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Home Energy Efficiency Myths

Home Energy Efficiency Myths

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Over recent years, home energy efficiency has become a major talking point, with more and more people seeking tips that can help keep their bills – and their home’s impact on the environment – as low as possible. As tends to happen when a topic becomes popular, the good advice tends to be joined by a few myths that can potentially stymy people’s ability to actually improve the energy efficiency of their home as a whole. Below, we’ve outlined a few of these myths, so you know which measures aren’t worth your time – and which ones are. 

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It’s claimed that there are two benefits to hand washing over using a dishwasher. The first is related to the energy needed to heat the water for washing; according to the myth, less hot water is needed to wash dishes by hand, and thus less energy needs to be used to heat that water. The second is in terms of the water itself, with the myth suggesting that dishwashers use more water than people generally use to hand-wash, which means dishwashers increase water waste.  Neither point, however, is accurate – dishwashers are the more efficient choice, by every metric, every time.

MYTH: Black radiators are preferable to white radiators when it comes to heating your home

If you were to leave two shirts, one black and one white, out in the sun for an hour, the black one would be much hotter to the touch than the white – so this myth does have a basis in scientific fact. However, the difference is in the type of heat; in our example, it’s thermal heat that makes the black shirt feel hotter, but radiators primarily produce convective heat – which colors do not impact. While radiators do produce some thermal heat, it’s not significant enough for you to see any real benefits from black radiators. If you paint a white radiator black than you might see tiny benefits due to the extra layer of insulation, but it’s not significant enough to be worth going out of your way for – if you like the idea of black radiators as a design feature, then go for it, but doing so won’t make an appreciable difference to your heating bills.

MYTH: It’s better to leave your home heating on all day rather than turn it off and on continually 

This myth would make sense if everyone lives in a hermetically-sealed property where it was impossible for internally-heated air to escape – but no one does live in such a property. Our homes are losing energy all the time, which means that if the heat is left on all day, then heat is being lost all day too. It is far preferable to turn your heat on and off as and when needed. 

MYTH: Use plastic wrap to cover windows and prevent heat from escaping

Around 25% of a property’s heat is lost through the windows, so this myth seems to pose a sensible solution to this problem – simply use plastic wrap to add an extra layer of insulation but without preventing natural daylight from entering the room. However, the benefits of doing this are negligible, it’s unsightly, and plastic wrap at all is less than ideal from an environmental standpoint. Realistically, modern double-glazed windows that have been properly installed and are well-maintained are always the best way to prevent heat loss via the windows in your home. 

So what does work? 

All of the myths developed for a reason: because people want to make their home more efficient and cut their energy bills, especially over the winter months. The fact that the above myths have been busted doesn’t change the fact that people still want to see the benefits of a more efficient home – so it’s worth discussing the measures that can actually make an appreciable difference in this regard. 

Most of the principles of good energy efficiency will be familiar to most; there’s simply no magic remedy that will slash bills and cut energy usage dramatically. Instead, focus on the fundamentals: 

  • Ensure that your home is adequately insulated
  • Replace old or damaged windows to help retain heat in your home
  • Keep the thermostat as low as is comfortable and safe
  • Swap your conventional light bulbs for LEDs
  • Turn the lights off when a room is not in use
  • Unplug devices rather than leaving them on standby

The above methods can really help to keep your home as energy efficient as possible, so you can set the myths aside and focus on achieving tangible results.

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Get That Tech! Three Ways To Modernise Your Home

Get That Tech! Three Ways To Modernise Your Home

Update Your Technology

pexels-photo-38892Image source

If it’s been a while since you last updated your technology, now might just be the time to do it – after all, it’s still the start of a brand new year, so why not try out a brand new you? If you still have some of your Christmas bonus left over, then you’re probably thinking about what exactly you could do with it. Now could be the right time to upgrade your laptop to the latest model. If you’re not entirely sure which one would be the best for you, write down exactly what you need from your laptop. The requirements of a serious gamer would be very different from someone who just likes to send some emails and browse the internet from time to time! Talk to a shop assistant about what exactly you need. You could also add some speakers to your front room, especially if you really enjoy watching TV in the evenings, as surround sound will really improve the experience.

Go For A Smart Home

coffee-cup-kitchen-coffee-machineImage source

If you’re really into technology and thinking about new innovations, then chances are you’re already looking into smart living and the possibility of home automation. This works by connecting the appliances in your house to the internet so you can access them and control them no matter where you are – for instance, you could turn all your lights on or off without being at home. It could help you save money, improve your home security, improve your home entertainment system, and help improve your health by decreasing your stress and improving your sleep. If you’re really looking for a home that belongs in the future, home automation really is it. You can even use voice commands to tell your kettle to boil its water so you can make a cup of tea! Look online to learn more about home automation.

Use Different Energy

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If you’ve been lagging behind the rest of the world in the environmental revolution, now is your chance to change the way you think so you can reduce both your greenhouse emissions and your energy bills. If you’re in a part of the world where the sun shines, why not go for solar energy? Not only is this fully sustainable but it just involves the one time cost of installing the panels on your home, meaning that in the future your energy bills will be far lower. The same would be true if you replace your traditional light bulbs with LED lights. They last for longer and use far less energy. If you’ve noticed that your energy bills are way up over the winter, there are also a few practical solutions. Firstly, check your windows and doors for draughts, and use draught excluders to keep the cold air out. Secondly, add more insulation to your attic. You can buy lagging at any good hardware store. Heat escapes through your roof just like it escapes through your head – you need to put a hat on your house by adding more insulation to the roof to keep it nice and warm.

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Not Happy at Home? Here’s How to Change Things

Not Happy at Home? Here’s How to Change Things

Home is where the heart is, but it’s not always easy to feel happy at home. You can get back after a long day at work, and it just makes you feel a bit down. Even if your home doesn’t make you feel unhappy, it might not do much to cheer you up. A few changes to your home could make a significant difference to your mood. You could find yourself feeling buoyed by the way you choose to keep your home. Just a couple of personal touches could help you to feel happier, from when you get up to when you go to bed.

14938-illustration-of-a-yellow-house-pvSourced from Free Stock Photos

Never Leave the House Untidy

One thing you can try to do is to keep your home clean. Of course, it’s hard to keep it tidy all the time. You have to use the different rooms, so it can’t always be spotless. However, you can make sure that you tidy and clean regularly. There is one strategy that can help you to do that and allow you to feel better about your home. Whenever you leave the house, make sure you don’t leave it untidy. It’s much better to come home to a tidy house than it is to be faced with tidying and cleaning to be done. It’s even more important to do this if you’re planning to go away for a while.

Bring In Some Positive Energy

Do you believe in energy as a life force that you can influence? Many people do, but even if you don’t, it can help to change your home. There are a number of ways that people believe you can collect or grow positive energy, as well as cleanse negative energy. Some people place an orgone accumulator in a room to draw energy to it. Others practice feng shui to manage their life. However, even if you don’t believe in energy, these things could improve your home. They can make your spaces more comfortable and relaxing.

Make Sure You’re Always Comfortable

No one wants to be sat in their home feeling uncomfortable. You might be too hot or too cold, or feeling awkward on a hard chair. Making sure you don’t experience any discomfort should be your number-one priority at home. You should start by taking care of the basics. If your home gets cold during the winter, find ways to feel warmer. That doesn’t have to mean having the heating on all day. You can make it better insulated or just ensure you have plenty of blankets to wrap up in.

Get Sentimental

Your home should have personal items proudly displayed. It’s nice to have anything that you picked out yourself, but some of it should have meaning too. It might be family photos or a gift you received from someone you love. You can display items you bought when you were traveling. Looking at something that has meaning for you can always make you feel better.

It’s essential that your home makes you feel happy. If you feel like it’s lacking, it doesn’t take much to change that.

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