Why Living Authentically Can Also Mean Changing Yourself

Why Living Authentically Can Also Mean Changing Yourself

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It’s very easy for us to think that our “natural beauty” often comes from not altering ourselves in any way. We hear people saying “live authentically” and “be who you are” and “don’t feel bad if you’re different,” which are all fantastic aphorisms to live by, and can do you plenty of good.

But just like any truth that seems to be inflexible, it’s important to recognize that sometimes, these limits can box us in. For instance, what about those who choose to wear heavy makeup as part of their natural style? Are they no longer a natural beauty? Of course not. 

How about someone who chooses to undergo corrective surgery, or receives dental implants? Are they no longer who they are? That too would be incorrect. For this reason, perhaps a new approach to nature and authenticity is required, one that can help people accommodate for their differences and desires in changing themselves for the better. But how can we best foster that impression? Let’s consider this below:

Expressing Yourself Via Body Art

Expressing who we are by wearing body art or accessories can be a good way to switch up our style, preventing us from becoming wedded to just “one way of looking,” at least, if we don’t feel like doing that.

Body art like tattoos, piercings, or just dying your hair a different shade can be fun things to consider, and help you express who you are that year, or this decade, or deep down forever. In other words, don’t feel as though choosing an external element to help express who you are somehow alters you in an artificial way, because often, those things that change most tend to stay the same.

How You Carry Yourself

There are many reasons to change and improve how you carry yourself. It takes work to build good posture, for instance, and so it’s important that we do that over time. It’s good to be more confident and raise our eyes from the floor when walking, and it’s healthy to keep our shoulders back when standing upright, and not to let others intimidate us even in intensive settings like when speaking to the owner of the business we work at. 

As you can see, improving yourself and changing how you present who you are doesn’t necessarily mean you’re faking it, it just means you’re trying to be a better and more stable person.

Working On Your Fitness

It’s good to work on your fitness to the degree that you can. While we should certainly accept our bodies for how they are, and to never think that another’s standard has to be our own, it’s good to avoid shaming yourself or others while also comparing yourself to yesterday. Going for nice walks can help you take hikes with friends this summer more easily, while doing cardio can help you breathe more easily, gain more energy, and find it easier to maintain your weight while eating a normal person’s diet with a few indulgences here and there. In other words, it’s good to accept yourself, while also understanding that incremental improvement can always be healthy.

With this advice, you’re certain to not only see but practice how living authentically can mean changing yourself for the better.

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