Females: That Time of the Month.


The friend that never lets you down, Aunt Flo, The Curse… There are dozens of nicknames for a women’s monthly period. Some would say, ‘On the Rag’ is the crudest one of them all. However, the phrase comes from what was used before disposable pads were invented.  Thanks to some nurses in France who were inspired by the original, war-time invention from Benjamin Franklin, started using wood pulp bandages for that specific time of the month. This then, encouraged manufacturers created the first disposable pad for purchase in 1888. Still, rags, also called, Sanitary Napkins, were still commonly used in household throughout the 1950s.

Period Poverty

In today’s society, a majority of women have at least experienced one period overload or ran out of pads just went they needed one the most. But can you imagine not having a pad or even rags during that time of the month? That is exactly the case for some females in some parts of the world. The belief in some cultures is that a woman is impure during that time of the month and must be banished until she has finished her cycle.

The largest problem with not having a pad or rag to discreetly hide a female’s monthly ‘friend’ is the lack of sanitation during that time. We know that the body sheds a lot of stuff during that time, so it is a major health risk to oneself and others to not have it confined into one area. Plus, the inability to wash their hands in some locations can cause a snowball of health complications.

Disposable Pads: The Convenience is Great, but so is the Harm?

Disposable pads are a blessing, for sure. Yet, pads and diapers have taken a large toll on the environment. It is believed that biodegradability for a single diaper is 500 years. However, these disposables can now be recycled! In Canada and other places in the world, they can toss pads into the regular, curbside recycling bins. Other locations in the world must put in a little more effort. There are several companies out there that have specific pick-up collection companies for pads and diapers.

Going Old School with a Twist


For those that don’t have the time to find a local pickup service for their used feminine products, but still want to go with an old-school way of handling their monthly flow, in a way more sanitary method than back in the day, there is a product from Tradetoaid.org. Reusable pads.

Reusable pads are included for every kind of flow day needed. The reasonably priced kit that is available includes 2 light-flow, 2 medium-flow and 2 heavy-flow pads. Each dark-gray, microfiber pad is infused with bamboo charcoal to prevent odor while encased in a recycled waterproof lining to prevent leakage. The soft material is non-irritating, and the snap closure keeps the pad in place on underwear. Washing is also easy. Rinse (or soak with tea tree oil to help remove stains) and toss into the washer. Line-dry is the best option, so the pad doesn’t lose shape. Using them might feel different, at first, but you will soon find that you can confidently replace disposable pads with reusable ones to get the same protection.

Helping Out Others

Being a woman has its challenges, for sure. Yet, could you imagine missing work or school because it’s that time of the month? Sadly, it happens in places all over the world. A lot of great companies understand the seriousness of period poverty and are choosing to do something about it. Tradetoaid.org and other manufacturers of feminine products have decided to make a solid guarantee to us, the consumers. When you purchase one of their products, they will donate a supply to a female in need to help in the fight against period poverty. Tradetoaid.org donates to women and girls around the globe, along with educating menstrual health in West Africa.

Our Mission: To End Period Poverty – Trade To Aid

As females, we all have our own menstrual stories and nightmares, but at least most have those experiences with some form of protection. Pads and tampons reduce exposure to many diseases and viruses during a monthly flow passing though the vagina. Just think, some women don’t have that luxury. But remember there is something you can do to help our fellow sisters in the world. When shopping for sanitary pads, whether it be cloth or disposable pads, be sure to look for a product that is allowing you to help out others just by buying something you already need.

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