Keep Ants Off the Picnic Table. Tips in Action:

By Tia Cristy

Tips in Action: Keep Ants Off the Picnic Table.

Having a party or barbeque outside during the summer season is a joy, but dealing with the pests, can put a serious irk in your party. Especially, the ants that come marching around your food table.

If you’re on a patio, here’s a tip to remember, to keep the little buggers away. Ant’s can not cross chalk lines. So take a piece of chalk, and put a circle around each leg of the table. Ants won’t be able to climb the legs of the table, to get to the food. Don’t forget to circle around the umbrella base if the table has one.

If your table is in the grass, putting a couple sheets of paper, like newspaper sections under each leg, will allow you to circle the paper. A few sheets is needed, since the grass can make the paper damp, and in that case, the chalk won’t stick as thick.

Chairs and other objects can be use as a bypass ramp for ants, so watch if something is leaning against the table.

Another great thing to circle is the cooler, if you have juices, sodas or any sweet treat.

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Nails Getting Ruined by Sunblock or Bug Repellent?

By Tia Cristy

Nails Getting Ruined by Sunblock or Bug Repellent?

Problem: During summer my nails get tacky again after I use my insect repellent, it drives me crazy!

Tip from Tia: It’s hard to keep your mani/pedi in tact without it getting tacky, when following good skincare rules for summer. I only have 2 rules; No bug bites, No burn.

There is alcohol in some sunblocks and bug repellents. This is the reason the nail polish, breaks down. The nail polish can have a latex base, and rubbing alcohol is great at removing latex.

An easy way to keep the polish from gumming up is to apply a simple oil to the nails. You can use baby oil, olive oil, etc. Just apply a small amount over the nail, where you can see it shine. Then, apply the bug spray/repellent or sunblock. The oil will repel the spray from reaching the polish.

This will help in allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, without causing more maintenance later.

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By Tia Cristy

Friends with Benefits or Just a Booty Call? (MA)

By Tia Cristy


Friends with Benefits or Just a Booty Call?

“Beautiful Women And Handsome Man” by alexisdc
“Beautiful Women And Handsome Man” by alexisdc

A recent debate ignites over the topic of is there a difference between Friends with Benefits (FWB) and a Booty Call? It appears that it can be taken subjectively by some individuals, but the truth is for most people there is a significant difference.

After tallying a poll between men and women, over a twenty year-old age gap, I found more men than women didn’t really see a difference until being provided with the definition for each. More women than men on the other hand, clearly knew the difference without further explanation.

I found the biggest difference between FWB and a Booty call is being ‘friends’. In today’s world, random sexual encounters are readily available through hookup sites, but to maintain a FWB relationship, one must actually, in fact, have a mutually respected relationship of some form; usually in the form of friends.

"Couple Standing at Back View" by imagerymajestic
“Couple Standing at Back View” by imagerymajestic

So, what’s the point of being FWB and not just dive into a respectful committed relationship? The only reason that seemed to hold any merit is because sex is a mature decision that should always be safe and made with a clear conscience, but nobody wants to get emotionally hurt, right? FWB is a way for some individuals to have mature companionship without a full-blown commitment. Does it make sense? Sure, if you want something steady without feeling locked-down. Unlike random hookups, FWB isn’t a lack of feelings; it actually appears to put feelings and a specific relationship into a different box than the stereotypical caring relationship.

Booty calls and hookups are designed to intentionally disconnect any kind of emotional feelings to where one is able to only partake in a specific physical act.  How many times have you said or heard someone say they have trouble committing? Here’s the ironic part, one must understand sex in itself is a commitment. There is no do-over’s or denial that it happened when it’s finished. It’s a commitment to your partner and to yourself that you have weighed the pros and cons of this physical activity to the fullest and you and both parties are willing to move forth with the act.

So, why does it seem that men are having trouble with the concept of FWB when they (probably) created it? Well, FWB seems to be falling into a grey area since apps have made it easy (and confusing to the ego) to find someone local looking for a casual night. On the other hand, women are more accepting of being FWB, nowadays, since the process of courting or dating is almost non-existent with an extreme all or nothing policy being presented on any given dating site. It’s been mentioned to me that women have found FWB to be an outlet without allowing society pressures to force a decision on ‘is this guy the one or not? ’ or dating sites wanting to know if you’re ready for a marriage or a fling.


It’s important to understand that psychological and physical health that can be impeded by a life full of a plethora of random encounters, but I get it, not everyone is ready to settle down with the first face they find attractive.  Without judgment, I say to each their own- in their own time, but when you are about to engage into any sexual experience, I recommend communicating with your potential partner to be certain which kind of relationship you are getting involved with before you commit in the act of sex, and then come to find out you and your partner are not on the same page. I also believe falling into bed too soon can turn a ‘friend’ into a Booty Call, instantly, if the friendship’s foundation hasn’t had proper time to solidify. (We’ve all heard, at one point in time, from a girlfriend about that guy that was so amazing and funny before they had sex and now she suffers from confusion over his disconnection.)

As a Sexual Heath Tips provider and promoter of safe sex, I will not preach against anyone’s protected sexcapades, but for one to believe sex has the ability to lack any feeling, emotionally, baffles me personally since a human being must use every single muscle group to partake in the act. Those muscles include the brain and the heart. Science has shown the ‘healthiest sex’ is the monogamous kind when it comes to overall physical and emotional health while having the ultimate power to strengthen overall brain function.


So, to wrap this up, (no pun intended)… Is there a difference between FWB and a Booty call? Yes. And it is up to you, the Mature, that feel you are grown up enough to have a physical partner, to decipher which experience you want to commit to. As Evan Marc Katz said, “Men look for sex and find love. Women look for love and find sex.” Although sex feels good, when you find that one partner that is everything you could never imagine existing in one person…well …that feels amazing.

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Ripen Fruits and Veggies Quickly. Tips in Action:

By Tia Cristy

Tips in Action: Ripen Fruits and Veggies Quickly. bananaWhen buying fruits and veggies, a lot of people buy it with the intention of having it ripen over the next few days. For example, how many bunches of green banana’s are available in the produce section; most of them.

Well also, that’s because banana’s ripen very quickly, but they also have the ability to ripen other fruits and veggies, with the gases it releases. (SIDE Note: never store banana’s in the refrigerator)

So, if you need to ripen up a fruit or vegetable quickly, place it in a brown sandwich bag with a banana. Within several hours, the other piece of produce will be ripe, as you needed.

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Pearl Lovers Need to Know This! Plus new Giveaway!!

By Tia Cristy


Pearl Lovers Need to Know This


“White Pearl Necklace” by phanlop88
“White Pearl Necklace” by phanlop88

If you’re like me, you’ll agree there is an un-defining and timeless beauty when it comes to rocking the pearls. I have dazzled my casual outfits with the infinity necklace and dressed up the evening wear with a simple bracelet and studs. Every time I wear some pearl combo, I get an overabundance of complements.

So what, I’ve had to learn to refrain from handling red wine while wearing something long or dangling since red wine can damage the ocean beauty, but it’s totally worth the forfeit of red for the night since I feel so classic… and I think nothing looks more classic then sipping a martini and twirling my gorgeous pearls around my finger like Rita, Grace, or Veronica would back in days of old Hollywood.

Tia Cristy, Photo by JD Bennett

But did you know… pearl necklaces and bracelets should be restrung every few months to years, depending on the frequency of wear. The silk string can become brittle and the slightest tug can send your precious pearls rolling away. (Sadly, I’ve experienced this first hand.) Thanks to Pearl and Clasp in NY, NY, I’m able to provide this restringing announcement and inform you of their amazing, affordable costs on restringing.

Remember to store your pearls in a climate controlled area, so the silk doesn’t have a constant battle of heat and moisture. Keep your pearls clean with a soft polishing cloth that is safe for pearls. I tend to roll a soft terry cloth over the beads once I remove the jewelry from my neck or wrist to remove any oils or anything acidic from my skin that may be lying on the precious material. Treating your pearls well, will allow you to maintain a lifetime experience with them, and perhaps pass them down through the generations.

Thanks to Pearl and Clasp, I have your chance to win a pair of sterling silver 9mm, Black Freshwater Pearl Button studs (valued at $34.00).
Thanks to Pearl and Clasp, I have your chance to win a pair of sterling silver 9mm, Black Freshwater Pearl Button studs (valued at $34.00).

Thanks to Pearl and Clasp, I have your chance to win a pair of stunning sterling silver 9mm, Black Freshwater Pearl Button studs (valued at $34.00). No Purchase Necessary.

No purchase necessary. Enter the Random drawing Monday June 13, 2016 (6/13/16) thru midnight est. 12:00am Friday July 8, 2016 (7/8/16) Winner will be announced Monday July 11, 2016 (7/11/16)

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Natural Remedies To Keep Pests Away This Summer. By Guest Blogger Hans S.

By Guest Blogger Hans S.

Natural Remedies To Keep Pests Away This Summer

Plastic sprayer with insecticide and stinging insect, mosquito,wasp, hornet, ant.
Plastic sprayer with insecticide and stinging insect, mosquito,wasp, hornet, ant.

Summers are known for being a time of year to spend outside where you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. From reading a book in your favorite hammock to hosting a large family barbecue, having natural remedies to combat pests is a must. Otherwise, you risk being bitten by spiders, mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies or chiggers and the equally distressing stings of scorpions, bees, wasps and hornets.

You should use a combination of methods to achieve your pest control goals. Begin with the outside of your home, followed by the interior, then yourself and your family. If any of these areas are lacking treatment, you may become the victim of the previously mentioned insects.


Yellow Bug Light on Black Background with Glow
Yellow Bug Light on Black Background with Glow

The first step in avoiding biting insects in your yard is to create an inhospitable environment for them. Switch to yellow bulbs outdoors. The majority of insects have difficulty perceiving this wavelength of the color temperature spectrum, making the lights more challenging to discern. Choose between incandescent and CFL bulbs.

In addition to the bulbs, choose insect repelling plants. Basil kills mosquito eggs and wards off the adults and flies. If you grow organically, you can harvest and eat when ready. Biting insects dislike mint and lemon balm, making them ideal choices to place near your garden or porch seating.

Eucalyptus trees and cedar hedges also have a strong scent disliked by biting insects. Strategically place these or similarly unpleasant-to-bugs trees and hedges to minimize the number of insects entering your yard.

Make certain that water drains well throughout your property. Empty any standing water and take precautions so that you do not experience a reaccumulation. This will remove the breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other bugs.


If your home is a haven for insects, they will get past the outdoor repellents and move into your house. You can grow rosemary, lavender or additional herbs and flowers indoors know to ward off pests.

Use essential oils in a diffuser to fill your house with a pleasing aroma that bugs find repugnant. If you make your own cleaning products to avoid the toxic chemicals in store-bought ones, you can add the same essential oils to help stop bugs. They will not want to walk or land on these surfaces. (See below for list of suggested oils.)

Utilize essential oils with a homemade misting solution if you prefer. In a small spray bottle, mix one cup Everclear or other high proof alcohol with 100-200 drops of a single essential oil or a blend if you prefer. This is approximately two teaspoons of pure essential oils. Shake well and spray lightly throughout your home.

Promptly toss garbage in a lidded can and clean the kitchen after meals. Also, repair leaky faucets to ensure you do not have standing water indoors.

You And Your Family

The previous suggestions will minimize the number of bugs that come onto your property, with even fewer sticking around. However, if you and your family intend to spend time outdoors, you should be prepared, particularly if you are going to another location.

You should wear light colors and use a natural insect repellent over your sunscreen on your exposed skin. Mix three ounces each pure water and witch hazel. Add 30-50 drops of essential oils. Mix well and thoroughly cover skin with it.

Essential oils for pest control:

* Citronella
* Geranium
* Clove
* Cedar
* Eucalyptus
* Lemongrass
* Peppermint
* Lavender
* Lemon Eucalyptus
* Patchouli
* Rosemary
* Tea Tree

Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.
Photo Provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.

You can use the above essential oils in your home or on your body provided you dilute them properly. A combination of scents may be more effective and pleasing to you. Make sure to label your creations, including the exact amount of each oil used. This way, you can replicate those that work particularly well or that give your home a desirable fragrance.

Employing these natural methods will keep the bugs away from your home and family this summer so you can enjoy the season together.

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Han Seca is a successful businessman and has been factory trained with 7 years of experience in outdoor insect and pest control. To learn more about mosquito control DIY systems, visit today.

Top ways for getting rid of the useless objects during furniture removals. By Guest Blogger Heather R.

By Guest Blogger Heather R.

Top ways for getting rid of the useless objects during furniture removals

Photo Provided by guest Blogger
Photo Provided by guest Blogger

Always after furniture removals or just after a short relocation for the big holidays – there are plenty of useless stuff to get rid of. Take a look at some common ways to do it and some basic steps that you should go through before and after every relocation.

1) Selling old or useless things in newspapers or in some of the greatest online selling platforms. This is the easy way, because you don`t have to leave your home. However, the main disadvantage is that it often requires a lot of time to find the buyer, so you have to do it at least a month before the move. This will give you plenty of time to check out all your possessions and to decide wisely what you really want to take with yourself and what you want to sell.

2) Donate to charity. A cheap and easy way to get rid of the old objects that you don`t want to take with yourself in the new house only to see that you will never use them. There are plenty of things that are suitable for donation, especially the ones in a good condition that you yet don`t want to throw away as a disposal of waste. The donation also adds benefits to your image and to your personality.

3) Donate to friends, neighbors or to second-hand stores. This is one of the best ways to get rid of clothes and shoes, which is usually the main issue after rearranging the wardrobes for furniture removals. It may not be that profitable, than selling online, but it is a much quicker and easier way compared to the online selling platforms.

4) Use recycling services. First, you have to know where is located the nearest recycling center and whether they can recycle the furnishings that you want to get rid of. Some furnishings from natural wood are suitable, while others have to be one – dismantled, and two – with unplugged metal components. Another great opt is to ask your furniture removals company whether they offer recycling services, which can definitely save you time and efforts.

5) Disposal of waste. You can always get rid of the old, bent and broken pieces of furniture by yourself. Although it might be quite a difficult task to handle the big heavy objects, it is often a must-do when moving house.

Photo Provided by guest Blogger
Photo Provided by guest Blogger

The main steps that you should go through before making a decision what to do with the useless things, include several highlights to remember. They will make everything easier and quicker, which is a very essential thing when moving furniture or during office removals. Let`s get started with a thorough inspection of your house and make a checklist. Note the items that you really want to take to the new house and thus you will see the exact useless objects. Then, make some basic sorting and de-cluttering to organize everything by some criteria – for example, by the size or by the shape of the object, or by the type of the wooden materials. Take your free time and do it justly while still in the old house. It will save you plenty of time and money if you do it twice, not to mention the efforts for carrying useless objects only to see that you want to get rid of them while unloading the van after the relocation.

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Tips You Need Before You Start Weight Training. By Guest Blogger Diana S.

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

Tips You Need Before You Start Weight Training


Creativecommons image
Creativecommons image

Whether you are starting off with gym workouts for the first time or going back after a long hiatus, it can be somewhat an overwhelming experience. Going unprepared is not what you would want to do, regardless of your fitness aspirations, because you may get injured more easily. Here are some fine tips that will help you to launch and maintain your workout enthusiasm, and get you on the fast track to fitness progress.

Always Warm Up

Creativecommons image
Creativecommons image

Do not start a workout cold, but always warm up and stretch your muscles by doing some light aerobic exercises – use the elliptical machine, cycle, or jog. This will get your blood flowing, muscles burning, and activate your body’s fat-burning mechanism.

Fill Up With Fuel

Or in other words – eat properly. When it comes to working out and eating, timing is everything. If you are too hungry, you cannot give your best, but if you are too full, you get cramps. Consume carb-packed, low-fat pre-workout snacks about 60 minutes before each workout, and go easy with the fiber since it is difficult to digest. Never stop to eat in the middle of a workout, because it will make you feel slow. Have a light snack after an intense training in order to replace the energy that your body used. Unless you are a marathon runner or a power lifter, avoid eating right before a workout.

Aim For Intensity

Creativecommons image
Creativecommons image

If your aim is to cycle or run in order to lose weight, have a trainer recommend the best training intensity for you. If you are lifting weights, then train to (muscle) failure. The key to losing weight without camping at the gym is doing most exercises with the most intensity in the least amount of time.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Trainers and gym staff are there to help you, so do not hesitate to ask for help when confronted with a piece of commercial fitness equipment that confuses you. If you decide to just jump in, start working out and hope for the best, you only risk of getting injured. The staff will show you how the equipment works, as well as how to use it properly.

Train Efficiently

Perform exercises that activate as many muscles as possible. In this way, you will work out your body with fewer movements, meaning that each exercise can be performed with as much intensity without tiring you out quickly. For example, barbells are (in this case) better than dumbbells because they have the prime mover muscles strained better with more weight.

Watch Your Joints And Back

Creativecommons image
Creativecommons image

The fastest way one can get injured while working out is by locking shoulders, elbows and knees. When these joints are locked, instead of placing pressure on the muscle, you place it on the bones and cartilage. Thus, always avoid using too much weight and never extend beyond a safe point.

Another thing to watch is your back, because you put a lot of pressure on it when you lift. Ask the gym staff to show you how to sit properly and how to keep the right posture. Otherwise, back injuries are inevitable, and they will make lifting in the future a lot harder. Perform exercises correctly with the right posture and form.


Learn the proper breathing techniques for different gym exercises, in order to keep the muscles working well and to prevent injuries. Avoid rookie mistakes like panting when running or holding breath during lifts. If you want to go the distance when running, regulate and control your breathing. If you are about to go lifting, remember to expel air when exerting force and breathe in when relaxing the muscle.

Prepare For Progress

After a month or two of working out properly, you will notice the first muscle gains. However, within three months that will most probably slow down. In order to keep the progress going, you will have to work extra hard.

The most important thing to know when hitting the gym is to know proper ways, forms, and postures for performing every exercise. Leave your ego at home, and do not try to show off by trying to lift more weight than you can really handle.

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How Your Gut Bacteria Can Help You Lose Weight. By Guest Blogger Amy G.

By Guest Blogger Amy G.

How Your Gut Bacteria Can Help You Lose Weight

Photos provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.
Photos provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.

If someone approached you saying that the era of dieting and exercising are over and that now you can rely on the microbes in your stomach to keep you lean and healthy, your reaction would probably be You’ve GUT to be kidding me! But, terrible puns aside, recent studies have showed that the bacterium living in your gut plays a major role when it comes to your overall health and weight. But how does this work exactly?

Hippocrates once said that all disease begin in the gut. Taken in consideration that the bacterial cells in the human body outnumber human cells 10 to one, this presumption is not that surprising. But what is important to realize is that not all bacteria in our bodies is harmful. Our bodies are home to both good a bad bacteria and your health is determined by how well you maintain this balance. There are many factors that affect the gut flora and your dietary habits are one of the most important ones. So if you are looking for ways to lose a few pounds and not harm your health in the process, perhaps these few nutrition tips will help you:

  1. Eat More Fiber
Photos provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.
Photos provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.

One thing that can greatly help you maintain your ideal body weight is to keep those friendly bacteria well nourished. Fibers play a significant role here, as the fibers consumed by the friendly bacteria in the intestine are transformed into energy. Feeding these good microbes with viscous fiber also has anti-inflammatory effects, which is a great thing, considering the fact that inflammations can cause weight gain and obesity. Consuming high amount of beans, oats, Brussels sprouts, bananas and garlic can give your body the sufficient amount of fibers needed to maintain good weight. Fibers are also known to increase satiety and reduce the appetite, which can greatly contribute to losing a few extra pounds.


  1. Snack Smarter

Most diet plans require giving up your favorite treats and snacks for good. You do not necessarily have to say goodbye to all your guilty pleasures, all you need to do is learn how to snack smarter. The first step is to try and avoid processed foods which contain too many preservatives and refined sugars. By consuming too much sugar you are feeding only the bad bacteria and leaving your friendly microbes hungry. This can later result in increased inflammation which is one of the leading causes of obesity. So the next time you decide on snacking, try some alternative snacking options like nuts, fruits or some healthy homemade treats.


  1. Pick Probiotic Foods
Photos provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.
Photos provided by Guest Blogger Amy G.

Probiotics actually represent that good gut bacterium which is already found in your body. They are in charge of keeping our digestive system in order. Probiotic foods hold many health benefits and controlling your weight is just one of them. Plain low-fat yogurt is definitely the best probiotic food and people who consume it on regular basis are known to have a much faster metabolism and a highly functional digestive system, which are also linked to weight loss. Other great probiotic foods include kefir, kimchi, tempeh, miso soup and even pickles.


  1. The Importance Of Regular Exercise

We are all aware that losing weight requires a bit more effort than simply regulating your diet a bit. But recent researches have shown a correlation between exercise and gut health. Apparently, people who indulge in regular fitness activities have shown an increased level of friendly microbes in their gut, therefore improved gut health. Also, people who exercise regularly are known to have a more diverse set of bacteria in their organism, which is another indicator of good health.

Unfortunately, scientists still have not developed a magical device that allows you to eat whatever, whenever and maintain ideal weight. But good news is that they have a good insight into our bodies and the fact that we have friendly bacteria in our bodies fighting to keep us healthy makes a pretty compelling argument for making some lifestyle changes. After all, we cannot expect for these friendly microbes to do all the work, they need some assistance. So why not take it from Hippocrates when he says Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food.

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About the author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Australian personal trainer and nutrition expert. Check out her blog Beausmith blog.

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