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How Your Gut Bacteria Can Help You Lose Weight. By Guest Blogger Amy G.

By Guest Blogger Amy G.

How Your Gut Bacteria Can Help You Lose Weight

Photos provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.
Photos provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.

If someone approached you saying that the era of dieting and exercising are over and that now you can rely on the microbes in your stomach to keep you lean and healthy, your reaction would probably be You’ve GUT to be kidding me! But, terrible puns aside, recent studies have showed that the bacterium living in your gut plays a major role when it comes to your overall health and weight. But how does this work exactly?

Hippocrates once said that all disease begin in the gut. Taken in consideration that the bacterial cells in the human body outnumber human cells 10 to one, this presumption is not that surprising. But what is important to realize is that not all bacteria in our bodies is harmful. Our bodies are home to both good a bad bacteria and your health is determined by how well you maintain this balance. There are many factors that affect the gut flora and your dietary habits are one of the most important ones. So if you are looking for ways to lose a few pounds and not harm your health in the process, perhaps these few nutrition tips will help you:

  1. Eat More Fiber
Photos provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.
Photos provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.

One thing that can greatly help you maintain your ideal body weight is to keep those friendly bacteria well nourished. Fibers play a significant role here, as the fibers consumed by the friendly bacteria in the intestine are transformed into energy. Feeding these good microbes with viscous fiber also has anti-inflammatory effects, which is a great thing, considering the fact that inflammations can cause weight gain and obesity. Consuming high amount of beans, oats, Brussels sprouts, bananas and garlic can give your body the sufficient amount of fibers needed to maintain good weight. Fibers are also known to increase satiety and reduce the appetite, which can greatly contribute to losing a few extra pounds.


  1. Snack Smarter

Most diet plans require giving up your favorite treats and snacks for good. You do not necessarily have to say goodbye to all your guilty pleasures, all you need to do is learn how to snack smarter. The first step is to try and avoid processed foods which contain too many preservatives and refined sugars. By consuming too much sugar you are feeding only the bad bacteria and leaving your friendly microbes hungry. This can later result in increased inflammation which is one of the leading causes of obesity. So the next time you decide on snacking, try some alternative snacking options like nuts, fruits or some healthy homemade treats.


  1. Pick Probiotic Foods
Photos provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.
Photos provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.

Probiotics actually represent that good gut bacterium which is already found in your body. They are in charge of keeping our digestive system in order. Probiotic foods hold many health benefits and controlling your weight is just one of them. Plain low-fat yogurt is definitely the best probiotic food and people who consume it on regular basis are known to have a much faster metabolism and a highly functional digestive system, which are also linked to weight loss. Other great probiotic foods include kefir, kimchi, tempeh, miso soup and even pickles.


  1. The Importance Of Regular Exercise

We are all aware that losing weight requires a bit more effort than simply regulating your diet a bit. But recent researches have shown a correlation between exercise and gut health. Apparently, people who indulge in regular fitness activities have shown an increased level of friendly microbes in their gut, therefore improved gut health. Also, people who exercise regularly are known to have a more diverse set of bacteria in their organism, which is another indicator of good health.

Unfortunately, scientists still have not developed a magical device that allows you to eat whatever, whenever and maintain ideal weight. But good news is that they have a good insight into our bodies and the fact that we have friendly bacteria in our bodies fighting to keep us healthy makes a pretty compelling argument for making some lifestyle changes. After all, we cannot expect for these friendly microbes to do all the work, they need some assistance. So why not take it from Hippocrates when he says Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food.

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About the author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Australian personal trainer and nutrition expert. Check out her blog Beausmith blog.

I Can’t Lose Weight No Matter How Hard I Try. Stupid Tip of the Day:

By Tia Cristy

Stupid Tip of the Day: I Can’t Lose Weight No Matter How
Hard I Try.

Woman Stepping onto Scale

Losing weight can be one of the toughest things some individual’s will ever face. The number one thing in losing any amount of weight is being healthy about it. Trying to unload a massive amount of pounds overnight can have dangers. Yet, when dieting, those intending to lose a large amount of weight tend to notice the first few pounds come off quickly and then, the weight loss comes to a screeching halt. The reason for this is the metabolism is in shock of the body’s recent events.

A lot of times you’ll hear someone state that they gain weight after a certain age, having a baby, or they dieted and gained it back, …and then some. This is because the body’s natural chemistry has changed and changed the way the metabolism worked.

So, with that being said, I think it’s good to work out the metabolism first. With working out your metabolism first, it can shift gracefully with the new changes your body is about to endure.

The most important thing for the metabolism is proper sleep. ‘Proper’ doesn’t always mean 8 hours, but it does mean quality sleep. If you tend to sleep restless or wake up frequently, it affects everything including your digestion’s system of gathering and expelling what is needed, and not needed. It’s best to realize

Unmade Bed

sooner rather than later that all bodies are not built the same. It has been proven that women should try to get 1-2 hours more sleep than men. This is not always reality though, when it comes to maintaining the house and/or children something usually takes precedence. It’s my theory that this is one reason some women have a harder time losing pounds.

Getting the proper quality sleep sounds easier, than achieving to most people. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult. Adding the amino acid, Gaba, into your daily nighttime ritual can help with sleep, your metabolism, and brain—all at the same time. Taking Gaba as a natural sleep aid, along with Melatonin, can give you natural sleep without any grogginess or strange side effects.

Once the body’s sleep schedule is on track, the metabolism may need some extra help working properly. The way digestion works is simply complex. Simple, the body either uses the ingested, stores it for later, or disposes of it. When the metabolism isn’t working properly, it stores way too much, and that becomes fat. Taking to your doctor about adding a 400 mg. folic acid supplement into your morning routine can really boost the metabolism without sending it into some kind of dangerous overdrive.

When restarting the metabolism again, eating smaller portions more frequently is beneficial. Small portions are only hard in the beginning, but once you know you can eat every 2-3 hours, starvation isn’t an issue anymore.

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These are just a couple of things to do without changing any diet or activity in your life. These natural treatments can make a huge impact on those trying to lose a few pounds to simply maintaining a healthy weight. I always suggest, keep your doctor in the loop of any herbs, diet, or exercise you plan on participating with.

Facing weight issues can impact individuals on many levels. Finding a positive outlet to absorb your progress is important in the process. Some individuals involved in weight loss are trying to reach unrealistic goals while being at a healthy weight or slightly over. These people tend to see a different picture.  Remember, not everyone is built the same.

A clinically obese man, John, has taken a healthy start and made a web diary (http://ourpersonaljourney.wordpress.com/) of his struggles and process. John’s story is interesting because he never saw his weight or would let it slow him down in his mind. This journal helps him see his downfalls and accomplishments. Bravely, he’s out there sharing it with others. Sharing with others is not for everyone. But doing something like taking a weekly photo or writing a diary on the positives of your progress will make you face the facts and truths. As we’ve come to learn, mirrors and minds can lie.

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What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet? By Amanda K.

What Is The Best Weight Loss Diet?

Provided by guest blogger.
Provided by guest blogger.

If you are overweight, losing weight is essential for a healthy lifestyle and an increased lifespan. This is medically proven and backed by many scientific studies. While we all know how important weight loss can be, sometimes finding the best diet to facilitate this feels frustrating and overwhelming. This article will help you to analyze some of the best programs out there, as well as key components that make up a healthy weight reduction plan.

Weight Watchers

One of the best diets for trimming down as evaluated by experts is Weight Watchers. This is a plan that has been around for years, and it is well developed and proven. The plan requires you to track your eating and exercise, as well as attend weekly meetings for weigh-ins and support. The key that makes this diet top the list of best diet plans for losing weight is that it combines the need for food modification, additional exercise and emotional support in order to successfully shed the pounds and keep them off.

Biggest Loser

In addition to Weight Watchers, the Biggest Loser Diet also rates high among weight loss plans. This plan focuses heavily on exercise and the way in which high levels of exercise help individuals to lose weight. If there is a con to this diet, it is only that the amount of exercise required may be more than some severely obese individuals are able to successfully undertake immediately. Still, this plan figures high when experts consider the best program for most individuals.
When evaluating these two plans, as well as others that have proven effective when one embarks on a weight loss journey, there are a few elements that they have in common. First, sensible eating is key to both of these plans, as well as many others that have proven track records. Sensible eating means eating three meals and two snacks a day, and it also means consuming healthy foods such as lean meats, fruits and vegetables and whole grains. It means reducing processed, sugar filled foods and watching portions carefully.

Physical Activity Essential

In addition, both of these plans and others that top the list of best weight loss diet plans also have an exercise element to them. Remember that physical activity at some level is key to losing weight. While weight loss can be achieved without it, scientific studies show that weight comes off at an increased speed when exercise is added, and individuals have an easier time sustaining a healthy weight. Moderate exercise of at least thirty minutes, three times a week, is key if you hope to lower your body mass in a healthy way and keep in shape.

When it comes to selecting the most suitable systemic approach to lowering your bodyweight you have many options. While some programs might be more individually suited to you than others, they all offer the opportunity for success if you follow them closely and maintain a level of support that promotes success. The most important thing to do is stay on track, and do so in a safe manner that doesn’t damage your health.

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About The Author
Amanda Kamdarha is an avid medical researcher and publisher of the latest treatments to counteract degenerative diseases. In her spare time she runs her personal blog named the Treadmill Reviewers and raises 5 beautiful kids.