The Big Picture: How To Stop Compartmentalizing Your Health

The Big Picture: How To Stop Compartmentalizing Your Health

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The modern way of thinking is that we’ve got to treat problem areas, but when we address components of our own health we can end up being too compartmentalized. The Western way of thinking is very regimented and breaks problems down, whether it is in terms of matters of the heads, heart, and organs but the Eastern way of thinking, specifically in Chinese medicine, is to view everything as connected. And it’s a very important mindset to get into. But how can we start to think of ourselves as an entire entity, rather than being parts of a whole?

Make Insecurities a Thing of the Past 

One of the biggest problems we all have is these little insecurities. When there is a problem with something like our teeth, we can obsess over these things. But while dental services can certainly fix these little things, we have to remember that all of these little components add up to major insecurity in our lives. When we start to treat ourselves as an entire entity, rather than obsessing over something negative, we start to view ourselves in terms of the bigger picture. Big picture thinking is very important, and it’s one of the best ways to start addressing life and ourselves as a fully formed entity because we are. 

Practice Thinking About Yourself as an Entity

We live in an age where we are physically under-stimulated, and mentally overstimulated. We must intentionally practice in order to get some equilibrium back to our lives. Checking in with yourself is something that has long been part of mindfulness practices, and it’s a very beneficial skill to learn. Checking in with yourself from head to toe, and addressing any niggling aches and pains, or if there are any overriding issues in an emotional sense will help you to get into this habit of connecting everything from top to bottom.

Recognize That Everything Is Connected

Part of the problem is that when we talk about health issues, they tend to be physical, emotional, or mental. Chinese medicine believes that it is all connected. And when you think about it, it is. A very good example is the physical stress you feel when you’ve been going through problems. If you don’t get enough sleep, this alone can wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. But sleep is one of those practices that you can either view as physical, mental, or both because it processes thoughts, but it also helps you to physically recover. And when we start to believe that there is a blockage in our lives, we could trace it back to something physical, or we could trace it back to something mental. When we start to realize that everything is connected, we will start to pay attention to everything.

Emotional health problems can stem from bad life decisions and physical health issues could stem from emotional problems as well. It’s important that we stop thinking about health as a very compartmentalized process. It is, in fact, all connected.

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