5 Quick Ways To Take Care Of Your Car

5 Quick Ways To Take Care Of Your Car

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No car owner wants to shell out a lot of money to repair their vehicle regularly. To avoid this, you’ll need to perform at least basic car maintenance. That means knowing how to take care of your car, which doesn’t need to be as complicated as you’d think.

Five quick tips can help you do this. While they’ll seem like some time and effort, it’ll avoid you spending a lot of money on repairs. Prevent the hassle by focusing on a few specific areas.

How To Take Care Of Your Car: 5 Quick Tips

1. Check Tire Pressure

Maintaining your car tires’ pressure is an essential part of making sure you can drive safely. If they’re not properly inflated – or even over-inflated – the car mightn’t brake or handle the way it should, leading to a greater risk of accidents.

You’ll naturally want to avoid that. Maintaining the right tire pressure also avoids the risk of a blowout, increases your fuel efficiency, and gives your tires a longer lifespan. There’s no reason not to keep an eye on this.

Even giving them the right pressure doesn’t take too long, and should be relatively simple to do.

2. Follow The Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual should be seen as the be-all-and-end-all of owning and looking after your car. You mightn’t be able to look after the basic car maintenance tasks without it. If you’ve lost your manual, there’s no reason to get worried.

You can find a manual for almost every type of vehicle online. If you have a Tahoe, for instance, then check out a Chevy Tahoe owner manual online. Armed with the right manual, you shouldn’t have a problem looking after the basic maintenance tasks you need to do.

3. Check The Oil

Your car needs motor oil to function properly. While it’ll already have the appropriate amount when you buy the car, you’ll need to check it and top it up regularly to make sure everything keeps running smoothly.

The oil’s main job is to lubricate the engine and make sure nothing gets jammed. If there’s no oil, there’s no lubrication, which leads to more and more issues coming up. It could also lead to more combustion in the vehicle, as the motor oil ensures the smooth transfer and absorption of heat.

Check the oil level every few weeks to make sure there’s enough. Top it up when there isn’t.

4. Keep It Clean

Keeping your car clean is often one of the more overlooked parts of owning a vehicle. It’s something you’ll need to do if you want to take pride in it, however. One of the more notable – and obvious – parts of this is not treating your car like it’s a garbage can.

If you have a coffee during your drive, for example, make sure to toss the empty cup into an actual bin. The same can be said for anything else you bring into the car. It’s also worth washing the outside of your car regularly.

Tree sap, bird poop, and similar things can all eat away at your paint over time. Prevent this by giving it a deep clean every few weeks. Even taking it to a car wash can be recommended.

5. Change The Air Filter

Your air filter could be overlooked when you’re taking care of your car. That’s why it often ends up causing issues in time. You’ll need to change your air filter regularly to avoid this. While that can vary depending on the air quality where you live, it’s recommended you change it every 12,000 miles.

Doing this increases your fuel efficiency, reduces emissions, and prolongs your engine’s lifespan. You shouldn’t need to spend too much time and effort on this, as it’s one of the easier car maintenance tasks to look after.

It only takes a few simple steps, provided you already know where the air filter is.

How To Take Care Of Your Car: Wrapping Up

Nobody wants to deal with regularly repairing their car. It not only wastes a lot of time, but you’ll end up spending a significant amount of money on them. By regularly changing the air filter, checking the oil, and following the owner’s manual’s advice, you can avoid much of this.

With a few other basic car maintenance tips, you can make sure your car is as looked-after as possible. You shouldn’t need to see the mechanic too often once you’ve looked after each of the above.

Save yourself the money and stress by making sure you get all of the above tips done.

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