The Best CMS For Your Business Website

The Best CMS For Your Business Website

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Content management systems have become increasingly important for modern businesses. These days, every business needs a website, meaning every business needs a way of getting content onto that website. Before, this was a struggle, but CMS software has made it very easy. You can now manage your business site with absolute ease, adding new pages & content without needing to do any coding. 

As a result, loads of different content management systems have burst onto the scene. If anything, there are too many! It’s hard to know which ones are good and which ones will be a waste of money. If you keep on reading, you’ll soon discover the three pest CMS for your business website in 2022: 

The Best: WordPress

WordPress is the most well-known CMS and it is used by millions of businesses across the internet. It offers decent price plans, and you can unlock loads of excellent features – like SEO widgets and widgets for content optimization. People criticize the platform because the site designs all look quite similar. However, this is easily rectified by investing in custom WordPress web design. Now, you have a custom site that runs on WordPress and takes advantage of all the excellent features – a win-win. 

The Almost Best: CMS Hub

This is an offering from HubSpot that actually combines a CMS with a CRM. It’s billed as the only thing business owners need to manage their websites, letting you handle content and customer relationships at the same time. You get loads of great marketing tools here, as well as plenty of templates and apps to make your website better. The only reason it doesn’t take the top spot is that it is a bit less accessible than WordPress. There are almost too many features, many of which are hard to get your head around. If you are going to use the CMS personally, you need to know how everything works. So, while the features are great, it’s a bit too complex for a lot of people. 

The Better Than The Rest: Squarespace

Squarespace is another widely-known CMS that deserves to be highlighted. While not as well-rounded as the previous two, it is still better than the rest of the options out there. Key highlights include the very cheap business plans, and the ability to add a commerce option for a small fee. You can also design your website from scratch as Squarespace has an integrated website builder, giving you more freedom to have a modern design. Content is really easy to add and manage, and there are plenty of widgets and themes to utilize. 

Don’t forget; the only way to truly grow your business’s online presence is by having a website. Social media is highly effective, but what’s the point in an online presence without a site? All your efforts should focus on driving people to this site, where you can work on generating conversions. Therefore, you need a CMS to manage your site and keep it updated at all times. Try to avoid wasting money on some of the costly and ineffective content management systems out there. If you want the best, choose one of the three from this post.

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