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How to Create a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

By Guest Blogger, Derek L.

How to Create a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

They will all tell you how beautiful it is when your little one says his first word or makes his first steps. But none of them will tell you about the horror of the darkest thoughts that will go through your head and about all that mess that waits for you to clean it up after that little one decides he no longer wants to go pee-pee with his mom, but all by himself – as the true big boy that he is. And speaking of big boys, why did you place that toilet seat so high, so he cannot climb it? And what is a little pee stain compared to the fact your child is now practically an adult? Jokes aside, there are some things that need to be done in order to save both your child and yourself from a lot of potential trouble.


Floors in a child-proof bathroom should be non-slip. In other words, opt for tiles that are small and rough (anti-slip) in order to eliminate the risk of your little loved one falling down and hurting himself. And if he still isn’t walking quite steadily, a great idea is to incorporate those non-slip mats as well. Finally, after every shower session, make sure every adult family member wipes off all the water puddles.


Adult skin is a lot thicker than a child’s skin. And this is why you have to protect your child’s skin from getting burned with hot water. You will do this by incorporating those safe bath tub, sink and bidet thermostat fittings that can only reach a certain water temperature, and select valves with scalding protection. This way, those little hands will definitely remain protected against the heat.


Avoid those pointy ceramics for your bathroom at all costs. In fact, you should rather opt for elegant and soft-edged bathroom supplies without any sharp corners that may hurt your child. Next, make sure that all glass areas are well secured. Also, you are more than welcome to install those invisible drawer handles and lockable cupboards that will prevent your child from grabbing the razor, a pair of scissors or a chemical product (which should, by the way, be kept as far away from them as possible – ideally, completely out of their sight and reach).


If you simply aren’t blessed with a big and spacious bathroom, make sure it is always 100 percent decluttered. Use every inch of your bathroom space wisely, so it will both be aesthetically more pleasing, and safer for your child. And if, on the other hand, you do have a large bathroom, you have the luxury to install a large bathtub or shower that will allow several little ones to bathe at the same time, which is both time and money saving.


Try looking at your bathroom through your child’s eyes (and height). He will definitely need some help reaching the wash basin, so you might want to install a sturdy step-ladder in front of it. Next, keep storage levels on no more than one meter, so it is easily accessible to them as well. Install a showerhead with an adjustable height, so it fits you all. Smart showerheads are a huge trend right now. Finally, note that children quite enjoy seeing themselves in the mirror, so make sure yours is at the appropriate height.


The harsh truth is that bathroom items are made with only adults in mind – so your child’s little hands may find it quite difficult to use them. So when you go shopping for bathroom furniture, look at it through your children’s eyes. Go with easy-to-open shower doors, choose hooks instead of towel holders, invest in a solid shower caddy, etc.

Fun bathing

It is not always all about safety. What you should also do is to make this a fun experience for your little one. Let him play with his rubber and plastic toys during bath time, invest in a couple of colorful and fun accessories, as well as educational bath toys, have fun with color and maybe even consider putting a cartoon wallpaper to liven the space up a little bit.

Bathrooms can be a dangerous space for kids. And when the time comes when they can use it themselves, do your best to protect them.

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Simple Ways To Relax At Home After A Hard Day At Work

Simple Ways To Relax At Home After A Hard Day At Work

Sat with your feet up  (source)

After a hard day at work, the last thing you want is to continue feeling stressed at home. You want to return to your house, shut the door, kick off the shoes, and relax. That’s the theory anyway. Chances are you find it difficult to unwind fully when you’re at home. Perhaps it’s the thought of what happened during the day or anxieties about the day ahead. Any chances of relaxation go out of the window when you find yourself pacing around the house. Before you know it, your day is over, and it’s back to the daily grind.

Does the above sound familiar? You’re not alone, but there are ways to eliminate stress when you return home. This should be your place of solace, an escape from the outside world. Here are some of the ways you can find the relaxation you deserve when trying to chill at home.

Leave work behind

You have spent the day at work, so the last thing you need is constant reminders about your working day. When you get home, put your work gear in a place that is hidden from view, and focus on the rest of your evening at home. Don’t check your work email either. You need to completely shut off from your workplace, so turn off your work phone, ditch the paper work, and find a way to distract yourself.

Come home to a tidy house

On returning home, you won’t be able to relax when the sink is full of dirty plates, and the bin is overflowing with rubbish. This is why you need to keep on top of the housework. You may not feel like washing up after a meal, but those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves. If you share the house with other family members, put them on a housework rota so the house is reasonably clean when you return. Then spend time at the weekend having a declutter and getting the house in order, ready for the week ahead. Yes, we know it’s tiring work, but you will be amazed at how calmer you feel when you return home to a tidier environment.

Create a better bathroom space

There is nothing better than a long soak in the bath at the end of a hard day. Soft music playing in the background, scented candles situated around the room, and a fragrant bath bomb are near-essentials for complete relaxation. If your bathroom is a mess, however, and your fixtures are outdated, you won’t get the peace you are looking for. The next time you are looking to renovate your house, you might want to make the bathroom a priority. Go for the spa experience, and source ideas online. You can buy freestanding tubs for any bathroom, and underfloor heating is a great way to create a warmer room. Ambient lighting will help too, allowing you to fully relax as you wash away the pressures of the day.

Do something you enjoy

Lose yourself in a book  (source)

What you do is personal to you, whether it’s reading a good book or settling down with a glass of wine and a movie. Slip out of your work clothes and get into your pajamas if you want to, and listen to some music, or give yourself a pampering session. This is your time to do the things you enjoy, distracting your tired mind from the events of the day. Remember: life is too short to always be in work mode, so have some fun.

Spend time with friends

If you don’t want to spend time alone, get together with your besties and hang out together. When possible, don’t invite your work colleagues over, no matter how lovely they are. You might only talk about work together, which defeats the point when you are trying to escape from the place. However, whoever you hang out with, keep certain topics off the table (such as work) and relax and unwind in their company.

Make life easy for yourself

If all you want to do is come home and flop on the couch, so be it. After a busy day, you may be too tired to lift a finger to do anything else. Therefore, get a takeaway occasionally, or cook a meal in the slow cooker at weekends, and make enough to last throughout the week. Then

find your special space with everything you need to hand, so you don’t have to get up on your tired feet every few minutes for something you’ve forgotten.

Get plenty of sleep

Finally, make sure you get enough sleep. You don’t want to wake up feeling tired and stressed, as your day will probably suffer because of it. Get your beauty sleep, let your body recover from the busy day you had, and wake up refreshed and ready for what the coming day has to throw at you.

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