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5 Tips for Looking Great…Without Spending (Much) Money

5 Tips for Looking Great…Without Spending (Much) Money

Let’s be honest: there’s a reason all those celebrities and socialites always look a million dollars. It’s because they have a million dollars to spend on their beauty routines! Most of us, however, are not quite so lucky. We have to juggle our beauty expenses with all the other costs of life, like paying rent, paying bills, and all those cocktails we have when we look our best. Just because you’re not a millionaire doesn’t mean you have to settle for less, though. You can still look amazing without breaking the bank.

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Repurpose Old Clothes

If you’ve been buying clothes over the past few years, then you’ll have plenty of items in your wardrobe to choose from. The problem is, they might have gone out of fashion. Instead of letting these items just gather dust in your wardrobe, why not get out the needle and thread and see if you can make them look like new on your own? Take a look at trendsandideas.com/40-mindblowing-ways-to-repurpose-old-clothing/ for ideas. You might be able to put together a whole new outfit without buying a single new item!

Avoid the Salon

We can comfortably spend a month’s worth of disposable income just by visiting the salon to take care of our hair. But you don’t have to go: you can do everything you’d pay for at the salon right from your own home. Take a look at the pros and cons of the Flowbee haircutting system at http://hairclippercenter.net/flowbee-haircutting-system-review/: you might find that it’s the perfect solution for having your hair look good without paying top prices. Also, who says you need top end shampoo to keep your hair looking silky and smooth? Advocates of the no-poo (no shampoo) movement say baking soda and vinegar works better – and costs a fraction of the price.

Source: Pexels.com

Ditch the Gym

Sometimes it’s not about how good our clothes, hair, and skin look – it’s about how toned our body is. As such, you might think that a gym membership is an essential part of looking your best, but it’s not. You can easily get by without slugging it out at the gym by doing exercises that are completely free. Take a look at https://www.buzzfeed.com/carolynkylstra/youtube-fitness for a list of the best YouTube fitness channels. You’ll be fit and toned, and still, have your cash in your purse.

Prioritise the Makeup Bag

There’s no getting around the makeup essentials. But here’s the thing: many people go far beyond the essentials, picking up more makeup than they know what to do with, thinking that they’ll be an occasion somewhere along the line where it’s called for. In truth, you can get by with just the basics. Learn how to do a lot with little and you’ll go a long way.

When In Doubt, Buy Dark

And finally: when you do need to buy clothes but don’t have the budget to get the very best, buy dark clothing. It’ll cover up that the item is inexpensive, and dark clothes have a tendency to look great even when cheap.

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Beauty And Lifestyle Changes You Can Learn Online

Beauty And Lifestyle Changes You Can Learn Online

We live in a digital world, and so much information is on hand at the click of our fingertips. Whether we are swiping away on a smartphone or clicking away on a laptop, we have a vast knowledge waiting for us, and not just of the educational kind or shopping retailers. As we are fast approaching the new year, many people look to make changes to their lifestyles. So I thought now would be a great opportunity to share with you some of the things you can learn online to help with some of those promises you make yourself.


Help clear your skin of acne

Some of us can be unfortunate enough to deal with troublesome skin. While you may try medicated ointments or soaps and cleansers you can buy in the shops, there are alternative methods worth a try and the internet is full of DIY options or different brands. Even this blog here has options that you may want to consider. Sometimes even your lifestyle can have a huge effect on your skin, and that’s information readily available for you.

Learn how to meditate for a relaxing vibe

Meditation has fast become a popular thing to try, especially if you are particularly stressed or struggling with low mood. It offers you the opportunity to mentally clear your mind and focus on positive attributes in life. Guided meditations, in particular, can be useful as they can focus on different areas like confidence and the will for success. Thankfully, if this is something you want to try then there are plenty of tutorials online to help you get started.


Consider yoga as an alternative exercise method

You may want to try and combine a relaxing approach with gentle exercise and so Yoga could be the perfect option for you. Websites like YouTube have an immense collection of Yoga routines focusing on beginner right through to advance. Some of the videos have step by step guides to help you master some of the most tricky positions. Enabling you to learn some new skills without having to leave your front room.

Improve your fitness

A hugely popular lifestyle change is to improve your fitness. But yet so many people will join a gym in January and not follow through with the membership. So take the pressure and expense away from joining a gym and head online to find the right workouts or tips for you. Some people swear by just moving more in general, and you can find the benefits insightful after reading articles on the net.


Read up on the latest diet trends

Finally, your weight might be one of those things you want to focus on in the new year. But instead of wasting time and effort trying things out, read up online all about the latest diet trends. From juicing to Paleo diet tips you are sure to find something that will suit you, and offer results.

I hope this has enlightened you as to some of the useful information on the internet that we should be utilizing more.

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