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Hide That Clutter And Take Pride In Your Home

Hide That Clutter And Take Pride In Your Home

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Lots of homeowners who have small children struggle to take pride in their houses. That is because the kids tend to make a lot of mess, and that makes it difficult for the parents. However, there are some straightforward tips and tricks you can use to ensure guests never think you’ve let a bomb off in your front room. With that in mind, take some of the suggestions from this article and put them into action before December arrives. The last thing you want is to deal with mess and clutter close to Christmas.

Turn cleaning up into a game

Getting your children to clean up after themselves can seem like an impossible task. However, in most instances, you just have to use some intelligence and a little psychology for the best results. If you dangle a carrot in front of a donkey, they walk towards it. The same is often correct with children. So, make sure you turn the cleaning up process into a game. Let the little ones know they get a reward if they meet your expectations, and they should seem more inclined to pay attention and honor your requests. Maybe people in your house don’t get dessert until they clean their rooms? That could work well.

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Create a playroom for the kids

Sometimes the clutter issue relates to the fact that your children don’t have anywhere to play. For that reason, you might consider turning a spare bedroom into an area where your little ones can play with their toys. That should help to prevent them from leaving items all over your home. For the best results, involve your child in the process and ask them how they imagine the playroom. Also, be sure to think about essentials that will ensure they maintain perfect health. You could paint Disney characters on the walls if your child likes those films. You could even install a ball pit or something similar depending on their interests. Just don’t forget to ask about your little one’s preferences.

Invest in some hidden storage

There are lots of furniture items you can purchase these days that contain hidden storage. Maybe you’d like to get living room storage cabinets with doors? Or a bed that comes with drawers underneath? You can also get armchairs and sofas that contain hidden compartments where you can store your possessions. Each of those items will assist when it comes to keeping all that clutter away from prying eyes. You don’t have to throw anything in the bin, but you can ensure guests don’t encounter your mess every time they visit your home.

You should now have enough ideas to make a start on decluttering your home before Christmas. Just remember to involve the entire family and ensure everyone helps out as much as possible. While you should throw unwanted items away, you can often just hide ugly things to ensure they don’t’ make your home appear messy. If you get the process right, friends and family members are sure to comment when they come around to visit. So, what’s holding you back? Make a start today!

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