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Natural Skincare with Quality Results

Natural Skincare with Quality Results

I love using natural vitamins and oils on my skin. I’m grateful, I get complements all the time on my complexion. Questions of what I do for my regular routine? Well, usually I answer with the simple clichés. It’s got a lot to do with your diet. What you put in is exactly what you’ll get out. I’m blessed to have good genes on top of it all, but I started my skincare routine as an adolescent. The skin is the largest organ we have. We must care for it properly.

I don’t stick to one oil or a multivitamin. I pay attention to what my body needs. Example, if you’re craving something, your body needs something from it. Sometimes it’s a challenge to figure out exactly what your body needs when you’re craving something like chocolate ice cream, but the fact is you might need dairy, vitamin D, sugar, or the benefits of chocolate itself. Sometimes it’s a trial or error thing. But the more you pay attention to your body, the more you’ll come to understand it. Your skin will thank you for it. Perhaps, you got a great skincare regimen, but now your skin is looking dull.

Getting a Boost

I’ve been using Blackseed oil in my dry areas on my face, especially under the eyes. It works great for me, but it’s like I hit a wall during the summer. I was asked to try Livad skincare products, which was created by dermatologist, Dr. Janet Prystowsky. The product is based on using vitamins A, D, & E.

Here’s what I found out

Using the Vitamin A+D or Livad anti-aging cream boosted the vibrancy in my skin! Seriously, a dab will do you. With a tiny push on the pump, I received enough cream to cover all my dry spots and then some. No lie, I noticed a difference within one day. I didn’t have dehydrated summer skin any longer. I can’t tell you what will happen in the winter months, but I know that somewhere between January and March my skin starts to look dehydrated after being in heavily heated indoors. I’m thinking these products will definitely do the trick!

I was happy to see Livad also offers winter and summer bundles for their skincare line. The holiday bundle offers an After-Sun cream great for year-round sun exposure.

I would totally recommend these products based on their use of natural vitamins, which I have found many folks are deficient in. Also, after trying the products, first-hand, I’m self-assured in saying it might be worth a try to anyone wanted a new skincare routine, including those that have sensitive skin issues.

Side note: I stopped using my other oils to get a true assessment of these products. I do plan on adding a few of my oils back into my routine to see how they react together. I’m confident the results will be fantastic for my personal skin.

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The Things You’ve Been Doing That You Think Are Healthy (But Aren’t)

The Things You’ve Been Doing That You Think Are Healthy (But Aren’t)



It should be pretty clear-cut, shouldn’t it? We do things that are good for our health, and then, we benefit from it, but it seems that received wisdom isn’t always that wise. So, here are some of the things that you might think you are doing to help your body, but in actual fact, you are not…


Cleaning Your Ears With A Cotton Swab

Also known as a q-tip, it’s something that our parents and grandparents used to do to get rid of earwax. But it’s now common knowledge that you shouldn’t use these to clean your inner ears, in fact you shouldn’t put anything in there! Because the eardrum is so easily reached with a q-tip, you could run the risk of rupturing it. So if you’re looking for a proper way to clean your ears, you can use a few drops of mineral oil.


Purchasing Low-Fat Foods

The danger in buying foods that is low in fat and calories so that you are very likely not filling your body with the desired nutrients. When in doubt, look at the ingredients on the back of the package, and you will see that they are more than likely full to the brim with artificial ingredients and sweeteners. We think we’re making a healthy choice by going for low-calorie foods, but it’s better for you to eat calories that are nutrient dense, because eating these types of ready meals and processed foods means that we will only be hungry later on.


Sleeping In

You may feel that you need to catch up on your sleep on weekends, but this could be damaging your body more than you think. First of all, it throws you off your sleep schedule, which could cause problems for your circadian rhythm. In addition to this, you may feel compelled to overeat on these days where you choose to relax, and this can have an impact during your work week. Instead, you should make sure you’re going to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day of the week.



Do you find it easier to make smoothies in the morning before you go to work, so you can get your recommended daily intake of fruit? You’re not alone, but in blending your fruit and vegetables to a pulp, you are removing the fiber from them, meaning that you are consuming pure sugar. If you want to have your fruits in the morning before heading off to work, you are better off eating it in its purest form, where the fiber will help your body to remove impurities, rather than dosing yourself up with sugar and having that energy slump later in the day.


Taking Too Many Supplements

Lots of people make this mistake of taking a multivitamin, thinking that they are getting all the benefits. But, it’s impossible to isolate these key nutrients from fruits and vegetables and put them in pill form. When done right, a supplement can add to your overall wellness, but you shouldn’t use it as a cure-all.


Now you know!

Tia, and TipsfromTia.com  is trying to keep you looking good and
feeling good, from the inside out. If you’ve got a problem or a tip email me! Be sure to Like and share on Facebook or Follow on Twitter or Instagram.