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The Dental Symptoms You Need To Get Checked Out

The Dental Symptoms You Need To Get Checked Out

Even though you might be doing everything that you need to for healthy teeth and gums, there is still a slight risk of developing a dental condition. Some of them are not completely preventable, no matter how hard we try. Thankfully, though, as long as you catch most dental problems at an early stage they should be a lot easier to treat and manage. That just requires you to know which are the important symptoms to look out for. Here are the ones you need to know about.


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If you have been suffering from regular toothache recently, then you should get your teeth checked out by a doctor. A professional like Dr Alistair Graham from Mona Vale Dental will be able to examine your teeth and gums to see if there is an underlying condition causing the discomfort in your tooth. You might have gum disease or an abscess, for example. If that is the case, the dentist will be able to get you on the right course of treatment straight away.

Bad Breath

You might think that bad breath is nothing more than an annoyance that can happen whenever you’ve eaten something with a potent smell. However, what most people don’t realize is that it can actually be a symptom of some serious dental conditions. If your bad breath is persistent and is still noticeable even after brushing your teeth, it could be the result of gum disease. You should let your dentist know about this symptom.

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