Snatching Your Nose Has Never Been So Easy

Snatching Your Nose Has Never Been So Easy

Perhaps one of the biggest things done by makeup artists and people who love makeup at home is the nose contour. You can create almost any shape you like with a few neat tricks. Getting a snatched nose can be tricky when you first start – especially if you are working with a nose with a few unique characteristics. 

So, how can you get the exact nose shape you like no matter what you are working with? 

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Although the main focus will typically be on the nose, how you do your brows will change the entire look of your face. One of the simplest ways to make your nose look instantly thinner is to pull your eyebrows closer together (with makeup). Adding a little few extra hairs above the corner of the eye closest to the bridge of the nose. 

The closer they are, the more narrow the nose looks. 


Bumps, curves, and thick skin

Unique facial characteristics are part of what makes us -us. But we don’t always love them. There are a few ways that you can disguise anything on your nose with makeup or for a permanent (and accurate solution); a consultation for your specific nose type is a good idea, ​​get more information here

For bumps, you can cover them with a matte bronzer, with a dot of highlighter at the tip to draw attention there. Counteracting bends in the nose can be done with highlighter, concealer, and bronzer too : How to Contour a Crooked Nose! …Wow the difference!!


The word snatched often gives the idea of sharpness, but when it comes to the nose, how you blend has a huge impact. Some light blending will have you get the look of a more natural shadow – but don’t go overboard because it can look muddy quickly. 

Always start with a little less than you might need and add more. It is much easier to clean up a nose that has less to start with. 

You can use a technique called veiling; once all of your contour is applied, to make it look more natural, you add a little more skin tone powder over it. Note: This should be a really light layer because too much can look cakey. 



The nose is a place we tend to touch often, and for many, it is prone to becoming oily. Once that happens, it can cause your makeup to slide and crack, as well as go patchy. 

A matte primer is often the best thing to use for the nose, as it gives you a less oily look to start with. Further to this, it is better to work with a matte foundation and a setting powder, too. 

For those who don’t wear foundation and only do some light powder contouring, make sure to prep your skin with the right moisturizer and remove excess oil before you apply the powder. 

Keep in mind that contour and anything to do with makeup is fun; while some people might want to change their face completely, others might want to enhance their natural beauty – there is room for all when it comes to makeup: 7 Beauty Tips For Girls To Enhance Their Natural Beauty. 

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