Soften Crow’s Feet and Laugh Lines.

By Tia Cristy

Quickie: Soften Crow’s Feet and Laugh Lines. Woman Laughing


It’s truly, the wrinkles you should be proud of. To have laugh lines and crow’s feet, usually means just that, you’ve done plenty of laughing. As said earlier this week it’s important for your brain to get plenty of laughs. But, your face may want a softening of these lines though.

A quick easy tip to soften fine lines is to apply Vitamin E to these lines at night before you go to bed. Break open a Vitamin E capsule with a toothpick and apply generously to the lines using the whole contents of the capsule.

Doing this every night should soften the appearance and restore the under layers of the skin with hydration. (SIDE NOTE: The younger you start using Vitamin E, the more beneficial to your skin in keeping elasticity.)

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Is Auto Correct is Dumbing Us Down?

By Tia Cristy

Is Auto Correct is Dumbing Us Down?

"Young Fashionable Woman reading sms" by adamr
“Young Fashionable Woman reading sms” by adamr

Problem: I have been having problems with my assignments in class. It’s like I forget my elementary  basics when it comes to writing. You might laugh but, I blame it on my texting making me dumb.


Tip from Tia: The things we didn’t have to worry about, only a short decade ago.  Is Auto Correct is Dumbing Us Down? (see what I did there, ha!)

The truth is, auto correct is dumbing us down. Writing is a skill we learned. And just like any skill, if you don’t use it; you lose it. Sadly, it has become easier and acceptable to have auto correct on our reliable devices. It saves us time and people have gotten good at deciphering what we mean to say.

It’s been an age old question. Who is the better writer women or men?

Whether it be a man or woman writing, write with skill and intent. Both men and women have strong points in writing.

Some interesting findings from the infographic at Grammarly showed

  •        Women are almost twice as likely than men to spend time on character development.
  •        Men are more likely to write short and straightforward sentences.

Just like any skill, you must remember to practice. And, when it comes to class assignments and the workforce, proper grammar and spelling is thought to reflect your intelligence. I found It’s acceptable and helpful to use resources like spell check and sites like Grammarly.

The brain is a muscle. Remember to exercise it!

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Make Full Eyes.

By Tia Cristy

Quickie: Make Full Eyes.
Beautiful girl

There’s a ton of mascaras out there with their claims to fame. And, yes, some really can make a difference in your life.

But, no matter which one you use, technique can help with giving you a full, big look. If you are trying to make your eyes look bigger, apply one coat of mascara to each eye. Then, go back to the middle of your lashes, and apply several coats to each eye. This will open the eye up, to a bold look.

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All Lube is the Same. Stupid Tip of the Day: (MA)

By Tia Cristy

Stupid Tip of the Day: All Lube is the Same. (MA) olive oil condiment vegeterian food

You may think all lubricants and oils to enhance a sexual experience, are built the same, but that is not the case. You’ve seen the commercials for her pleasure and for his, and a chemical reaction happens when they combine. Lubricants can be very effective in giving a hypersensitive experience, in the bedroom. In some cases, a lube is even necessary to achieve a pleasurable experience.

There is no shame in needing or wanting a lubricant with your partner. Just be sure to discuss with each other the options. It’s important to have good communication with sex and important to have sexual health. Lubricants can break down latex, if you are having protected sex using condoms. Another form of protection must be discussed, before adding in a lube.

When deciding which lubricant to purchase, I recommend doing just what you would do if you were buying a new food; Check the label. The more natural the product is, the better reaction you will probably have with it. Some lubes actually contain silicone or other strange chemicals that may not treat your insides well. People try to come up with many alternatives and end up causing much harm to your body and your partners body.

When in doubt, go to the kitchen and get olive oil. It’s the most natural lubricant.

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How to get stuck chewing gum out of hair.


Hi Tia, my mom says I can’t chew gum anymore, because I keep getting it in my hair, and she has to cut it out, and I cry. She says there is something to get gum out of my hair, but she doesn’t remember. What is it? Kelly, 6 and Mom gum in hair

Tip from Tia:

I understand entirely. It takes a creative individual to get their own gum stuck in their own hair. I was a champ at doing that myself when I was your age. Tell your mom it’s alright; Tia can help. And, the best part is your mom can make you do this by yourself.

The best way to get gum out of hair is by using peanut butter. First, get the gum covered section by itself. Than, you want to put a good amount of peanut butter on the gum to cover it completely. You will rub it into the covered strands and the gum will start to crumble.

The oil from the peanut butter will make the gum break down and lose it’s stick. The gum itself will start to ball up and fall out or be easily able to be pulled out. If the gum is still tacky apply more peanut butter to that area until all the gum is completely out. It may take a little while, so have patience.

Once the gum is out, wash your hair. The oil from the peanut butter will also leave your hair in a beautiful condition.

This process can work on clothes too, except it can leave an oil stain on the material. I recommend if you are going to use peanut butter on
fabrics wash out with a grease fighting soap or a dish washing foam. This should help with removing the oil from the fabric.

You can now chew gum, without the fear of the scissors or a buzz cut. After you do this yourself once or twice, lesson is usually learned; the
gum will stay in the mouth or make it to the trash when you’re done with it.   

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Can’t Seem to Go #2? Tips on Triggers: Constipation

By Tia Cristy

Tips on Triggers: Constipation; Can’t Seem to Go #2? peace

Feeling bloated and unable to have a bowel movement, can be a bit uncomfortable. There is no reason to feel embarrassed by digestion issues. There can be several reasons that can cause the body to get stopped up, for example, a bad diet, a change in diet, a crazy schedule, medications or a number of others.

Softeners can help the system get back on track, but some people fear what can actually happen, if they’ve never taken the medication before. I recommend calling your doctor when thinking of taking any medication, to see if it is best for you, as an individual.

If your not comfortable with medications or they are not for you; the body does have a trigger point for helping with constipation.

Feel about 3 inches down from your knee cap. Use that point of reference and move to the outer side of the leg. There is where the trigger point is. Press and hold that spot for 5 seconds and release for double the time, then repeat the hold again. Repeat this process about 10 times.

Using this trigger point daily can be a useful aid to many stomach issues and help you keep the peace with going #2.

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Prevent Rusty Tools. Quickie:

By Tia Cristy

Quickie: Prevent Rusty Tools. toolbox

Tools can develop rust over time, which leaves them a mess or difficult to work with.

Prevent rust very easily by putting chalk in your tool box and tool drawers.

The chalk will absorb the moisture that causes rust. Replace chalk every year or so.

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Remove Paint Fumes in Minutes. Tips in Action:

By Tia Cristy

Remove Paint Fumes in Minutes. Tips in Action: paint brush

Paint fumes can be bothersome. Paint smells can linger for a long time causing nausea, sinus issues and just make the air downright appalling.

Here’s a quick tip that may sound unbelievable, but it works!

Grab a medium sized onion. Cut it open and divide into 4 or 6 sections. Place in a bowl or a tray. Put in the area where paint fumes are the worst. The paint fumes will start to disappear within 10 minutes. It is suggested, to leave the onion out until it dries and curls to remove all fumes. This generally takes about two days.

Oddly, the room will not smell overwhelming like onion. Plus, there are bonuses; the onion smell fades quickly once removed, and the onion will also grab bacteria and viruses out of the air as well. This tip will leave you with a health air in the room.

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Removing Hickies or Passion Marks as I Like to Call Them.

By Tia Cristy sex


Problem: Hey Tia. Sometimes in the heat of the moment my boyfriend will leave hickies on my neck. I work in an office and I don’t want to look…you know. I use make up to cover it up but, you can still see them. What can I do to cover it up?

Tip from Tia: There is noting wrong with having extravagant passion for one another. Celebrate it. But, I totally understand that you don’t want to advertise your sex life, on your neck. Well, it’s better to get rid of the hickies or passion marks as I like to call them, then just covering them up. Hickies are bruising of the skin, where it has been sucked. The capillaries have broken and rush towards the layers of skin. Now, those capillaries are trapped, and since it is not a sever injury, you can break them away from their cluster, that is giving a bruised appearance and make the blood flow natural, around the area again. (If it was an injury that cause bruising I wouldn’t recommend trying to get rid of a bruise, you could possibly just hurt yourself further)

So, an easy enough tip to remove the hickey is, grab a lipstick cap or a small bottle cap with smooth edges. Place the hollow end to the skin, and twist the cap into the bruised skin repeatedly, around the whole area. It may feel tender while doing it, but you don’t want to hurt yourself. The area will be red when you’re done.

Apply make up to cover the area, if the foundation alone isn’t covering add a little bit of cornstarch to the foundation to thicken it up and apply. The hickey should reduce in color within a few hours to a day, repeat process if necessary.

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Root Causes Of Back Pain: Relief Treatment Guest Blogger Alissa J.

By, Alissa Jones; Guest Blogger


Root Causes Of Back Pain: Relief Treatment


image provided by Alissa Jones
image provided by Alissa Jones

Back pain is the major source of complains among middle-aged and older men and women in every country. This might be because the back supports and carries most of the other body parts and therefore it’s subject to a lot of pressure. For one to understand the causes of back pain, it’s important to know the several types of pain.

Types Of Back Pain


This is the most common type of back pain out there. It occurs suddenly and acutely and more often than not it will go away as fast as it came. The term non-specific usually means that doctors can’t really put a finger on what is causing the pain because it can’t be seen in tests. This type of pain is caused by bad posture; sitting or sleeping, lifting heavy things and over-exerting oneself. Weight also causes non-specific back pain by putting pressure on the back area.

Chronic Pain

This is the kind of back pain that stays with you for a very long time. It can be worse sometimes but it never really goes away like non-specific pain. Doctors say that the main cause of chronic back pain is mental and emotional stress. This means that until one learns to deal with the stress the pain will continue.

Lower Back Pain

This can be chronic or non-specific but more often than not it can be diagnosed by doctors. Lower back pain in most cases is a symptom of another problem such as appendicitis, bladder infection, kidney disease and most problems affecting the reproductive organs. This is also called referred back pain.

Specific Back Pain

Unfortunately, the back is vulnerable to many other problems that affect discs in the vertebrae and the entire spinal cord as well;

  • Nerve impingement-this is where a disc is herniated and starts pushing or piercing the nerve root. Sciatica is the best example of this and it’s extremely painful.
  • Spinal degeneration-this causes the spinal canal to narrow due to loss of moisture and volume. In less serious cases it just causes stiffness and inflammation but if it gets bad it can cause sciatica.
  • Other conditions that can be clearly seen in scans include tumors, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis; injury caused trauma, bacterial infection and much more.

Relief Treatment Of Back Pain

After doctors have asked the right questions and done a physical exam, they are able to know exactly what the problem is and treat it accordingly. Referred causes of pain are treated with antibiotics while stress related causes are referred to a psychiatrist. Pain causes by strain and musculoskeletal factors is treated with exercise, yoga, pain relievers, massage, muscle relaxers and heat therapy. Chiropractors are the best doctors to treat back pain using natural methods. Losing weight and acupuncture have also worked very well in reducing back pain.

EHIC will come in handy to get treatment in extreme cases of back problems that need more strict measures like epidural injections that relieve pain by using steroids to stop inflammation or electrical devices that redirect pain signals. For the worst back pain in the world, doctors recommend surgery to correct any major problem causing the pain.

Thanks to Alissa Jones for this article!

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