Do You Know When To Visit A Dentist?

Do You Know When To Visit A Dentist?

As a rule of thumb, most people should visit their dentist every 6 months for a check-up, however, a surprising number of people fail to adhere to this guidance and only visit a dentist out of necessity. There are a whole host of reasons that you should schedule an appointment with your dentist. To help keep your teeth and mouth in top condition here are some examples of when you should be visiting your dentist. 

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One of the most obvious reasons to visit your dentist is for toothache relief. Toothache can be a common occurrence with many a regular culprits causing the pain. Typical causes of toothache include cavities/decay, failing or broken fillings, cracks, breaking or broken teeth, and inflamed gums. 

If you are experiencing a dull ache, pain, or sensitivity to hot and cold foods it is advised that you see your dentist. Even if the pain is not constant it is still recommended you have your teeth looked at. It could be that there is a problem forming and early intervention could save you considerable discomfort and money. 

Broken tooth 

Although teeth are designed to be strong, they can still break, crack or fracture for a variety of reasons. Commonly, breakages can occur as a result of an accident, eating, or cavities. Whatever the cause of the damage to your tooth it is important that you see a dentist immediately. Even if the break or crack does not hurt. Your dentist may be able to save or restore your tooth and prevent further complications or breakages. 

Sensitive teeth

Teeth have a protective layer of enamel encasing them, which is designed to protect teeth from sensitivity to hot and cold. This enamel can wear away over time and the level of protection you have will deplete meaning you will become more sensitive to the exposure of hot and cold temperatures on your teeth. You can avoid this erosion by not using too much pressure when you brush your teeth and by using sensitive toothpaste. That said, there could be an underlying cause of the sensitivity. If you have noticed a change in the sensitivity of your teeth or can identify a particularly sensitive tooth or area, then you should visit your dentist. It could be that the nerves in your tooth are exposed or unprotected, which if left untreated could become very painful, potentially infected, and require extensive treatment. 

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching

Teeth grinding and jaw clenching can be a subconscious reaction to stress that takes place during the day or night. Alternatively, teeth clenching can also happen for reasons unknown during your sleep without you even knowing it. Those who unwittingly grind their teeth or clench their jaw are likely to experience a sore or stiff jaw, erosion of the teeth, and potentially headaches as a result. The type of treatment available will vary on the nature of your grinding or clenching and the causes. There are however a variety of treatments your dentist can offer to help alleviate the discomfort and negative side effects. 

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