Greener Home Upgrades: Keeping One Eye On The Environment

Greener Home Upgrades: Keeping One Eye On The Environment

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Building a better home is a goal shared by millions of homeowners. Whether completing your final prep before winter or planning your projects for 2024, going green should be a priority. 

Aside from protecting the environment, many updates will have a positive impact on your health and finances. Focus on the following ideas to unlock the best results.


Boost Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency should be at the top of any conscious homeowner’s agenda. Heat loss can be very problematic in the winter months, making this the perfect moment to improve roof and window insulation. However, improved efficiency levels can also be achieved through many other steps. Switching to LED lights, low-flush toilets, or eco-friendly kitchen appliances can all work wonders.

Building an energy-efficient home may require an initial outlay, but you will see monthly energy savings. Some projects also add to the value of the property.

Fix Faults To Prevent Waste

Making positive additions to the home is vital. Nevertheless, you should never overlook the need to rectify any problems that already exist in the home. A plumbing contractor can help detect and stop leaks from pipes or the boiler system. In turn, you will waste less water and electricity. More importantly, you will prevent escalating damage to your plumbing systems—and property damage attributed to leaks.

Aside from making the home more eco-friendly, it will lift a weight of stress from your shoulders. Until you fix these issues, they’ll continue to play on your mind.

Convert Rather Than Extend 

When taking on home upgrades, many people look to extensions as a way to avoid the need for moving. However, rather than extending out or up, you could look to convert the basement. In addition to unlocking the potential of a space that is currently unloved, it will reduce your use of new materials. Similarly, there will be far less demolition work, meaning fewer items need to be disposed of by your builder.

As an added bonus, a conversion will cost a fraction of the cost compared to a two-story extension to the rear or side of the property. 

Add Renewable Energy

Reducing your energy consumption is one thing, but turning to renewables will take things to the next level. A solar roof panel contractor can help you utilize sunlight to power your home. Meanwhile, air heat pumps and biomass boilers can work wonders for your home. Powering the home without requiring fossil fuels will reduce your carbon emissions. Likewise, it will continue to reduce your monthly bills.

In fact, you can often sell some energy back to the grid. When added to the fact it makes your home more attractive to prospective buyers, it’s no wonder sales are through the roof.

Choose Greener Materials

Working with organic materials and sustainable items will reduce your ongoing carbon emissions. This could mean using stone materials in your interior designs. Likewise, wood and organic fabrics should be incorporated where possible. Or, if you are building a deck, opting for a timber solution is probably the best bit. Aside from boosting the bid for a greener home, it will improve the vibe.

Smarter choices will require a conscious effort at the start of the process. In time, though, this will begin to come very naturally.

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