Decorating Without Destroying Your Relationship By Guest Blogger, Kathleen C.

Decorating Without Destroying Your Relationship
By Guest Blogger, Kathleen C.


Providing decorations in your home always refreshes the atmosphere and makes the rooms look vivid and comfortable. Whether you prefer modern decorations or you stick to the traditional motives, nowadays, you have a wide range of choice and colours when you decide to take up with such home renovations.

Photo provided by Guest blogger, Kathleen C.
Photo provided by Guest blogger, Kathleen C.

However, when you are in a relationship, things get more complicated. It is needless to say that different people can have totally different taste for decorations and when living with your partner some conflicts are commonly observed. It is difficult to reach an agreement on this subject, especially when both of you are reluctant to make compromises Many couples have a lot of disputes, concerning the renovations made in their home and they meet a lot of difficulties when finding a suitable decision to this problem.

In this article you will receive valuable advice on how to make the decorating procedures in your home a pleasant activity for you and for your partner.
Discuss Calmly Your Preferences

It is clear that you have probably different points of view for the decorations in your home, however, shouting at each other won’t be beneficial for your relationship. Instead, you can discuss calmly all of your preferences and to listen to the expectations of your partner. May be he or she has similar ideas, but unless you provide a normal discussion you won’t be able to understand this. If you stick to your own ideas and refuse to listen to the ideas of your partner, you had better be prepared for future disputes that are definitely not the greatest experience.
Let the Compromises Come In Your Home

Making compromises for the decorations in your home will save you up a lot of nerves and tension, caused by the probable disputes with your beloved one. If your boyfriend has decided to paint his office in grey, I suggest you let him do this without murmuring all the time. Instead of this, you can take up with the decorations in the kitchen and to choose a colour that appeals to you. As far as the living room and the bedrooms are concerned, you can discuss with your partner the options that you have and you can again reach an agreement by making some compromises. After all, there is no need to destroy your relationship for such a tiny matter.
Start By Helping Each Other

When living as a couple you also need to share the responsibilities and the duties in your home. Apart from the regular cleaning and from all the household chores, decorations are also included in the list of those tasks. If you have decided to start with the decorations in your home, do not let your partner to manage with the tasks all alone. Be supportive and contribute for the renovations that take place. You may also be helpful if you come up with a fresh idea or change that will make the room look fascinating
These are some valuable tips that will help you to avoid conflicts with your partner, whenever you decide to provide various decorations in your home. You will be able to see that it’s not about colours and modern styles – sometimes you need to make compromises and to forget about your own preferences. Thanks to that, you will be able to choose the best and most suitable decorations for your home. Think creatively and share your ideas with your beloved one for providing modern and innovative decorations for all of your rooms. Roll up sleeves and be prepared to face the challenge of decorating your home without destroying your relationship.
Author Bio: Patricia J. Cornwell from tenancy cleaners in Ealing is in a serious relationship. She and her boyfriend moved in together in the beginning of this year and met some difficulties related to decorating because they have very different view and understanding of what a home should look like.

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Cancer Prevention Tips

By Tia Cristy

Cancer Prevention Tips

Photo provided by Relayfor life .org
Photo provided by Relayfor life .org

Last night, I participated in Relay for Life, to support the American Cancer Society. I was a guest bartender, slinging drinks to help the cause. I donated a Tips from Tia gift package. Along with the cool swag, some lucky winner got the following tips on how to help with cancer prevention.

Science has shown over 90% of cancers are linked to an over population to yeast in the body. Yeast and Bacteria live harmoniously in the body, but sometimes one will over populate, and you can get a bacterial infection or yeast infection. Cancer cells already live in our body, without a blood supply. Certain factors allow the cells to get a blood source to live and grow. This is what happens when one develops cancer. The best fight against cancer is prevention.

Cancer Prevention Tips

  • Maintain regular exams: Scheduling yearly exams is the best prevention to cancers. Also, self-exams are a great way to make sure nothing has changed. If you are unsure how to give a self-exam, ask your doctor for the best ways.


  • Get proper vaccinations to prevent cancers. Ask your doctor about Hepatitis B and HPV vaccinations.


  • Practice Safe Sex: Using a condom for intercourse and oral sex can reduce and prevent certain cancers. stop smoking

  • Avoid over use of substances: Limit your intake to tobacco and alcohol. Over indulgence, on these substances, have been linked to causing certain cancers.





  • Limit your fat intake. Being overweight has increased chances of cancer.


  • Eat plenty of vegetables: Dark, leafy greens have shown plenty of benefits.


  • Eat strawberries. Studies have shown something in strawberries, other than, vitamin C, has abilities to fight cancer cells.


  • Get plenty of Vitamin C. olive oil condiment vegeterian food

  • Add Olives into your diet. With olive oil, olives themselves or a supplement is a good source, to get olives into your diet.


  • Add Cloves into your diet. Either cooking with cloves or an essential oil and making clove water, with only 2 drops in 8 ounces of water and drinking, can help with prevention. (Caution, clove oil is extremely potent and can burn the skin; oil must be diluted with water or a carrier oil, before applying on skin or ingesting.)


  • Protect yourself from the sun. Use a high SPF. Apply 30 minutes before entering the sun, and apply repeatedly throughout the day, even on cloudy days.


  • Watch sugar intake. That means overall. Not by replacing sure with sweetners. Everything breaks down into sugar in the body. Sugar feeds yeast. If there is an over population of yeast starting in the body, the sugars you ingest will make yeast populate more.

Here’s wishing you and yours the best health! Thanks, again for your support with Relay for Life!

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The Humane Way to Keep Animals Out of the Garden.

By Tia Cristy

Quickies: The Humane Way to Keep Animals Out of the Garden.


Elderly Woman and Young Woman Tending To Flowers in a Garden

It’s getting close to that time of year when you are planting and such, in the garden. Animals tend to love your garden as much as you do, but their eating habits on your foliage, can be aggravating.

Use clippings of human hair, sprinkled in your garden, to keep animals away. You can approach your local hair salon for this request. It may sound strange but, it will keep the bunnies from eating your vegetation.

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Warm Weather on the Horizon, Will Trigger the Thought of Bikini Season. Tips on Triggers:

By Tia Cristy

Tips on Triggers: Warm Weather on the Horizon,
Will Trigger the Thought of Bikini Season.
Floral Bikini on Clothesline

So the point is, start getting ready now, so you don’t feel overwhelmed when the weather finally breaks. Winter can leave us all feeling sluggish and blah. Trigger your metabolism now, to prepare your body to get back into that fine shape, you want it to be in.

Be realistic, there are dozens of body types out there; learn to embrace your own. Being healthy is key. Wearing your body well and treating it well, gives you all the beach body you need. A good metabolism is key to a healthy body.

Triggering the metabolism means speeding it back up, because with some of us, it tends to slow down in the colder months, and it’s simple enough to speed up again, with adding a kick to it. And, a kick can be adding some spice to your life. Cooking with peppers are a great healthy way to get that heat and nutrients to make your body happy. A touch of cayenne pepper into your meals to spice it up can help, as well. (Remember a touch of cayenne goes far with heat. But, there are pepper allergies, so if you have them, don’t try this or if you feel you are having an allergic reaction, seek medical attention. Spicy, is not for everyone.)

The most important way to kick start the metabolism back up is, switching your diet to smaller portions and eating more frequently. This can really be beneficial during the start up of warmer weather.

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B.R.A.T Diet

By Tia Cristy

B.R.A.T Diet

"Woman With Abdominal Pain" by Ohmega1982
“Woman With Abdominal Pain” by Ohmega1982

Hey Tia, the stomach bug has been going around work, I’ve been lucky enough not to get it so far, but everyone has gotten it. But what is that diet that you should eat, if you get it? Is there anything I can do really to prevent getting it? K.

Tip from Tia:
The stomach bug is not fun. I’ll answer the second question first, you can try to prevent the stomach bug the same way you prevent other germs. Be sure to wash your hands often. Make sure you cover your mouth when you yawn, as well as cough or sneeze. Don’t rub your eyes or touch your mouth without clean hands. Wipe down surfaces with clean wipes. And, be sure to get your vitamin C to boost your immune system.

Now, that diet you asked about it called the B.R.A.T Diet. It’s good to eat if you have a stomach bug or flu.

It stands for Broth, Rice, Apples and Toast.

These foods are easy going down and gentle on the stomach which makes it easy and gentle if it has to come out or back up. These foods are also absorbing and binding. This “diet” is believed it will absorb and bind the bad bacteria to detach from the stomach lining and be able to exit the body quicker resulting in a quicker recovery. Be sure to drink lots of fluids and watch for signs of dehydration, if you believe you are having symptoms of dehydration, contact your doctor immediately.

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Stopping the Start of a Yeast Infection. (MA)

By Tia Cristy

Stopping the Start of a Yeast Infection. (MA) olive oil condiment vegeterian food

Problem: Hi Tia! I’m starting to get that feeling like a yeast infection is coming on. Is there something natural to stop it?

Tip from Tia: Yeast infections can happen to anyone, female or male. And, they can happen anywhere in or outside the body. (If you have a full infection, be sure to contact your doctor to determine if it’s yeast or bacteria and discuss treatments)

The best thing I can tell you first and most important, is watch your sugar intake. Yeast feeds on sugar and multiplies very quickly. Be sure to drink plenty of water, eat lots of dark green veggies, like broccoli and make sure you dry the areas completely before putting on clothes.

Remember, yeast and bacterial infections can be passed back and fourth, repeatedly through intercourse. It’s best to wait for the symptoms to clear before engaging in sex.

Now, for balancing out your body naturally, choose one of the following options. Doing too many things at the same time, can sway your chemistry the other way.

For yeast, olive leaf extract is great. It is an herbal, and you can take orally, 1-2 a day for about 5 days, and it will push out any kind of infection brewing.

If you are unsure of yeast or bacteria, it’s safest to take what balances both. Apple cider vinegar is a good way to balance naturally. Take a teaspoon orally, daily. Using it everyday can keep you balanced and has many other healthy benefits.

And, another remedy if you are unsure and it is affecting your lower areas is, make a very shallow bath, climb in, while sitting add peroxide in front of you. Sit in tub for 5-10 minutes. (Douches and washes can cause more unbalance, so I don’t recommend them at all.)

I believe natural balance starts from the inside with diet. Some environments can cause infections. If you’ve had reoccurring infections be sure to talk to your doctor.

Balance can be hard to control. With infections, you should always contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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Small Grease Splatter on Clothes. Quickies:

By Tia Cristy

Quickies: Small Grease Splatter on Clothes.
White powder on white

My dear friends from the KupMuff Show and I talk tips. Producer, Chris shared this tip. (I love hearing new tips and trying them.)  Chris was absolutely right on, with the tip he gave.

Small grease splatters while cooking, happens frequently, so if splatters should happen to get on clothes, apply baby powder to it, or what I recommend is, cornstarch.

Either powders, will absorb and remove the grease stain. The sooner you apply the powder, the better and leave it on the spot for 24 hours to absorb deeply.

You don’t have to put a lot of powder on the spot but it should be more than a dusting, I recommend a small mound on top, so it can absorb as much oil as it can.

Thank you Chris! And The KupMuff Show, Nick and Joanne, for having on your show and showing support for what I do.

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Keep the Ticks Away from You and Pets. Tips in Action:

By Tia Cristy

Tips in Action: Keep the Ticks Away from You and Pets.

Things will be heating up soon. And, that means pests will start to come out of hibernation. Going to be outdoors? Keep ticks off you and your animals with vinegar.

Splashing your skin or bathing your animals in vinegar will keep ticks away. Don’t worry about the smell it will dissipate quickly and you’ll be free from chemicals and nasty tick bites all by being organic.

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Fight Oil with Oil.

By Tia Cristy

Fight Oil with Oil. olive oil condiment vegeterian food

Problem: Hello Tia! I have to ask, season change is the reason, I know, but my face is getting extremely oily by the end of the day. In the morning it has dry patches, so I use a moisturizer. Is that causing my face to be so oily by the end of the day?

Tip from Tia: You are having the same problem as many people are at this time. Yes, season change has a lot to do with it. And yes, your moisturizer could be causing you to accelerate your oils. But, not because the moisturizer is oily, but because it’s not penetrating deep enough to balance the dryness, so your pores are creating it’s own oils to help out. If moisturizers have an alcohol content, they can actually dry out the lower layers of skin which will cause your pores to make oils in overdrive. Hence, an oily face by sunset.

Here’s a good way to restore the balance in your skin. Fight oil with oil. After a shower is usually where the dry patches really start to appear. The face feels tight and you may even notice some ash. Don’t grab the moisturizer yet. Instead, grab olive oil or almond oil, put on a cotton ball and apply to your face. It will be really shiny. go about your other routine stuff and let the oil sit for a bit.

After several minutes, use your clean fingers and rub your face in circular motions. If your face still holds a lot of the oil. splash face with luke-warm or cool water and pat dry. This will take away any shine but, allow the good oil to continue to penetrate deep down. Apply your make up as usual.

At night, after you wash your face, then apply your moisturizer if needed.

Once your skin balances out, you can go back to just your moisturizer.

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A Spider is Up High and You Can’t Reach It. Quickie:

By Tia Cristy

Quickie: A Spider is Up High and You Can’t Reach It.
Spider's Web

A spider is up high and you can’t reach it. Stop a spider in its tracks, by spraying it with hairspray. It will fall from it’s height, usually unable to run and then you’ll be able to discard it.

It’s much better than spraying those other chemicals above you, while looking up, with your eyes and mouth probably open.

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