Do I Want an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding and Reception?

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

Do I Want an Indoor or Outdoor Wedding and Reception?


image-2-1It’s time to start planning your wedding, but before you start inviting your guests, you should think about the venues. Do you want to have your ceremony and reception in a restaurant, big wedding hall; or would you like it to be outside in the park, winery or at the mesmerizing Sydney beach? If you are having troubles deciding, then you should carefully list all the pros and cons of both options and see what best fits your budget and desires.

Indoor wedding

Pro: you don’t have to worry about the weather. Since you’re in a controlled environment, you don’t have to worry about sudden rain, snow or winds that could ruin your big day. You are basically safe to assume that both you and your guests will enjoy the wedding and reception in a comfortable and safe place.

Con: limited space. Every wedding venue has a maximum capacity, due to fire codes and other safety regulations. This may very well affect the number of guests you can invite. If you want a bigger reception, then you have to look for a bigger venue, which will be more expensive. Also, there might be some restrictions when it comes to decoration, which may alter the style of your wedding.

Pro: double purpose. Some venues have the capability to double both as a reception and ceremony venue. This can save you plenty of money if you are on a tight budget. Additionally, there are the benefits of being in a position to negotiate for lower package prices, catering services and even a free valet parking.

Con: higher demand. You should take into account the availability of the venues. If your wedding is during autumn or winter, then it will be harder to find available venues for your own wedding. During colder weather, the demand rises and you shouldn’t forget about that while planning your big day.

Outdoor wedding

image-4-3Pro: wide open space. Plenty of open space makes the whole wedding more family friendly. If there will be toddlers and children present who like to run around and move a lot, then it is easier to entertain them outdoors. Outdoor venues can accommodate many fun activities such as releasing birds, balloons, butterflies or paper lanterns and you can let the kids blow bubbles and enjoy. Also, if you have chosen to have a beach wedding, you can easily limit the open space with a few privacy screens from Sydney specialists and prevent any unwanted guests or letting your kids wander off.

Con: the weather. You can never know how the weather will turn out, so rain or snow could surprise you. Even though forecasts are close to predicting the weather, you cannot entirely plan it and the elements might end up ruining your big day. That’s why you should have a backup plan in case you are planning an outdoor wedding.

image-2-3Pro: little décor needed. The very nature is already you major wedding decoration. If you have chosen to have a reception at the park, you already have pretty flowers and plenty of greenery to complete the décor. If you are having a beach wedding, then there is nothing prettier than a mesmerizing landscape of a sunset or never-ending horizon. All you have to do is decorate the tables and chairs, and your wedding ceremony and reception are completely ready.

Con: restrooms. Even though many outdoor venues have restrooms nearby, it is probable that they are a bit further from the party. Decent walks may not be an issue for your guests, but it’s always good to ask about those facilities and their situation before booking an outdoor venue. It is beneficial to have a restroom nearby if some extreme or urgent situations do occur.

There you have it. The most common pros and cons people look at when deciding on their wedding venue. Sit together with your SO and see what fits your needs the best and have the most mesmerizing wedding day ever.

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Relieve Stress the Natural Way

Relieve Stress the Natural Way

2204059683_09eb09601b_zImage source

It’s unfortunate, but because so many of us lead such busy lives, trying to juggle extensive work commitments with looking after our families, stress has risen to epidemic proportions, and more people than ever are turning to medication in a bid to get back on an even keel. That’s fine, but if you’re reluctant to see the doctor, or you simply don’t have the time to make an appointment (talk about stress), there are a number of natural stress relief techniques you can try first.

Always be Prepared

Whether you have a presentation in the morning or you just want to be able to get the kids ready and out of the door, so that you can get to work on time, there is nothing like preparation to keep the stress at bay. If you are always prepared for tomorrow, you’ll lighten your load and make that early morning stress a thing of the past.

Strap on Your Running Shoes

10321202476_67a2f02a0d_zImage source

If you’re chronically stressed out, sinking into the sofa when you come home from work might seem like the natural choice, but it won’t help you de-stress anywhere near as effectively as strapping of your trainers and going for a run will. When you run outdoors, you’re breathing fresh air and producing endorphins, as well as surrounding yourself with nature. All of these things will remove the stress from your life if you indulge in them regularly.


I know, everyone and their dog is raving about the positive benefits of meditation, and although it probably won’t help you obtain enlightenment – not as long as you’re working and bringing up a family anyway – meditation really can help you de-stress by giving you some quiet time where you can relax, reflect and focus on the present instead of the presentation you have to give tomorrow.

Listen to Music

14599930610_399f37240c_zImage source

A study published by the British Heart Journal found that listening to slow music will reduce stress, whether you’re working at your desk, commuting on the train or relaxing after a hard day at the office. So, tune your radio to a smooth station and reap the rewards.

Turn Off Notifications

It’s impossible to relax and enjoy your time away from work if you’re constantly being bombarded with phone calls emails and texts from the office, so take a stand and switch off your notifications after 6 P.M. Your business relationships will be just fine and you can  spend some time enjoying a family meal, reading a good book and enjoying a hot bath. You’ll feel much better for it.

Write It Down

6904577257_b86f6e1626_zImage source

Instead of ruminating over a problem, going over and over it in your head some that you’re unable to sleep at night, write it down and forget about it. You’ll find it much easier to nod off, and a lot of the time, you’ll find the solution to the problem comes to you as you sleep!

Try Supplements

There are many natural supplements, including evening primrose oil, valerian root and magnesium which may people have found to be effective at promoting relaxation and a good night’s sleep. There can’t be any harm in trying them before you book an appointment with your GP.

Of course, if you try it the natural way and nothing works, visiting the doctor or a good therapist is probably a good idea.

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How To Stay Alert All Day At Work

How To Stay Alert All Day At Work

pexels-photo-271560Image source

Let’s face it: living through a full work day can sometimes be challenging. Mondays are rough because you’re still on a weekend sleeping schedule, Tuesdays are just as hard because the monotony of your working week has really set in, Wednesdays are the day where your inner voice starts saying insistently that it might be okay to slack off a little, on Thursdays it seems as though the week will never come to an end, and on Fridays you’re much more inclined to think about your exciting weekend plans than whatever work’s on your desk. It can be hard to stay alert and focused all day long at work. Here are some tips to help you get your mind in gear…

Eat A Good Breakfast

pexels-photo-172261Image source

First of all, it’s extremely hard to focus through the morning at work if you haven’t eaten a good breakfast. Having the same thing every day can be yet another thing that adds to the monotony of the working week – so maybe it’s time to change up what you have. If you love toast every morning, then you don’t have to change that, but why not go a little wild with the toppings? If you love peanut butter then you could have it with apple slices one day and banana slices the next. One day you could even branch out and ditch the peanut butter and go for smashed avocado, the biggest brunch sensation of the last few years, instead. All you have to do is mash up half an avocado with a fork, along with a little citrus juice, salt, pepper and chili, for a delicious and nutritious breakfast. If you really aren’t big on breakfast, why not try making your own juices or smoothies? Invest in a high end juicer like the Super Angel and you’ll be able to make juices out of all your favourite fruits and vegetables – try out a green juice on the mornings you’re feeling particularly healthy, and go for tropical juices like coconut, mango and pineapple on the days you’re feeling a little more fruity.

Get Comfortable At Work

startup-photosImage source

It’s absolutely imperative that you’re physically comfortable at work. Sitting at a desk all day can actually be a big challenge for your body, so you need to make sure that your chair is as comfortable as possible. If your boss doesn’t want to splash out on ergonomic chairs then you could splash some of your own cash on a seat cushion that will help you sit properly all day. Make sure you rest both feet on the floor at all times so that your weight is balanced well. If you get headaches from the way the lights shine off your computer screen, you need to make sure that you ask your boss to move where you sit – your health is the most important thing at all times. Make sure that you take a break every hour to get up and stretch and walk around, whether you’re going to get a glass of water or going to the bathroom or simply going to look out of the window. Your body will thank you for it at the end of the day.

Change The Way You Snack

pexels-photo-111112Image source

Even if you’ve had the best breakfast in the world, a lot of us will become victim to the 3pm lull, after you’ve had lunch and when the sugar rush is starting to wear off, meaning that you’re becoming distinctly droopy-eyed and wondering if it would be a huge faux pas to curl up under your desk for a little nape. (Yes. Yes, unfortunately it would be.) It’s always a good idea to prepare some snacks for this time in the afternoon to give yourself a boost of energy. Steer away from chocolate and other sugary foods – although they’ll give you a burst of energy, the sugar crash afterwards won’t be worth it as it will make you even more tired. Instead go for a handful of pretzels dipped in peanut butter, or a small fruit salad, or carrot sticks and hummus, for a snack that will wake you up and provide you with some great nutrition.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

pexels-photo-68761Image source

Finally, in this day and age a lot of people can feel pressured into staying late every evening and into working through lunch. Make sure that you don’t do this – you’ll burn out and get sick. If you have too much work it’s time to talk to your boss about how to make your workload more manageable. In the meantime, remember that a lot of work is about knowing how to prioritize and delegate tasks in order to be successful.

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Fantastic Features That Homebuyers Love

Fantastic Features That Homebuyers Love

Your home has served you well, but you’re ready to move on to pastures new- and you’re probably already dreaming about how you’re going to make the fresh, blank canvas your own. But there’s one rather large obstacle to overcome first, and that’s getting rid of the old property. Not only selling it but for a good, fair price can be a frustrating process. You’re relying on a sale to go through before you can start your new life, and for many people, this just can’t come quick enough. The housing market is always going to fluctuate, but there are things you can do to motivate buyers and get things moving along as quickly as possible. Here are a few features that homebuyers love, so consider

Neutral Décor

Modern homeware trends are all about very neutral, calming and serene spaces. They’re inoffensive, and allow homebuyers to see the property to it’s full potential without being distracted or put off. Get rid of any fussy patterned wallpaper and bold colours. You might love them (and can have them again in your new place), but they’ll do nothing but turn off prospective buyers. Fix up the walls so that they’re nice and smooth- you should be able to do this will filler for minor dings and sandpaper if the walls are good. If they’re worse for wear, you may need to have them skimmed by a plasterer. Give everywhere a coat of paint- you can’t go far wrong with plain white. It will transform the home into a blank canvas and make it look brighter and more spacious. It’s very important to make sure any cracks are addressed, even minor cosmetic cracks could put off buyers if they think it’s structural. Having a home inspection done will rule out any issues, and you’re able to use the certificate to give buyers peace of mind too. Ceilings and woodwork such as doors and skirting boards should all be painted brilliant white. This will bring a fresh and clean look to the property that homebuyers love.

pexels-photo-311398Image link

A Nice Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and also the room that’s the most expensive to renovate. So many buyers will be looking for a property with a kitchen that they can use without having to completely rip out and start again. If they feel that this is the case, they will want the house price to reflect this meaning you could lose out on thousands. Giving your kitchen a spruce up might cost you up to a thousand dollars, but could earn you ten thousand. Having new tiling or a backsplash putting up if it needs it will solve the problem of outdated tiles or grubby grout. Replacing old-fashioned cupboard doors with modern ones can give the appearance of a new kitchen for far less money. Old, cracked or outdated floor tiles could be covered over with vinyl- professionally fitted this can look very smart and again totally change the look of the kitchen.

A Tidy Garden

As well as the house, the garden and exterior is of course a big deciding factor when it comes to buying a home. Whether yours is large or small, it’s important to make the most of it and have it looking its best for viewings. Mowing the lawn, and filling in sparse areas with grass seed will get it up to scratch. Pull out weeds and tidy up shrubs and plants, you could go a step further and add some bedding plants to pots or borders to bring in some colour and make the space look well cared for.

summer-still-life-daisies-yellowImage link

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The Secret To Beautiful Carpets In Your Home

The Secret To Beautiful Carpets In Your Home

It’s always great fitting a new carpet in your home. After all, it can help the room to look beautiful. And if you go for a beautiful color with a great pattern, it can add some character to your property. But it’s so important that you keep on top of looking after the carpets in your home. After all, if they go downhill, it will make your house look less appealing. Therefore, here is the secret to beautiful carpets in your home.

pexels-photo-89829 Pexels


Buy good quality carpets in the first place

While you can maintain your carpet, it’s often down to the quality of the carpet in the first place if you want to keep it in good nick for longer. After all, if you go for the cheapest carpet in the store, you will find that it will pick up every mark going. And will be a lot harder to clean. In fact, you might find that you have to clean it a couple of times a week to ensure it stays looking great. Therefore, to ensure you avoid bad carpets, you need to make sure it’s a good quality carpet when you first buy it. Check out the material and look online for reviews before you do head to the checkout. It might be more expensive at the time, but in the long run, it can save you some painstaking cleaning!

Ensure you give them a deep clean regularly

It’s so important that you are taking the time to give your carpets a good clean. After all, if you are just giving them a quick hoover, they will be back in poor condition before you know it. And then it can bring down the appeal of your home. Therefore, give it a proper steam clean to ensure it stays mark-free. It might be worth looking into professional carpet cleaners to come and help you with the carpet. For one thing, they will make sure it looks as good as new. After all, a technician from companies like City Wide Chem-Dry will have experience in keeping the carpet in the best nick. And they will know the best sprays to use to get rid of dust and marks. After all, we might use products which can damage the carpets rather than make them look better! And getting a professional will keep it dust-free too so you can avoid allergens.

Use rugs to protect the carpet

To ensure the carpet stays in good nick, it’s an excellent idea to cover a good majority of the carpet with rugs. After all, this will protect the carpet to minimize marks and wear to the carpet. Therefore, it will stay in beautiful condition for longer. And if you do get any marks and a build up of dust, you can just wash the rugs. As well as being good for hiding marks, they can add accents of color to your home. Therefore, you will find them visually appealing too in your property.

And if you have pets, make sure you groom them regularly before they move around the home. That way, you will get minimum fur on your carpet. And not only does the fur look unhygienic, but it can also spur on your kid’s allergies too. Therefore, ensure they are groomed regularly to avoid this.

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The Best Natural Remedies For Clearer Skin

The Best Natural Remedies For Clearer Skin

9509632741_d8e4c32522_zImage Source

Everyone deals with problem skin at some point in their life – some longer than others – and finding the perfect remedy can be costly and time consuming. After a few weeks of using the cheap cleansers, you would spend more money trying to restore moisture to your skin. It was a never ending battle.

Thankfully, beautiful skin isn’t reserved for those blessed with good genes, or access to expensive facial treatments. You can treat your skin to a pampering facial using what you have in your kitchen cabinets. Let nature work its magic on your skin issues this weekend.


The citric acid present in lemon helps keep the skin clear by removing dead cells, and its vitamin C content helps reduce dark spots by increasing the cell renewal process. Lemon also has bleaching properties that will help improve your overall skin complexion.

The method couldn’t be easier; simply apply fresh squeezed lemon juice to your face and neck, leave for ten minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water. Next, rub cucumber slices on your skin to soften and moisturize. Do this once every other day. This is the best solution available until you can get a discount on a facial treatment mask with a bloomingdales coupon code.

Aloe vera

The worst-kept dermatological secret in the world is aloe vera; not only does it soothe sunburns, it can clear even the most stubborn acne. Aloe vera has antibacterial properties that help kill bacteria that cause acne, anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe irritated skin, and astringent properties that help heal scars. Plus, it moisturizes the skin and stimulates new skin cell growth.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a plant on hand, as aloe vera gel will work just as well. Several times a week, rub the gel onto your skin with a cotton ball, leave for a few minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water. It may take a few weeks to see results, but in the meantime your skin will certainly feel softer.

Tea tree

Tea tree is often mentioned as a solution for stubborn acne and oily skin conditions. Tea tree essential oil acts like a solvent and cuts through dead skin cells to unblock pores. Its antibacterial properties also kill off the acne causing bacteria, and prevent further outbreaks. Make sure to dilute it before use (one part oil to nine parts water). First you should wash your face with warm water. Then, simply apply the tea tree solution to problem areas using a Q-tip. If you prefer, you can apply a light layer of moisturizer.


One of the many benefits of water is that it can purify the impurities in your skin, get rid of dryness and wrinkles, and remove excess oils and dirt. Drinking at least 2 liters per day gives the skin a bright, noticeable change in less than a week. Water also helps your kidneys flush out toxins, hydrate your brain to improve concentration, and can help you lose weight.

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Tips to Encourage Kids’ Creativity

Tips to Encourage Kids’ Creativity

4264287104_718bc07060_zImage source

If you have children or grandchildren, it is your duty to encourage their creativity because it is that which will help them to be intelligent, resourceful, well rounded and happy human beings who can meet any challenge head on and who are able to relax and enjoy life the right way.

Unfortunately, too many adults do not see the benefit of creative pursuits, preferring their children to concentrate on the skills they think will make them more employable such as math and science. Obviously, these are important skills to learn, but so is creativity. In fact, creativity can make children better at those important core subjects by enabling them to think through problems in unique ways.

So, creativity is good, but how do you encourage it in your kids?

Encourage them to Seek Answers

If you spend time with kids, you will know that they ask a lot of questions. When they do this, instead of just giving them a simple answer or avoiding the question if you’re unsure of the answer, say “I don’t know, let’s see what we can do to find out.” This will encourage them to start thinking more about everything from the color of the sky to the way the TV works by actually engaging with the world around them.

Buy Creative Toys

8453623048_d8a2116b7b_zImage source

Instead of buying the kids ready-made toys like dolls and racing cars, buy them Lego (no kits), Meccano, Play-Doh and other toys that will keep them busy, encourage them to use their imagination and create interesting stuff out of nothing.

Ask their Opinions

Whether you’re looking at a beautiful piece of art or watching the TV news, you should never be afraid or too dismissive, to ask your children’s opinions on the world around them. This will encourage them to think freely about a range of topics, which will ultimately lead to greater creativity and intelligence. Just make sure you are open to their ideas, even if they clash with your own.

Let Them Explore

So many kids spend their days indoors staring at screens when they could be outside exploring the world around them. I know it can be worrying letting your kids out on their own, but once they’re old enough, let them play hide and seek, climb trees, catch bugs and explore what nature has to offer, even if they’re only allowed in the backyard.

Help Them Achieve Their Dreams

14930698346_ba360600c4_zImage source

Send them to band camp, make them their own CD’s with the help of Nationwide, or show them how to publish their stories on Amazon if you want to really encourage them and help them to achieve their dreams of being a writer, rockstar or whatever else it is they dream of.

Avoid Perfectionism

If there’s one thing that stifles a child’s creative it more than anything else, it’s perfectionism. If a child thinks that they must do everything perfectly, eventually they’ll put down the crayons and give up. So, whatever your child does, be sure to give them praise. You don’t have to overdo it, and if you can find a gentle way to offer constructive criticism, go ahead, but never let them think that creative projects have to be perfect because perfect rarely exists.

Are you raising a creative kid? What are your top tips?

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Turn Metal Into Gold With Smart Home Improvement Projects

Turn Metal Into Gold With Smart Home Improvement Projects

Most people don’t know how much stuff they own. But there is a consensus that we probably own too much stuff that irremediably turns into clutter. Indeed, the average US household owns over 300,000 items. Most of these are unused, untouched, or even broken. They are only cluttering your home. More importantly, with nearly half of American households being unable to save money, it becomes important to find ways of improving your home with targeting decluttering and recycling. 12% of the world population lives in North America and Western Europe, yet they account for 60% of global private consumption expenses. Over the half of the objects you don’t use in your home consists of a metal arrangement, from your cutlery to your old plumbing system. So wouldn’t it be nice to turn some of your metal clutter into a way of making you financially, emotionally, and creatively rich?

scrap_metal_pelicansScrap metal pelican sculptures, Brisbane River

Give Your Old Metal Bits A New Life

Just because an object is old and has been unused for a period of time, it doesn’t mean that it is good for the bin. Indeed, with a little bit of DIY savviness, you can give a new life to old favorites. For example, an old bed spring can be transformed into a trellis, using the wire frame to help climbing fruits and vegetables to grow. All you need is to prime the metal and to spray paint it. Don’t forget a sealing coat to protect it from rusting. There are many ways to repurpose your old items into something new and useful. All you need is a little imagination and the desire to craft a better world.

640px-boxspring-corner_shifmanOld bed springs

Sell Old Metal Pieces

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you might find that there is nothing to do to save old metal scraps. From old water taps to the ancient electric copper system, it can be difficult to find a new purpose to these, unless you are inhabited by a creative spirit – if this is the case, please refer to the next paragraph. Before you consider binning your old metal pots and other items, check with professional scrap places that can offer scrap metal prices per pound. More importantly, they can find a new way of using your old metal, so it’s worthy exchange not only for your budget but also for the planet.

Metal Scrap Industry Brass Iron Waste Steel
Metal Scrap Industry Brass Iron Waste Steel

Collection of scrap brass and iron

How About Metal Art?

Metal art is not a new concept, and more and more crafters have embraced the idea of creating jewelry, sculptures, and other decorative items by recycling metal. If you enjoy the world of crafting, you will love making your own jewelry out of unused metal, such as making a bracelet with cans of soda or small bolts. For the most confident crafters, you can take inspiration from metal stick men sculptures to make your own reclaimed metal creation. Remember to use a sealing coat to protect your masterpiece from rust. Embracing your creative side may seem like a bold move, but you will soon love the decorative versatility of your old metal clutter!

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From Boring To Beautiful: 18 Ways To Jazz Up Your Home’s Exterior

From Boring To Beautiful: 18 Ways To Jazz Up Your Home’s Exterior

Whether you are looking to sell your house or just want to make it look more fresh and modern, you will no doubt turn your attention to the interior. After all; that’s where you and your family will spend most of your time in the house, right?

The thing is, some folks forget about the need to make their home’s exteriors look great as well. If your interior looks like a palace but the outside is more of an eyesore, it’s time you invested some energy (and money) in jazzing it up. The trouble is, where should you begin, and what changes or additions should you make?

construction-work-670278_960_720Image Source

Whatever you do, it should serve two purposes. First of all, it must make your home’s exterior look better than its current state now. And, second, it should add some value to your property. With those two points in mind, here are 18 ways that you can easily jazz up your home’s exterior and make it more beautiful and valuable:

  1. Give your front door a lick of paint

It doesn’t matter whether you have a door made of solid oak or uPVC plastic. If it looks old and weathered, and the color is several shades lighter than what it used to be, it’s time to paint it. The good news is that it’s easy to get paint for all kinds of door types – even plastic!

  1. Upgrade your windows

One of the best ways of improving your home’s exterior looks and its value is by upgrading the windows. It’s important to live in a home where you feel safe and warm, and strong, sturdy glass and frames will help you achieve that goal. Window replacement is possible for all types include sash and uPVC. Just make sure you choose some windows that match the style of your house.

  1. Make your house numbers more stylish

Do you live in a house where people seldom find it easy to locate your abode? Perhaps you’ve got a confusing road layout, or it may even be an unmarked road? If that’s the case, you will want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find your house.

door-number-threeImage Source

One way to do that is by adding some large, stylish house numbers to your property. They are perfect for when you’re waiting for deliveries, and the truck driver can’t see where your house is!

  1. Have your driveway resurfaced

Is your current driveway a mess of broken concrete and weeds? Perhaps all you’ve got for a driveway is a pile of gravel or dirt on the ground? As you can imagine, having a level and surfaced drive makes any home more desirable to future homebuyers. Plus, it makes life easier for anyone living at or visiting your house. You can have your driveway surfaced with asphalt, concrete, or brick pavers.

  1. Let there be light

Don’t you just hate it when you get home at night and have to fumble around looking for the right door key? A lack of illumination can be a real pain in the behind, but you can easily solve that problem by installing some lighting! You can have an electrician install some powered outdoor security lights. Or, you could opt for solar or battery-powered ones, if you prefer.

door-lampImage Source

  1. Fit a stylish door knocker

You might have a doorbell that you expect people to use. But, what would happen if you have a visitor and your doorbell wasn’t working? A good failsafe to have for backup purposes is a door knocker! Of course, you don’t have to opt for a standard tradesman’s brass knocker; there are a plethora of stylish options out there!

  1. Decorate your front entrance with some plants

It’s important to make your home inviting for any guests, friends, or family members that you are expecting to visit. You can start that experience by adding some stylish plants by the entrance to your front door. Some people may choose to have ornaments, but plants look more inviting. Plus, they make good landmarks if you have a visitor that can’t find your house for whatever reason!

  1. Add some slate tiles to the front entrance

If you have a porch by your front door, make it look more modern and fresh with some slate tiles! They are available in a range of different sizes, colors, and textures. Choose ones that complement the design of your house, and you’ll instantly add value and pizazz to your property.

sidewalk-218751_960_720Image Source

  1. Revamp your exterior walls

If you have exposed bricks on your outside walls, the chances are high that the weather will have made them look lackluster. You should spend some time cleaning the walls with a pressure washer. Once dried, make a note of any areas with broken or missing mortar between the bricks. You can then fill those areas in with fresh matching mortar. Finally, seal bricks and mortar with a protective transparent paint.

  1. Stain your wood fence panels and garage door

The thing about wood is that while it’s a versatile construction material, it’s also prone to rot over time. With that thought in mind, you should take the time to stain your wood fence panels and garage door. Doing so will give them a layer of protection and make them look fresh and attractive. You can get the stain in a variety of colors and tones, so there will be something to suit your home’s exterior appearance and complement it well.

Wood Garden Fence Colorful Paling Color Red
Wood Garden Fence Colorful Paling Color Red

Image Source

  1. Add a pergola and climbing vines to your garage door surround

The garage door isn’t a particularly interesting aspect of your home’s exterior to look at. But, you could make it a feature rather than a boring part of your house with a couple of simple additions! All you need to do is install a pergola on top of the surround and grow some climbing vines around it. Once the vines have grown, it will make your garage and driveway feel more “homely”!

  1. Hide exposed foundations with faux panels

Sure, you could take the time to paint over your exposed house foundations. But, what if you would rather hide them out of sight? An attractive way to do so is by installing some faux panels. They are easy to fit, cheap to buy, and can get cut to any size for your needs. There are many styles and patterns available to purchase, and they will enhance the look of your home’s exterior.

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  1. Camouflage your air conditioning unit

Does your house have air conditioning? If so, you might be unhappy about the unsightly outdoor unit having to be in full view of people walking outside of your home. Don’t worry because there is an easy solution to this problem: simply camouflage it! You can do so with plants or an attractive slatted wood surround.

  1. Improve the appearance of your mailbox

Do you have a curbside mailbox at your house? And is it looking a little worse for wear? Well, you don’t need to spend money buying a new one when you can just renovate your existing one! All you need to do is give it a good clean and apply some weatherproof paint to protect it from the elements. If the mailbox is perched on a wooden pole, be sure to stain it, so it has extra protection.

  1. Buy a welcome mat for your front door

Perhaps one of the cheapest, quickest, and easiest ways to brighten up your home’s exterior is with a new welcome mat! Some people purchase personalized ones, while others opt for “cheap and cheerful” ones that you can get from any local hardware store.

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  1. Pressure wash your home’s exterior

You will have no doubt spent some time pressure washing your walls as per tip #9. But, did you know that you can enhance other exterior items by giving them a good clean too? You can use your pressure washer on wooden decking, asphalt and brick driveways, windows, and even your garbage cans! Believe it or not, exterior cleaning is the one thing that many homeowners forget to do!

  1. Tackle the weeds

One annoying thing that attacks virtually all houses is when weed grows through cracks in concrete flooring or brick pavers. Fortunately, it’s a situation you can easily fix by applying liquid weed killer. After a few days, you can remove the weeds with a suitable gardening tool or even your pressure washer. Weeds make any home’s exterior look unkempt and unattractive; they simply must go!

  1. Create some flower beds around your trees

Last, but not least, if you’ve got some trees growing in your garden and front lawn, consider decorating them with some flower beds! They will add some well-contained color and character, and will give people the impression that you have a well-maintained house. The latter is especially important if you’re trying to sell your home!

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Growing Old? You Can Be Beautiful As Well As Wise

Growing Old? You Can Be Beautiful As Well As Wise

As we grow older we acquire many applaudable attributes. We’re wiser, smarter, and more grateful for everything that we have. But one thing that doesn’t age quite as well are our looks. When we’re young we have everything on our side, but as time goes on things tend to turn on us somewhat, and we can sometimes end up looking not as attractive as we’d like. However, that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our looks. In the 21st century there is no excuse for us to not look out best, regardless of how old we are! Here’s how.


Staying Active

Yup, you might have noticed that you don’t look quite as youthful as you once did. But think about it: when we’re young, we’re always running around, being active, regular men and women about town. As we age, we become more sedentary. If you want to stay youthful and beautiful, you should take up an exercise routine that’s right for you, one that’ll have your face looking fresh and your body look good. You’ll be glowing, basically, and everyone’s drawn to someone who glows!

Science Has the Answer

Of course, even if we work out as often as we want to we sometimes can’t mask some factors that we’d rather live without. If you can’t shift weight in one particular part of your body (you can’t, unfortunately, target weight loss when you work), you can always use a service like  GastroCenter’s Smart Lipo treatments and trim away the fat in those areas where the fat is hard to shift. Similarly, if your issue is hair loss – which affects around 50% of women and 80% of men during their life times – then you can look at consulting a hair transplant specialist and add some extra hair to boost a youthful look.

Being a Fashionista

There comes an age where we kind of slip out of the trend scene, where we’re not too sure what’s hot and what’s not. It makes sense, especially as we have so many other things going on in our lives. However, staying abreast of the clothes that’ll make us look at our best actually isn’t all that difficult – dedicate some time to reading the best clothing blogs for older people before you go shopping and you’ll look great when you return from the stores.

Living Well

Of all the things we can do, few affect our beauty greater than our lifestyles. If we eat well and don’t drink too much alcohol, we can carry on staying youthful for longer. If we live the lifestyle of a 25 year old, we won’t. Take care of yourself and you’ll naturally stay youthful and beautiful.

Accepting Who You Are

Of course, you can’t fix every single ailment. At some point you’ll need to learn to accept some of the flaws that can’t be fixed. Part of being beautiful is having confidence, and if you have confidence then people will notice it. Sometimes it’s much more about our attitude to ourselves and life than we think!

Tia, and  is trying to keep you looking good and
feeling good, from the inside out. If you’ve got a problem or a tip email me! Be sure to Like and share on Facebook or Follow on Twitter or Instagram

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