Making Dating Safer For Yourself

Making Dating Safer For Yourself

Dating should be fun, easy, and without any worry. However, there are plenty of reasons that dating can suck and one of the main ones is that it’s easy for women to feel (and to be) unsafe when they’re dating. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here, we’re going to look at a few steps you can take to put your safety first and make dating a little less intimidating as a result.

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Go dating somewhere public and fun

If you don’t entirely trust someone to be alone with them yet, then you don’t need to go anywhere where intimacy and privacy are part of the draw. You can make it a public affair and see how they do in that setting first. This can include going to the bowling alley, hitting up the arcades, going to a sporting event, or even just grabbing a coffee. It’s a great way not only to feel safe on that first date but also to enjoy a hobby together. If things go well, then you can move things to a more intimate venue like dinner and drinks or a trip to a low-lit cinema, but you don’t have to rush into it. Make public settings one of your first date rules.

Don’t go it alone

You don’t need to spend time one-on-one to get to know whether you have chemistry and a connection with a guy. You can instead make it more of a group affair. This can include a double, triple, or group date with, your date, some friends, and their partners or dates. Not only does it help you stay safe, but it helps you see how your partner does in social situations. It can be important to see how guys react to other guys, too. Singles events are another great way to get out of the one-on-one situation. You can have fun, be casual, and not have to worry about how you’re going to disentangle from anyone who gives you weird or bad vibes.

Have an exit plan

The most important thing is that, no matter what, you have a way to get away from a date that you feel unsafe with. Even if it feels rude, you should do it. There are a lot of dating escape plans you can make use of, but the best one is to make sure that you have a friend on standby that’s ready and willing to come and pick you up when you give them the text. Slip off to the bathroom, give them the word, and wait for them. If you feel like you are immediately unsafe, then you should talk to a bartender about it, they’re usually experienced in helping women in just that situation.

There are some who might say that women have their guard up too much and that they’re not as likely to experience the worst side of dating as they might think. However, the hyper-vigilance women experience is for a reason. Always trust your gut, even if you feel like you’re being overcautious in doing so.

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