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How Oral Health Affects Your Body

By Guest Blogger, Diana S.

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It is a well-known fact by now that your oral health affects the overall health of your body. However, many people stop right there and do not delve into the mechanics, causes and effects that hide behind this statement. Since many people tend to have bad habits when it comes to taking care of their mouth area, it is more crucial than ever to push these facts to the forefront, so read on to find out how oral health affects your body.

Your mouth – the endless war zone

Believe it or not, your oral cavity is teeming with bacteria all the time. This is not a fact that should alarm you – it is the natural state of your body and your immune system has adapted to this state of affairs. In fact, if your immunity is forged well and it functions normally, brushing teeth and flossing on a daily basis should be enough to keep the bacteria population in your mouth under control.

If the bacteria in your mouth multiply, they can cause an infection in your teeth and gums. As your body fights this infection, inflammation becomes more pronounced and, along with the released chemicals that corrode your bone structure and destroy your gums, you get periodontitis – the gum disease.

The connection between periodontitis and your heart

It might come as a shock to some that medical research indicates a strong connection between periodontal disease and heart disease. In fact, prolonged periodontitis increases the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Even though consistent scientific results have shown that people with gum problems have a whopping 19 percent increased risk of developing heart problems and cardiovascular disease, another shocking fact is that the reason for this link is not yet absolutely clear.

Overall, it is implied that any serious inflammation that lasts for too long is a risk factor for heart disease, and periodontitis is especially tricky because, once it settles in, it is exceptionally hard to cure it.

The connection between your oral health and diabetes

This relentless inflammation weakens the body’s ability to control blood sugar. In other words, it impairs the body’s ability to utilize insulin, an important hormone that converts sugar from your body into energy. This puts a heavy emphasis on the connection between the “unholy triumvirate” – periodontitis, heart disease and diabetes. In many ways, once the problems in your mouth become overcomplicated, you are sitting on a ticking time-bomb of health issues.

This is why it is crucial to overcome your fear of dentists and do all the necessary operations. An effective therapy for root canal in Sydney can save your teeth, and invasive operative procedures and a program of antibiotics therapy can do a proficient damage control in a timely manner.

The alarming pregnancy connection

Gum disease is especially dangerous during pregnancy. It does not only cause inflammation the body is compelled to fight, it also increases the chance of premature birth. The infection interferes with the development of the fetus and causes the body to push it out too early – which increases the risk of health problems for the baby such as heart conditions, lung conditions and learning disorders.

Plaque in your lungs

Some people think plaque is just tooth dirt, but it is much more dangerous than you’d initially imagine. If you do not clean it out, you will eventually end up breathing in enough plaque to cause bacteria to settle into your alveoli and cause a respiratory disease. The risk factor for this is especially high if you already have a condition that puts a lot of stress on your immune system, like allergies, so stay vigilant about the amassing tooth dirt.

Your mouth is, in many ways, a window to your body. The bacteria and the level of inflammation in your oral cavity indicate or predict numerous health issues that can impact your future in significant ways. This is why you have to pay extra attention to your oral health and make sure to wash, floss, and brush and visit the dentist on a regular basis.

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It’s Common Sense to Check Your Senses 

It’s Common Sense to Check Your Senses

With our lives being constantly on the go, it is hard to take some time for ourselves. And this is not just a couple of minutes sitting on your phone and catching up with social media – this means actually taking time to look after yourself and make sure that everything is as it should be.

Time is a funny thing. You will find with quite a few events that you think back to that you are surprised at either how long it seems since it has happened or feeling like you were there just last week, when actually it was years ago. So with that in mind – how long do you think it has really been since you last saw a dentist? When was the last time you went for a general health checkup? Is your prescription still the same – can you even remember what your optometrist looks like?

pexels-photo-1Image Credit

Eye See You

Your eyes and the sense of sight are arguably one of the most important things that anybody can have. We are living in a time where most of us have our faces in front of a screen of some sort every day, whether it be a computer, TV or your phone, and so our eyes are straining more than they should be doing on a daily basis in order to focus. Opticians are making their way into the online world now – check out www.specsnc.com for an example – and hopefully this will serve as a reminder to many that they need to go and get tested. We are able to pop in our prescription easily enough online to order glasses, but whether it is still in date or not is another issue … the recommendation is to get your eyes tested every one to two years dependent on your age.

smile-mouth-teeth-laugh-65665Image via Pexels

Pearly Whites

Usually, especially with children, dental checks are recommended by dentists to be every 6 months. This can vary depending on the health of your teeth and gums – your next appointment could be up to two years away, or they may want to see you a lot sooner. Your teeth don’t naturally have a very long lifespan, and you will often find that people over the age of 50 don’t have all of the teeth that they had when they were 20 years old. Don’t assume that a simple brushing of them will do the trick – get to a professional ASAP if you can’t remember the last time you went. Some tooth diseases are discoverable only by x-ray and examination, so it’s always worth a trip.

pexels-photo-167704Picture Source

Check Your Ticker

Think of your body as you would a car. Cars need to be cleaned, need fuel and need to be serviced every once in a while in order to function properly. Your body is much the same – and if you just read the last sentence and realised that you put more time and consideration into a vehicle than yourself, then it’s time to book in with the doctor … pronto.

Tia, and TipsfromTia.com  is trying to keep you looking good and
feeling good, from the inside out. If you’ve got a problem or a tip email me! Be sure to Like and share on Facebook or Follow on Twitter or Instagram