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Having A More Amicable Breakup For The Sake Of The Kids

Having A More Amicable Breakup For The Sake Of The Kids

When breaking up with your partner it is never an easy time for one another and especially if there are children involved as it also will have an effect on them too. When going through a break up where Kids are involved then it is always best to go through it amicably to reduce the strain it causes on them and also to make sure they don’t lose any respect for either of you if you were to go about it nastily. Here are some tips to help you get through the break up without affecting the kids too much.

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Stay amicable

Being amicable is about treating each other nicely during the split or at least doing so in front of the children. If you are at each other’s throats all the time the kids will take that in and either bottle up which can affect them mentally or they could even start acting out because of it which would mainly be at school, therefore, having an adverse effect on their school life too. If you are not able to talk things over amicably then it may be best to do it with a mediator or counselor to make sure you get somewhere with your talks.

Get things legalized

When going through a break up involving children it is always best to have any time with the children legalized. This means that you have the children on your set days and this can not be prevented unless done through the courts, this also stops the children from being used as a weapon in a rocky separation as it is in writing when you can have the children, what days and for how long for. This is done as part of the separation/divorce procedure with the assistance of child support who will help you come to the best arrangments with each other on who has who when.

Be fair

When you are deciding on the legal side of things and what you want to get out of the split then make sure you are fair to each other as much as possible as if you were to take too much from one another then this can have implications on having the children and keeping them. If they are not able to look after them because you have taken more off your partner than is fair then that creates more bitterness during the separation and can lead to them making it harder. If you are fair in the legal battle or with splitting who gets what including the children then it will be better for the children in the long run as they will see both parents and have a good upbringing no matter who they are with.

A breakup is awful for both parties but especially the children, this will have an effect on them not only short term but long term too. If you are kind and fair throughout the whole ordeal then they will come out of it stronger and it will be more beneficial for all parties involved. With these tips, you will be able to get through the breakup with as little damage to your children as possible.

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Should You Stay, Or Should You Go?

By, Tia Cristy

Should You Stay, Or Should You Go?

Sadly, divorce has become a way of life for 50% of the married population today. It’s not something folks set out to do when they first exchange their wedding vows, but time can be cruel to relationships. Nevertheless, on the upside, time also has the power to heal all wounds.

Marriage has lost its shine

Just like anything in this world, if you don’t care for it, it will lose its luster. Take a silver tray for example. At first, it’s beautiful. Perfect. But after use, it can get dull and dirty. You have to clean it and polish it. It takes a bunch of effort to keep it shiny. As time marches on, even with the shine it has noticeable wear. You might not realize it at the time, but that’s part of its charm. However, you see it as aged. It’s no longer perfection. So, you put it in a cupboard. You know it’s still there, but you don’t use it. Next time you see it, it’s completely tarnished. It looks hopeless. Here’s the thing, it’s not ruined. With a little extra elbow grease, you can polish it back to gleaming. The point of this analogy… Some marriages just need a bit of elbow grease.

When’s enough, enough?

When is enough, enough? Some couples have an easy answer for that… never. But ‘never’ isn’t the choice for everyone. So when is it time to leave a marriage? Honestly, I think only couples can figure that out on their own, especially when there are kids and assets to consider. The best advice I can give on contemplating divorce is if you tried everything to make it work and it still doesn’t… Ask yourself this before making that huge decision, ‘Did I do everything I could to try and make this marriage work?’ and then answer this, ‘If I choose to walk away from this marriage, can I leave without regretting my choice?’ Some situations are much trickier when it comes to domestic violence. If that is the case, remember, there are people out there that can help.

When it’s over

Just like a death, divorce has its own period of mourning. This is common. It’s true, there are many scary roads ahead. But if the high divorce rate has taught us anything, it taught us, this too shall pass. And yes, time certainly does have a way of healing. People of divorce find they have a quicker healing process when they leave behind bitterness. It may be hard to forget the bad times, but it’s best to forgive, if only for the sole purpose of healing. Here’s a coping with divorce guide that will help you each step along the way to starting over.

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The Two Keys to Settling Family Disputes

The Two Keys to Settling Family Disputes

Even the most tight-knit of families fight from time to time. So, if yours does, then fear not. It’s not because you don’t love each other. And it certainly doesn’t mean you have to fall out forever. There are ways to settle even the most heated of family disputes, two of them can be found below.


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Put being happy before being right


By putting the happiness of both your family and yourself before a need to be right all the time, you will go a long way to not having to call a divorce attorney. This is because of the fact that most arguments between spouses don’t cease because either — or both — of them won’t give in until they are seen as the ones in the right. Neither will stop until the other admits they’re right. Neither will stop until they get the last word. But, when you really think about it — isn’t it this all a bit childish? Isn’t that something we’d expect our children to do, rather than ourselves? However, no matter how childish you may have realised it to be when looking in at it from the outside, when you are in the inside of it it doesn’t seem to be childish at all. It seems like the right thing to do. But trying to be right isn’t the right thing to do. Trying to be happy is. So, the next time you feel that unexplainable need to be right. Try to replace it with a need to be happy instead. And always remember that divorce is never your only option.



Tackle problems, not people


Yes, a dispute may have arisen in your family because somebody has done something terrible. But, before you starting coming down like a sack of potatoes on that particular person, try tackling the problem first. Let’s take the idea of your child getting his or herself in trouble with the police for a minor incident as an example. Yes, you are livid. Yes, it’s a good idea to make sure they know they have done wrong. But it is NOT a good idea to continue berating them until it causes a dispute. You should instead focus your efforts on to the problem itself and tackle that. It could mean you uncover that your child has been hanging around with the wrong crowd. You could uncover that your child had been influenced by them, or maybe had even been under the influence of alcohol. You could find out any number of bad things. But isn’t it better to know of these things, rather than to not know of them? By focusing your efforts on the problem you can uncover the truth about it far quicker. That then means the dispute is cleared up far quicker also.



For more resolutions for the plight of life that is family disputes, make sure to click here. And make sure to remember that, although there is an I in family, you can’t act for your own intentions. It’s healthy to focus on yourself regularly, but for the majority of the time you have to think about your family. So, let’s just pretend there is no I in family.

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