. Plus, what with many bone disorders being related to old age, keeping strong bones in your younger years can lower the risk of you being affected in the future. So if fitness is your thing, how can you switch up your workouts so that you focus more on building up bone strength?

pexels-photoImage source

Muscle-building activities

If you love lifting weights, you will be pleased to know that this is an easy way to help promote bone strength and development. Any resistance caused by the lifting of weights strengthens the muscles and the tendons. As all our bones are surrounded by muscles and tendons which help our bones to work normally, this can help support them. However, be aware that lifting weights that are too heavy could cause damage to your bones, especially if you are not trained in how to lift correctly. Always speak to a professional before attempting any kind of weight training.

kettle-bell-592905_960_720Image source

Weight exercises

In order to build strong bones, it is best to engage in any activity that requires you to stand on your own two feet. This could be something such as running, or you may choose to take part in a fitness-based class such as Zumba. When you are supporting your own bodyweight, your feet and your legs have to work harder, in turn making them stronger. You should be able to do these exercises for a fairly long period of time providing that the impact of them is not too high. For example, running for a long time on a very hard surface can put you at risk of shin splints, so be mindful of where you are exercising. Taking some time out and learning the bones can help you understand what is good for your body and what isn’t.

8589543392_0e9c03a28c_bImage source

Low-impact exercises

Sometimes, our bones can come into difficulty, or perhaps we have an accident that causes a fracture. If this is something that has happened to you, you may think that you need to avoid exercise for the foreseeable future. Whilst it is advisable to let your body rest and recover after an injury, there are still some workouts you can do that will keep your bones healthy even in ‘time off’. These are low intensity exercises such as swimming and cycling – basically anything that doesn’t ‘jolt’ the skeleton too much. Stick with these until you are fully recovered and then you can go back to your usual routine.

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Are Celebrity Choices For Weight Loss Right For You?

Are Celebrity Choices For Weight Loss Right For You?

Every day in the media we hear about celebrities gaining weight or losing weight. It isn’t a new fixation, but it does seem to be dominating the media more nowadays. For some people, these stories can feel quite personal. Most of us at one time or another have been worried about our weight. Maybe we gained a little or lost a little. And lots of us have admired a celebrity or two for their fantastic figure. But if you know they achieved that with the help of weight loss programs or surgery, would you be tempted to try it too?

Weight loss, in particular, is a big money making industry. There are so many tried and tested methods for shedding pounds, toning the shape of the body or cutting it to shape under the surgeon’s blade. The trouble is, they seem to work. Some celebrities actively endorse their choice of weight loss. No wonder so many of us are spending so much money trying the diet plans, exercise programs and surgical enhancements they promote.

14233491001_df8f2bd423_zFlickr is the source of the image

The truth is harder to figure out, though. When you consider all the different products out there, it’s difficult to find the right diet pills or workout that will work for you personally. You need to do a lot of research to determine if it is right for your body and your lifestyle. And lifestyle certainly does play its part. If you have a busy life, you may not have time for all the workouts that are suggested in some exercise plans. And healthy cooking plans aren’t helpful when you’re at the office more than you’re at home. 4734121385_0fbaa640f3_z

Flickr is the source of the image

What you need to do is consider just how much in your life you can realistically change. Healthy choices will always be best, and they should yield good results. But if you want to radically alter your body shape, you may need to radically alter how you approach your lifestyle. This can be incredibly hard. And let’s face it – few of us have celebrity money to throw at these things. Personal trainers and expensive surgery are just beyond most of our budgets. 390606540_9c27386ad7_z

Flickr is the source of the image

Some celebrities speak of detoxes. Others speak of boot camp style fitness regimes. If these suit you, then you may be tempted to try them. But it’s important to remember celebrities need to put on a public face. How they really feel about their bodies and the programs they are adopting will be hard to figure out. That’s why you need to consider how you’re going to feel putting yourself through the things they claim to have done.

And what about all those celebrities that claim they are naturally perfectly formed? Are they telling the truth? If they are, what is their secret? Is it all about good luck, good genes, or being good at hiding the truth? At the end of the day, we are all different. And the appearance of our bodies shouldn’t be making us unhappy. Opt for the healthiest approach you can, and love the body you’re in. Take care.

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Tips You Need Before You Start Weight Training. By Guest Blogger Diana S.

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

Tips You Need Before You Start Weight Training


Creativecommons image
Creativecommons image

Whether you are starting off with gym workouts for the first time or going back after a long hiatus, it can be somewhat an overwhelming experience. Going unprepared is not what you would want to do, regardless of your fitness aspirations, because you may get injured more easily. Here are some fine tips that will help you to launch and maintain your workout enthusiasm, and get you on the fast track to fitness progress.

Always Warm Up

Creativecommons image
Creativecommons image

Do not start a workout cold, but always warm up and stretch your muscles by doing some light aerobic exercises – use the elliptical machine, cycle, or jog. This will get your blood flowing, muscles burning, and activate your body’s fat-burning mechanism.

Fill Up With Fuel

Or in other words – eat properly. When it comes to working out and eating, timing is everything. If you are too hungry, you cannot give your best, but if you are too full, you get cramps. Consume carb-packed, low-fat pre-workout snacks about 60 minutes before each workout, and go easy with the fiber since it is difficult to digest. Never stop to eat in the middle of a workout, because it will make you feel slow. Have a light snack after an intense training in order to replace the energy that your body used. Unless you are a marathon runner or a power lifter, avoid eating right before a workout.

Aim For Intensity

Creativecommons image
Creativecommons image

If your aim is to cycle or run in order to lose weight, have a trainer recommend the best training intensity for you. If you are lifting weights, then train to (muscle) failure. The key to losing weight without camping at the gym is doing most exercises with the most intensity in the least amount of time.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Trainers and gym staff are there to help you, so do not hesitate to ask for help when confronted with a piece of commercial fitness equipment that confuses you. If you decide to just jump in, start working out and hope for the best, you only risk of getting injured. The staff will show you how the equipment works, as well as how to use it properly.

Train Efficiently

Perform exercises that activate as many muscles as possible. In this way, you will work out your body with fewer movements, meaning that each exercise can be performed with as much intensity without tiring you out quickly. For example, barbells are (in this case) better than dumbbells because they have the prime mover muscles strained better with more weight.

Watch Your Joints And Back

Creativecommons image
Creativecommons image

The fastest way one can get injured while working out is by locking shoulders, elbows and knees. When these joints are locked, instead of placing pressure on the muscle, you place it on the bones and cartilage. Thus, always avoid using too much weight and never extend beyond a safe point.

Another thing to watch is your back, because you put a lot of pressure on it when you lift. Ask the gym staff to show you how to sit properly and how to keep the right posture. Otherwise, back injuries are inevitable, and they will make lifting in the future a lot harder. Perform exercises correctly with the right posture and form.


Learn the proper breathing techniques for different gym exercises, in order to keep the muscles working well and to prevent injuries. Avoid rookie mistakes like panting when running or holding breath during lifts. If you want to go the distance when running, regulate and control your breathing. If you are about to go lifting, remember to expel air when exerting force and breathe in when relaxing the muscle.

Prepare For Progress

After a month or two of working out properly, you will notice the first muscle gains. However, within three months that will most probably slow down. In order to keep the progress going, you will have to work extra hard.

The most important thing to know when hitting the gym is to know proper ways, forms, and postures for performing every exercise. Leave your ego at home, and do not try to show off by trying to lift more weight than you can really handle.

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10 Powerful Vitamins for Younger Looking Skin.

By Guest Blogger Hannah D. and ThankYourSkin.com

10 Powerful Vitamins for Younger Looking Skin
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3 Things You Didn’t Know about Yoga, Chiropractic and Your Spine. Guest Blogger Proactive Chiro.

3 Things You Didn’t Know about Yoga, Chiropractic and Your Spine

By Proactive Chiropractic and Rehab Center, Guest Blogger

Photo Provided by, Guest Blogger Proactive Chiropractic
Photo Provided by, Guest Blogger Proactive Chiropractic

Your Spine

The spine is one of the most neglected parts of the body when it comes to health attention. Oftentimes, the spine subject becomes crucial after experiencing upper or lower back pain. Such pain can be as a result of irritation of the spine structure; which includes bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves, joints and spinal disks.
The pain is not only felt along the spine, but also can be spread to other parts of the body. Daily activities such as standing and sitting for long hours, lifting heavy equipment, over-exercising, among others can also have a huge impact in causing back pain, since they impact the spine anatomy.

Chiropractic, Yoga & Your Spine

It follows that, chiropractic and exercise programs; especially yoga, have provided the most fundamental and sustainable treatment. They are not only affordable to patients, but also friendly. They can be used be used almost by all patients in every stage including non-patients who want to prevent spine problems.

Chiropractic services involve treating spine-related problems by relying on manual therapies to relieve back pain and sustain spine health as opposed to medication; which they do not recommend. These therapies include spine adjustments and manipulation. The health professionals practicing chiropractic services are called chiropractors. Chiropractic services and yoga programs have several interesting and similar features relating to spine health.

3 Things You Didn’t Know

1. They are for everyone

As yoga takes 90, 41 and 12 year-olds, so do chiropractors. These days chiropractic services are like gyms- several outlets and taking even non-patients, who want to safeguard their spine health. It’s exciting to join a team full of young teens, moms, athletes and flexors.

Most people are even taking their pets-especially dogs and cats, for chiropractic and yoga programs. It is not in vain, but it is a healthy and great source of strength. For patients, both methods offer non-surgical treatment for back pain. People gain a lot from chiropractic-yoga experience. Yoga and chiropractic services provide self-realization lessons, be it health, or personal gratification to all cadres of people. They are known to work hand-in-hand.
The beginners of yoga classes are prone to injuries and require the services of chiropractors to assess the level of damage and relieve pain through various spine manipulations. The partnership provides harmony enabling the recruits to adapt to various yoga stretches, postures and motions. Modern innovations have even provided for ‘chiro-yoga’ exercises in which the recruits are made to understand the anatomy of the spine and the perfect curvature.

2. Personal control

Chiropractic patients have to realize that they have personal control over their health. The need for a healthy spine is paramount especially because it controls the major functions together with the brain. The level of therapy requires patient commitment and cooperation with the chiropractors.

The patients develop a deep belief on the ability of the body to heal itself without the necessity of drug intervention. The belief stipulates that there are two categories of intelligence-natural and educated. The natural intelligence makes crucial involuntary decisions such as what amount of pancreatic juice to produce, vasodilation effects, among others. On the other hand, the educated intelligence is in control of the personal self and should be kept in control to achieve vitality and longevity.

Likewise, people taking yoga classes believe in the innate self, where the creator is part of the creation-hence all solutions are within. There is universal intelligence in achieving enlightenment in health, using the body. Therefore the energy should be channeled to positives through exercises, healthy diets, meditation and relaxation.
All these aim at providing an optimum environment for the innate body. Both are patient-centered, stress and anxiety-free allowing people to work at their own pace and endurance. The consequences are tremendous, including improved fitness, stress reduction, and management of chronic conditions.

3. Improved fitness and healing

Yoga and chiropractic services enhance muscle strength, more flexibility and balance. People can stretch and flex their various muscles. Proactive Chiropractic and Rehab Center, Chiropractors in Charlotte are currently using thermal massage to relax muscles gently and thoroughly.

People aiming at losing weight can join yoga classes and the overall general fitness will be improved. The result can be a more acceptable personal image that contributes to self-esteem and confidence. By enhancing the neurological, spine and brain function, yoga helps to maintain a steady posture and energetic self.
Chiropractors provide a solution in healing acute and chronic conditions, and oftentimes they refer their patients to attend yoga studios for quick recovery. The common feature has been used to heal neck and back pain, sciatica, pain in the arms, feet and ankles; arthritis, sleep disorders and other health problems.

A Chiro-Yoga Combination
In conclusion, chiropractic treatment and yoga classes should be combined. The former should provide an improved neurological system though manipulations of the spine-body relations while the latter should provide strength of the muscles, general body and mind through the yoga poses.

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Effective Ways For Office Workers To Get Fit. Guest Blogger Alissa J.

By Guest Blogger Alissa J.


Effective Ways For Office Workers To Get Fit

TipsfromTia.com Photo Provided by Alissa J.
TipsfromTia.com Photo Provided by Alissa J.


It has been proven that working a 9-5 job inside an office can cause health risks like stress, eye conditions and weight gain. This is primarily because it keeps a person from moving most of his or her body muscles. In addition to this, the long exposure to blue light from electronics drains the energy off the body.

Office workers often compensate for these stressful conditions by keeping a stack of snack foods near their desks. These often consist of coffee, chips, chocolate bars and burgers, which of course are not healthy when eaten in excess.

The tips below can offer insights on how one can maintain health and fitness while working in a 9-5 office environment. In fact, such a weight loss program could be more comfortable and enjoyable for a person as it keeps in mind the person’s lifestyle and work habits.

1. Eat More Mini-Meals Instead Of A Few Big Meals:
Eating smaller meals helps our body process the calories we have just taken in better. Eating mini-meals will keep an office worker feeling full and alert throughout the day. This is because eating a big meal will rapidly increase a person’s sugar levels. This causes the body to process it with a high dose of insulin, which in turn will make us sleepy.

2. Buy Healthier Snacks:
Eating mini-meals perfectly addresses the office worker’s need to nibble on food while stressed. We have to watch what we nibble on though. Doctors recommend snacking on nuts like almonds, fruits, yogurt and cheeses.

3. Ride A Bike Or Walk To Work, If You Can:
The drive or commute to the office can be grueling, so if you can, bike or walk to work. It will stretch your muscles and leave you mentally and physically more fit to work. You will also save money and the environment.

4. If You Cannot, Do Exercises At The Office:
This prevents muscle atrophy and is also a good way to de-stress. A healthy way to take a break from writing a financial report is to walk around or outside the office. Instead of taking the elevator, climb the stairs. Some physical exercises can also be done at the work desk. Doing stretches with your hands to your sides and then over your head is a good example. It can help trim your waist and keep your wrists from getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Leg lifts can also be done at the desk. Straighten your knees and lift your legs out from under the work table. Point your toes and repeat.
5. Drink Water Or Tea:
Office pantries usually provide coffee and water. Limit your coffee drinking and take water instead. It will help flush out toxins and fats from your body. Tea can provide the caffeine fix you want with the same cleansing effect.

Work out with your colleagues is a great way to get to know your team members is to invite them to after work sports. Get a national insurance number is important to keep yourself covered in case of anything.

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Author Bio:
Alissa Jones is a Passionate blogger. She works on behalf of NI card. She has been writing contents on the web professionally since 2006. As an avid reader and blogger, she shares her experience through her articles on Travel, Education, Technology, Parenting and many more.

Root Causes Of Back Pain: Relief Treatment Guest Blogger Alissa J.

By, Alissa Jones; Guest Blogger


Root Causes Of Back Pain: Relief Treatment


image provided by Alissa Jones
image provided by Alissa Jones

Back pain is the major source of complains among middle-aged and older men and women in every country. This might be because the back supports and carries most of the other body parts and therefore it’s subject to a lot of pressure. For one to understand the causes of back pain, it’s important to know the several types of pain.

Types Of Back Pain


This is the most common type of back pain out there. It occurs suddenly and acutely and more often than not it will go away as fast as it came. The term non-specific usually means that doctors can’t really put a finger on what is causing the pain because it can’t be seen in tests. This type of pain is caused by bad posture; sitting or sleeping, lifting heavy things and over-exerting oneself. Weight also causes non-specific back pain by putting pressure on the back area.

Chronic Pain

This is the kind of back pain that stays with you for a very long time. It can be worse sometimes but it never really goes away like non-specific pain. Doctors say that the main cause of chronic back pain is mental and emotional stress. This means that until one learns to deal with the stress the pain will continue.

Lower Back Pain

This can be chronic or non-specific but more often than not it can be diagnosed by doctors. Lower back pain in most cases is a symptom of another problem such as appendicitis, bladder infection, kidney disease and most problems affecting the reproductive organs. This is also called referred back pain.

Specific Back Pain

Unfortunately, the back is vulnerable to many other problems that affect discs in the vertebrae and the entire spinal cord as well;

  • Nerve impingement-this is where a disc is herniated and starts pushing or piercing the nerve root. Sciatica is the best example of this and it’s extremely painful.
  • Spinal degeneration-this causes the spinal canal to narrow due to loss of moisture and volume. In less serious cases it just causes stiffness and inflammation but if it gets bad it can cause sciatica.
  • Other conditions that can be clearly seen in scans include tumors, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis; injury caused trauma, bacterial infection and much more.

Relief Treatment Of Back Pain

After doctors have asked the right questions and done a physical exam, they are able to know exactly what the problem is and treat it accordingly. Referred causes of pain are treated with antibiotics while stress related causes are referred to a psychiatrist. Pain causes by strain and musculoskeletal factors is treated with exercise, yoga, pain relievers, massage, muscle relaxers and heat therapy. Chiropractors are the best doctors to treat back pain using natural methods. Losing weight and acupuncture have also worked very well in reducing back pain.

EHIC will come in handy to get treatment in extreme cases of back problems that need more strict measures like epidural injections that relieve pain by using steroids to stop inflammation or electrical devices that redirect pain signals. For the worst back pain in the world, doctors recommend surgery to correct any major problem causing the pain.

Thanks to Alissa Jones for this article!

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Push Through the Pain. Stupid Tip of the Day:

By Tia Cristy

Stupid Tip of the Day: Push Through the Pain.

This tip is true and false. Pushing through the pain of working out can help you build strength and gain muscle. But, pushing through that pain, where something feels over stretched can cause a long-term problem. Men tend to do this more than women, but anyone who does a physical activity should know this.

If you are playing a sport or doing a new workout, and you feel a tightness starting to kick in it’s best to pause and see if the pain subsides. Not all of us have a coach or trainer helping us on a daily basis. But, speaking with one before starting out could also be a great benefit in helping you in understanding your body.

A great example, stretching you legs; to gain more flexibility you stretch the leg until you feel the burn. Then you pause, and the burn subsides. The next stretch you do with that leg, you will have gained a bit more flexibility. Now, if you were to bounce the leg to make it stretch further too quickly, you could cause harm to the muscle, ligaments and tendons.

Getting a cramp when working out or running is a sign of dehydration, pausing to drink water or electrolytes can restore your body’s water supply.

Pushing yourself the little extra distance can boost strength and endurance. But, pushing yourself too far, too fast can effect you for a lifetime. Be smart and know your body when doing any physical activities.

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By Tia Cristy