It’s Quick Enough to Wash Your Hands.

By Tia Cristy

Quickie: It’s Quick Enough to Wash Your Hands.
Washing Hands with Soap

Probably the most simple quick tip ever. Wash your hands. You can sanitize hands as quick as singing your ABC’s. Soap up with antibacterial soap while singing and rinse at the end of the song. This amount of time is said to be the proper amount of scrub time to rid the hands of almost all germs and viruses.

Washing your hands can prevent the spread for some pretty scary stuff. Many deaths happened before the invention of the bar of soap. Since its arrival, many germs have been washed away. No pun intended, okay maybe a little pun.

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Trying to Supe Up Sperm? Tips on Triggers:

By Tia Cristy

Tips on Triggers: Trying to Supe Up Sperm? pills

There are so many strategies for woman trying to get pregnant, but is there anything a man can do or vitamins take to up their chances?

For those trying to have babies, that don’t have any known medical issues, there are several things a guy can add to his system, to rev up the swimmers to help them reach their mark.

Adding strawberries into a man’s diet is a good way to start up the sperm. Strawberries are also known as a sexy fruit. It’s also packed with Vitamin C which is great to build the immune system.

Oysters are known as another sexy food, but they do have benefit for helping in reproduction. If you aren’t into oysters, you won’t get as much zinc but, peanuts could help too.

Having a good diet and good health is a good step in the right direction to procreate. Guys, remember, if eating something particular makes you feels sluggish, it probably makes you boys feel sluggish too.

Adding a shot of caffeine is a good tip to help give a boost on ovulation day. But, too much caffeine on a daily basis can have the opposite affect.

Most important tip, don’t put too much pressure or stress on one another. Stress can lower chances which can lead to disappointment and agitation. Enjoy practicing with your partner. If you have any medical questions or concerns, contact your doctor to talk about your goals.

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Liquid Paper as Nail Polish. Stupid Tip of the Day.

By Tia Cristy

Stupid Tip of the Day: Liquid Paper as Nail Polish.


white out


OK, so we may have all been there. Got some place to go and your nails look atrocious? Maybe you’re at the office and happy hour is calling your name but you nails are screaming ewww! Or you could be bored in the classroom, and painting your nails would be a good way to pass the time, but all you have is a “correction” bottle.

Liquid paper dries quickly, as we know, so applying a coat, will hide those nails from the world. Here’s the only problem with that quick trick. It will save you embarrassment for the happy hour, but people tend to leave it on till it flakes off. Don’t do that!

Take off your quick concealer as soon as you get home. Or if you have the option of polish or liquid paper use the nail polish. The fumes in liquid paper are strong, you will be able to smell the product days after it dries, and the chips that flake off are unhealthy so you don’t want it to flake off by itself and end up in your foods and eventually in your stomach.

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When Chemistry is Gone. Stupid Tip of the Day:

By Tia Cristy

Stupid Tip of the Day: When Chemistry is Gone. healthy bread on wood

So when it comes to cleaning, making bread or having sex, chemistry is involved. When chemistry is gone, it doesn’t mean that’s it, it’s over or it doesn’t work anymore.

Most times the solution is easy enough, if you recognize only one chemical was put in and the other chemical was not. Hence, it takes 2 chemicals to make the reaction.

For example, if its getting out a stain, it takes the stain and the stain remover combined, to react. If it’s making bread it takes the yeast and the right air to rise.

And finally, if it’s a relationship, both people have to put in the time and effort to keep that chemistry going. A relationship can only survive when both parties are willing to try and make it work, one more so than the other is fine, but both ingredients must be present.

Chemistry is a natural thing, but the ingredients have to come together, for it work it’s natural magic. So remember, it takes 2 chemicals to have a reaction. If chemistry is gone, one chemical may have been forgotten. Only you can figure out, if it’s a necessary ingredient.

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By Tia Cristy

How to remove sticky glue from labels on cloth.

By Tia CristyProblem:Tia,

Can you tell me how to remove sticky glue from labels on a cloth dinner napkin? I have washed them but the glue is still there and is
sticky…yuk! Maryanne cloth

Tip from Tia:

There are 2 ways to get stickies off of material. The first best way to get the glue off of material is rubbing alcohol, saturate the cloth with the rubbing alcohol, it should not change the color. You can use a toothbrush gently, to really get in the fibers if needed or just use your finger nail to scrape it. Then, apply soap; grease fighting is best. Rub the soap in just like the alcohol and rinse. Repeat as necessary, you can add ice to the cloth if it balls up to help remove the adhesive and wash like normal.

The second, I only recommend if the first doesn’t work, get a sheet of wax paper, put it over the sticky part and iron. It sounds easier, but it
tends to be more risky because the glue can smear and make the situation worse. So, If the first tip doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t hurt to try this one.
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By Tia Cristy

How to sanitize floors the Organic way.

By Tia Cristy

How to sanitize floors the Organic way. mopping

Problem: I have new floating floors. People have told me I need to be careful cleaning them.
Everyone recommends a different product. I’m so worried that I’m going to get the wrong one and ruin the new floors. What’s the best thing to use? Bill,

Tip from Tia: I understand completely. Cleaning floors seems so simple, until all these manufactures scare the life out of you for not using their products on your new floors. It cost a good deal of money to have them put in and the fear of scratching them with anything can actually keep you up at night. Some of those products can be quite
pricey too. But does it work as a cleaner?

 The best sanitizing cleaner to use on your floating floor is water and vinegar. I know it sound to simple to be true but it is not harsh or abrasive, breaking down the lacquer that protects the floor from minor scratches. Vinegar will sanitize the floors from most things nasty. It can be used to clean your counters, dishwasher, tea kettle,
coffee maker, etc. And, it won’t break the bank, plus it’s all natural. You
won’t have any harsh chemicals to worry about with the kids. It’s totally organic and pet-friendly.

Even if you’re not a fan of the smell of vinegar, the smell will dissipate quickly leaving a freshness, not an odor. Fill a bucket half warm water with a quarter parts vinegar and use a wrung out mop to wash the floors. Let air dry for a couple minutes. Then use a clean towel across the floors to pick up excess water and water spots. Sitting water is bad for floating floors, since water will take the path of least resistance which is under the floor. Your floors will be clean and sanitized with it’s natural shine. If you have any scratches,
check with a professional on the best remedy for your particular surface, but be careful using any polishes or shines that they don’t leave a slippery surface.

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No Need to hide, because of a shiny face.

By Tia Cristy

No Need to hide, because of a shiny face. Woman Closing Eye

Is your face getting shiny halfway through your day, due to the cold, drying conditions? Reasons for oily skin; your face is producing oils to try to help moisturize the skin naturally. But not great news, because over produced oil can block pores quickly. You don’t need a powder compact to absorb the extra oil. Powder Compact presses can also clog the pores instead of absorb the extra oils. And, for a large population of men, they aren’t really keen into using the compact thing.

To absorb those excess oils use a cornstarch with a blush brush over your face (use a cloth to dust it on if you don’t have a brush). Wipe away heavy areas of the white powder and you’re done. If cornstarch leaves your complexion too pale wipe face over with a clean, soft, dry cloth or tissue. Repeat throughout the day if needed.

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Try These Hair Care Tips For Gorgeous Hair. Guest Blogger Alana J.

By: Alana J., Guest Blogger.

Try These Hair Care Tips For Gorgeous Hair


Photo provided by Guest Blogger Alana J.
Photo provided by Guest Blogger Alana J.

Hair fall is a common problem and there are many causes for this. The life of hair depends on the duration for which it is attached to the head. Often, this is reduced by brittle hair that is prone to breaking, resulting in hair loss.


Can you reduce hair loss? Yes, you can. Here are some hair care tips that will help your hair look great. Choose the best hair care solution based on your needs.

Leave your hair alone


That’s right! The less you do to your hair, the healthier it stays. Frequent coloring and perming can weaken hair. It is the same with brushing, wearing clips and curling the hair. Since hair is nonliving tissue, the damage is long lasting.


Choose the right comb or brush for your hair


While grooming your hair, use a wide toothed comb, preferably with Teflon coated tips so that breakage is less. If your hair tends to tangle a lot, make sure you use a conditioner. If you prefer to use a hairbrush, go for one that causes less friction between your brush and the shafts of your hair. There are brushes available for blow-drying hair that have been specially designed with vents to avoid heat buildup at the point of contact between the hair and the brush. Check for widely spaced bristles with ball-tips.


Never comb wet hair


Most people tend to brush wet hair. When your hair is damp, it is likely to break when you comb it. After you shampoo, use your fingers to gently detangle the hair and do not comb it until it is almost dry. There is a common notion that styling is best done when the hair is wet but this is not entirely true. If you are styling your hair, do it when your hair is almost dry.


Minimize the use of a hair dryer


When hair needs to be dried in a hurry, most people use a hair dryer which uses heat to get rid of the moisture. The problem with this is the heat destroys the hair’s protein. Protein keeps the hair healthy. Using a hair dryer regularly can deplete the protein and damage the hair, making it weak and eventually making it fall off or break. There is a specific way to use the hair dryer by holding it at least one foot away from the hair. When the heat is gentle the damage is minimized. Let the hair cool before you touch it. Always begin by applying the lowest level of heat so that your hair can get warmed up gradually. The same goes for curlers and hair rollers.


Use a shampoo that conditions


Based on your hair type, select a shampoo that has conditioner in it. The conditioner protects the hair and also reduces the friction between your hair and your brush or comb. This prevents hair breakage. Also, after you shampoo your hair, use a conditioner immediately. This increases the life of your hair.


If your hair has gone through treatments such as coloring, bleaching and other processes that involve the use of chemicals, make sure to condition your hair properly at least once a week to avoid brittleness. These conditions stay on your hair for about half an hour before you rinse them off. These may be in the form of oils or protein which strengthen the hair and keep it healthy.


Trim your hair


This is one of the most effective hair care tips for weak hair or hair loss. Sometimes, it is best to trim a couple of inches of hair to get rid of the split ends to give it a healthy look. This also makes the hair look fuller and thicker.


Don’t forget to get professional help if you see unusual changes in your hair such as rapid loss or thinning. Your doctor can help you tackle it with hair care tips and choose the best hair care solution for you.


Author Bio: Alana is a passionate blogger and writer. She is obsessed about beauty and fashion. She enjoys writing about beauty, makeup and latest fashion trends. In her spare time she loves to read novels. She also writes on latest hair care products.


Burns, What to Put on Them. Stupid Tip of the Day:

By Tia Cristy

Stupid Tip of the Day: Burns, What to put on them. Washing Hands Under Faucet

Well of course, it depends on the degree of burn. If you get burned extremely bad; losing layers of skin, call emergency for assistance!

But, if it’s a slight burn while cooking or from an appliance like a toaster or a curling iron, do not rush to put it under cold water. This is not good for so  many reasons. It takes longer for the burn to stop because it’s such a difference in temperature. If the skin has loosen, the cold will shock it to what could be a folded position.

Some people suggest butter. This is one, I’ve not tried. Butter is cold and maybe someone thought it would draw out the fire. But, putting butter on a hot surface distributes the heat evenly. When heat is in your skin you want it out. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, I’m just saying I’ve never felt like giving it a whirl.

The tip I’ve used, is to turn on the hot and cold to make it lukewarm and slowly shut off the hot to increase the cold. This method will help extinguish the burn that is still cooking inside and prevent shock to the skin.

Once the pain has been numbed, inspect the area (Do Not remove any skin if it is loose or broken, the skin in tact will help it heal quicker and cause less pain) and apply an antibiotic cream. (one with pain relief, if possible)

If the skin blisters, do not try to remove the skin. Drain the blister with sterilized items and repeat process over time if you are comfortable in doing so. If you are blistered, and unsure of what to do, call your doctor for assistance. Pus is very harmful if ingested so wash up thoroughly after the blister is broken and keep away from mouth and eyes. Keep the area clean, dry and medicated and it should heal quickly.

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Send Your Kids To School With A Message.

By Tia Cristy

Send Your Kids To School With A Message.
"Bread With Strawberry Jam" by Rawich
“Bread With Strawberry Jam” by Rawich

School is back in session for some, as of today. Some kids go back next week or earlier this year. Either way,  mom’s and dad’s want their kids to know they’re thinking of them during the day, but don’t want to take a chance they may embarrass their children, in front of their peers.

So, what are some great ways to leave a personal message, without the hazard of them being ridiculed by others. Older kids that have established their self-esteem, may not be flustered by their friends bantering them, because you left a sweet note in their lunch bag. But, if your kid is just starting out with the social haven of school, why not try some alternative ways, that only you and your kids know.

Write a message with mustard on their sandwich. Put the message on the bread and press it against the other piece to seal the message. Then, pull the pieces apart and stack the ingredients atop of your message. At lunch, they can peek in between, to see what you said.

If your kids don’t like mustard, that’s okay. Make up messages for cookies. Like, Chocolate chip means, hugs. Going healthy instead, apple slices could mean kisses. Why not so both, so when they open up their lunch and see chocolate chip cookies and apple slices, they know your sending hugs and kisses.

Get creative and also include your child in making the messages. It’s a great time to spend together. And then, when they’re at school, they’ll know that you are thinking of them.

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