Coconut Oil is a Must.

By Tia Cristy


Coconut Oil is a Must.

“Coconut” by Pixomar
“Coconut” by Pixomar

I’ve recently, discovered if you have a body, coconut oil is a must. I have found ways to use it from head to toe. The price tag seems a little steep to some consumers, but I found it can replace so many products. Plus, a little oil goes a long way.

For silky younger hands, put a dab of oil on each hand, and rub like regular hand cream. The oil absorbs deeper into the layers of skin, than regular hand creams.

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5 frugal ways to strengthen your immune system. By Guest Blogger Dan R.

By Guest Blogger Dan R.



5 frugal ways to strengthen your immune system.

Man Relaxing Under the Sun --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
Man Relaxing Under the Sun — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Modern lifestyle frequently includes busy moments, so we spend one part of our day working and the other part is all about rushing to complete housework, take care about kids and then all over again. Being occupied with all this sometimes distracts our attention from healthy habits and that’s when our immunity suffers the most. Besides, many women think that immunity boosting requires expensive supplements and food, but there are lot of natural and affordable strengtheners -you just need to grab them:

Keep calm and carry on

This is the rule you should adopt as your daily habit in order to enrich your immunity with enough power. Inadequate or insufficient sleep is one of the main causers of illnesses, since it greatly lowers immunity, so it’s important to provide yourself at least 8 hours of quality sleep daily. If you have trouble to fall asleep, soothing pre-bed bath and calm bedroom are good solutions. Regardless if you’re a mom with crowded schedule or busy girl, try to diminish stress by affording yourself occasional relaxation with your favourite book, meditate, or go for a walk. Combination of good sleep and relaxation don’t cost anything, and you’re doing great thing for your immunity.

Healthy but affordable nutrition

Healthy food is not always expensive, but it’s an excellent booster of your immunity. You can buy spinach very cheaply almost everywhere, and it contains large amounts of C vitamin and antioxidants crucial for boosting immunity’s protective ability. Nettle is famous for its numerous healing purposes -it’s excellent for blood, soothes inflammations, improves immunity and it’s also cheap. Even when you’re busy, you can replace fast food with salad enriched with flax or hemp seeds, which are both full of beneficial minerals, fiber and essential omega-3 and omega- 6 fatty acids. In case you discover gluten allergy symptoms, you should enrich your diet with gluten-free food.

Put some moves on

Devote some time during the week to exercising, since it speeds up circulation and, as such, leads to stronger immunity. Simple home exercises for arms and legs, short morning jogging or swimming are very simple and costless physical activities that can contribute to better flow of immunity cells and keep your body healthy. If you’re having some difficulties to begin with your workout, you can consider wearing leg weights

while you walk to your office. You’ll be surprised with the feel after removing the weights – it’s so liberating (almost like flying).

Just black, please.

Sugar, especially the white one, apart from body figure also negatively affects your white blood cells, which are the core immunity warriors. Although it’s sometimes hard to resist, especially early in the morning with recognizable aroma of the first cup of coffee or when you see that yummy cake in the pastry store, it’s important to stay away from bad sugars. Nevertheless, don’t be disappointed, you can always grab a fruit salad when it comes to sugar crisis.

Embrace the sun

You’re surrounded with it almost every day, it costs nothing and it’s good for your immunity. Short daily exposure to natural sunlight is valuable source of vitamin D, which is crucial for proper immune system functioning. So, provide yourself with 15 minutes of walk on sunny day, and don’t be afraid for your immunity!

Even though women’s world is sometimes super-busy, health should be always a priority, and plenty of cheap, easy and natural solutions can enable it, it’s only up to you to try it.

Daniel is an enthusiast when it comes to healthy lifestyle and developing healthy habits. For years, he is searching for ways to share his experience and knowledge with passionate people who feel the same way he does. You can follow Daniel on Facebook , or if you have some questions feel free to contact him by e-mail:

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Cut the Smell in the Fridge.

By Tia Cristy


Cut the Smell in the Fridge. cinnamon

Odor’s driving you crazy in the refrigerator? Most likely, something is rotting in there or starting too.

Clean the fridge, thoroughly. (For safety: unplug the refrigerator, while cleaning.)  Using vinegar is a great thing to kill bacteria.

Once the box is dry, plug back in. Before restocking the shelves let it run for an hour, empty and see if the smell returns. If so, repeat cleaning. If not, restock and add used tea bags in a bowl, to absorb any odors let on product packing.

Replace tea bags on a daily basis, to absorb regular odors.

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Prevent Eye Makeup from Running. Quickie:

by Tia Cristy

Quickie: Prevent Eye Makeup from Running.

White powder on whiteEye makeup can tend to run or look smudged by the days end. Prevent this unintentional, messy, smokey eye, by putting a thin layer of cornstarch under the eyes, before applying makeup. This process can also help in concealing day under eye circles and bags.


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Best Way to Clean the Grill.

By Tia Cristy

Problem: Hello Tia. Do you have any suggestions on the best way to clean a barbeque grill?

Hot Dogs on the Grill
Hot Dogs on the Grill

Tip from Tia:

There maybe better techniques and cleaners out there, but the best tip that I’ve seen and I can give for cleaning the grill on a daily basis is, using it’s own heat. Just like a self cleaning oven does, turn the flames on the grill to high once the food is done cooking. Let it run high while you eat and then turn it off. Once it cools, that grease can become ashy and be easily brushed off with a  dry scrubby pad .

(Be sure if you try this tip, to remember to turn off your grill. Safety is very important when cooking and grilling.)

The next time you go to use the grill, turn it on and let it bake off more before putting on the food. Plus, preheating a grill also allows even cooking. And, using the burn off technique infuses the flavors on the grill.

For deep cleaning, only handle racks when completely cool. Using a shop vac to get the dry grease and debris from the bottom is a great way to keep it simple. And for the racks, use a grease fighting soap with a scrubby pad, hose down and put back on the grill. Burn off the reminisce of the soap and grease before putting the food on.
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Making Your Workspace Work for You. By Guest Blogger, Jane Blanchard

Making Your Workspace Work for You

By  Guest Blogger, Jane Blanchard

The average person spends 3,750 days of their life at work. That’s 90,000 hours — an awfully long time to sit at a boring desk surrounded by depressing off-white walls and dusty mass-produced art, which is unfortunately the scenery for so many office workers. Knowing that environment can affect productivity and happiness, creating a comfortable and good-looking workspace is a no-brainer. Read on for some simple ways to give your workspace a much-needed makeover.
Add some life

via Blending Beautiful

Research has shown that indoor plants in an office can actually kick fatigue to the curb during attention-demanding work. Plus, they just look pretty. If your green thumb is more of a sickly gray color, try peperomia, spider plant, or wax plant — they’re all easy to care for.
Improve the lighting

via Design Sponge

Nobody looks good under fluorescent lighting. Set up a table lamp on your desk or go big with a chandelier. (Just make sure you get permission first!)
Give your chair a makeover

via She’s Crafty

That boring black rolling chair is begging for some love. Grab some fabulous fabric and recover the chair with it using this awesome no-sew method.
Make it cheery


A brightly colored garland + fresh flowers = instant cheer. Keep things simple.
Get a pet


A growing trend, especially at tech start-ups, is allowing employees to bring their dogs to work. If your company isn’t quite that cool, check and see if it’s alright for you to bring a fish. Set up the bowl so that it’s visually interesting — try using bold colors for the rocks and a bright green plant inside.
Hang art

via Apartment Therapy

Treat your cubicle’s walls like the walls of your home and hang up art you love. I love how this person has hung up three similar prints in matching frames so it looks unified and neat.

For more design tips and tricks, head to

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Run in your Stocking?

By Tia Cristy

Run in your Stocking?


It’s happened to the best of us. A small runner in a stocking can turn into a disaster on your legs.

Stop that run in it’s tracks!

Keep a small bottle of clear nail polish in your bag. (It has plenty of good purposes for other things, as well) nail polish

At the first sign of a run; apply two coats over the run, right on your skin. This will stop the run from going any further.

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Deodorant Stains on Shirt. Quickie:

by Tia Cristy

Quickie: Deodorant stains on a dark shirt, from putting it on after applying your antiperspirant.
Close up portrait of Asian/Indian young woman leaning back on sofa looking at viewer.
Close up portrait of Asian/Indian young woman leaning back on sofa looking at viewer.

Here’s a quick fix to remove it, and no washing is necessary. Take a dark towel so it doesn’t leave light colored fuzzy’s behind it you best bet. Wipe the white stain aggressively and it will disappear. It it still shows a little, you may need to add a little water to the towel.

Using your towel from your recent shower seems to work the best since it has a dampness to it already.



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How you Clean Your Veggies. Stupid Tip of the Day:

By Tia Cristy

Stupid Tip of the Day: How you Clean Your Veggies.


So, vegetables are important in our daily diet. And, how you clean them, is also important. I’ve seen people use cold water, No. Soap? NO! And, just pulling them out of a bag and eating. Definitely NO!

Fresh assorted vegetables in boxes on farmer's market
Fresh assorted vegetables in boxes on farmer’s market

The quickest rinse is hot water. Than, run under cold water, to stop the cooking from inside, because of the heat of the water will start to cook the produce.

I’ve heard some people say a drop of chlorine bleach is a good way to clean the veggies, but I think that, that is only beneficial when the produce has come from your own garden.

Other than that, buying store produce could probably just go with a splash of hydrogen peroxide, in the soak and rinse of the vegetable. That is the safest process to clean and rinse, benefit the produce as well as your body.

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5 Health Concerns Related Organization Procrastination. By Guest Blogger, Jennifer C.

5 Health Concerns Related Organization Procrastination
By Guest Blogger, Jennifer C.

Have you put off the spring cleaning of your garage or re-organizing your office or dorm room for a while? Are more enjoyable things distracting or pulling you from doing the more important things? If your answer is yes, you might be suffering from procrastination; and you are not alone. Procrastination is the voice in your head that’s telling you to do more pleasurable things instead of the more urgent and less pleasurable ones. Most people are guilty of procrastination at some point and in some level, but if it goes on for a while, it may begin to affect your health.

Young woman loaded with cleaning supplies --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis
Young woman loaded with cleaning supplies — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

5 Procrastination Health Concerns

1. Increase your stress level

Stress is probably one of the major negative health effects of procrastination. Putting aside the important issues, such as reorganizing your home or office, and concentrating on the less important issues may give you a temporary relief but on the long run your subconscious mind will suffer the consequences. If the issue is not corrected, it can lead to a dangerous spiral and further delaying it will only worsen the stress response.

2. Negative impacts on your overall health

The direct health impact of procrastination is often via stress response that causes changes in your immune function, which in turn negatively impacts your health. For example, a study looking at procrastinating students found that procrastination lead to compromised immune system, which in turn made the students more prone to colds and flu, gastrointestinal problems, and insomnia. Stress has also been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

3. More prone to accidents.

Organizational procrastination may lead to worsened or even dangerous work and/or living conditions. Eluding proper hygiene or safe work conditions due to procrastination can cause accidents. This is especially true for people who work in accident-prone environments (construction, workshop) or use dangerous tools (welder, chainsaw)—in these circumstances working in an unorganized, cluttered space can be unsafe and lead to serious accidents.

4. Depression

Working in an environment that is cluttered and unorganized is not only unsafe but can also reduce your motivation and work speed. This can cause guilt and anxiety, which in time can lead to depression, fatigue, and other mental health problems. When you put things off too long, you may start to find even pleasurable things to be cumbersome. As depression worsens, your body will feel fatigued and accomplishing even easier tasks may feel unbearable.

5. Becoming less health-conscious

The indirect health impact of procrastination results from stress, depression and fatigue. When your procrastination has been going on for a while you may find yourself delaying health-protective behaviors (such as healthy eating and regular exercise) and instead you are finding yourself promoting unhealthy behaviors (such as eating junk food, being a couch potato, delaying health check-ups with your doctor). In order to resolve these indirect consequences, you need to fix the underlying issue causing the procrastination, such as reorganizing or cleaning your home or office.
Procrastination is largely due to our internal struggle with self-control and our tendency to seek pleasure rather than the un-enjoyable things. Undertaking multiple unpleasing tasks or a large project all at once, may seem intimidating and eventually lead to procrastination. To prevent and/or stop this behavior, make a plan to do the task in small, well-defined parts instead of tackling it all at once. If re-organizing an entire storage facility or a room seems intimidating, start by organizing a small section of it. In between, give yourself time to do the more enjoyable activities to keep you motivated and, most importantly, healthy.

About the Author
Jennifer Caughey is a freelance content writer in Toronto, Ontario, who specializes in anything having to do with the home and health. Jennifer believes that a clean home can lead to better overall health. She has a background in Nursing and has been writing on health/home related topic over the last several years. When she isn’t writing she is trying to find new, inventive ways to live healthier, through meal planning, exercise and fun family activities with her daughter.

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