6 Ways to Keep Cool During a Heat Wave

6 Ways to Keep Cool During a Heat Wave

Summertime is peeking its head out of the corner. While summer is usually one of the most loved seasons of the year, thanks to the beautiful flowers, serenity, and fun activities, it can be not so great at times. Everyone wants to look their best during summer, but it’s difficult if you’re sweating too much, right? Usually, that’s due to heat waves. No matter what, in the summer, you just can’t avoid them. In the summer, it’s hard to keep cool. Here are some tips on how to stay cool and avoid heat-related illnesses in the summer.

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1) Wear light clothes that are made of natural fibers like cotton and linen

There are a lot of benefits to wearing natural fibers like cotton and linen. These include being able to breathe easily, looking more attractive, and having better overall health. While is especially more comfortable, since black and other dark colors tend to attract the summer heat.

2) Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

Easy enough, right? The summer is the best time to make things like smoothies, mocktails, slushies, and so much more. Maybe even a tall glass of lemonade or ice tea would suit your fancy? However, it is best to drink water during heatwaves. You may not even realize how much you’re sweating or how dehydrated you even are.

3) Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sugary drinks as they can dehydrate you more quickly

Dehydration can be a very real concern during the summer months. Drinking too much water can also leave you feeling light-headed, nauseous, or have a headache. Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate your body while sugary drinks exacerbate dehydration.

4) Take frequent breaks from being outside in the sun to rest in air-conditioned places

While it’s great to have fun in the sun, when it comes to heat waves, you’ll need to be very careful of this. Depending on your age and how long you’re outside, you could potentially face a heat stroke, dehydration, harsh sunburns, and so much more. To avoid these risks, it’s important to take time away from the sun and rest in cool, air-conditioned places so that you can enjoy the health benefits of being outside again once cooled off. Also, ensure that before a heatwave strikes, your air conditioner is checked. AC repair is definitely possible!

5) Keep your home cool by opening windows and using fans with a timer to circulate air throughout the day

When you’re sleeping, open your windows and use fans to circulate the air in your home. These two simple steps can keep your home cool without running the AC all day long. Some homes don’t need AC as it’s just not hot enough that often. So, this could definitely help.

6) Create a cooling zone around yourself

In the off chance that you no longer have a fan or AC (such as if they broke), then you could cool yourself off either through ice cubes in a bowl or by taking frequent cold showers.  

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