One on One: Robyn Lindars, The Grill Girl

One on One: Robyn Lindars, The Grill Girl

Grill Girl Magazine June 2021 Issue

I’m sure we’ve all heard the term, ‘Man the grill’. Now it’s time to hear, ‘GrillGirl’ that grill! Award-winning, Grill Master and Author, Robyn Lindars, proves that grilling isn’t just for men anymore. Robyn Lindars, aka, that girl Grill Master, aka, The Grill Girl, has burst the gender bubble and broken the stigma of who can be a master of the grill. At first glance, someone may perhaps think she might be too petite, too feminine or possibly, too blonde to be behind a grill, but Robyn massively excels at her mastership and isn’t afraid of any grilling challenge. Even when it comes to the challenge of judging others on their grilling skills. She is a judge for the Steak Cook Off Association.

Even if you don’t have competitive grilling skills, you may have seen Robyn Lindars on the Food Network, Travel Channel, Cooking Channel or on talk shows like, Today Show.  She has shown off her decadent recipes on national TV to inspire tasty, healthy eating, but the idea of grilling can still be overwhelming to many. Robyn knows this, and goes even further to show her fans how to ditch the fear and master the art of grilling in her YouTube episodes of GRILL SCHOOL.

In the Beginning

Smoked Bourbon and Salted Carmel Apple Pie

It all started when she wanted to grill something at her boyfriend’s (now husband) house.

               “His grill was terrible. He never used it. So, I got him a new one and that’s what got me going,” says Robyn.

Robyn started the site in 2012, sharing all her newfound recipes and trade secrets. She had created complete meals from start to finish using flaming charcoal to do it all. What really caught the attention of many was her ability to cook deserts, right there, on the grill!

This BBQ-anomaly was the push that broke the grilling sexism barrier. The grill wasn’t just for meat any more. Women started barbecuing in masses to achieve the incredible, cast iron cobblers, made straight from the grill.

Safety First

The number one concern most women have with operating a grill is actually starting the grill. The large whoosh of a fire ball chasing after the escaping fumes of an accelerant, that somehow, automatically approaches too close to your safe space, no matter what size you are, is certainly unnerving. However, Robyn focuses on safety first and how to properly light any size or type of grill in her Women’s Grilling Clinics.

Most Important Tools for the Job

Obviously, you need a grill to do BBQ, right? Yes. But Robyn, who owns about twelve grills at the moment, says,

“You need to find what grill is right for you. I have four that I use on a regular basis. A pellet grill is probably the most user friendly. A lot of women prefer lighting and cooking on pellets. It’s very easy to cook full meals while giving it full smoke flavor.”

Besides cooking cobblers and other deserts on the grill, Robyn cooks just about everything on the grill from veggies to cheeses to meats. She says,

“Be daring.”

Okay, I’m down with being daring, but I asked her not to ridicule me for my love of ‘well-done’ when it comes to meats. Surprisingly, she did not. But she feels that brings up a good point for the second most important tool in grilling… A good meat thermometer. Temperature will detect the perfect ‘doneness’ that you are hoping to achieve. Investing in a good thermometer can remove all the guess work and allow you to have the perfect piece of meat each time, no matter how ‘well’ your preference.

One more tool to make the perfect meal is seasonings. You can’t be afraid of spices. Although, the grill will give a flavor all its own, finding a great rub or marinade is key. Robyn has created most of her own vinaigrettes and seasonings while cooking. She has now crafted one that you can have in your own kitchen! The Sunshine State of Mind is an all-purpose rub and drink rimmer. What does that mean, exactly? Well, not only can it be used on that filet you plan on grilling up, but you can rim your cocktail glasses with a unique blend of the sweet and savory found in the sunshine state.

Cover Grill Girl

Grill Girl Magazine Jun 2021 Issue

Robyn Lindars has built up a genuine following, teaching her grilling skills through social media, television, books and now, she has launched a bi-annual magazine Grill Girl Magazine. The issues will be released for Spring/Summer as well as Fall/Winter for all the holiday fun. This Brand Ambassador for Kingsford charcoal can currently be found on the cover of her debut magazine at your local grocery store, Barnes and Nobles, Walmart or Target.

A Few Words from The GrillGirl, Herself

~”Cooking over fire is the oldest way of cooking and there is something truly therapeutic about cooking over a flame. It is the cheapest form of therapy. Pair it with a glass of wine and you’ve got a great way to get dinner on the table while also doing something fun!”

~”Most women are great cooks but are intimidated by the process of starting a grill. Once you alleviate the fear of starting the grill, women find that grilling is actually much easier than cooking in the kitchen and they become much more creative cooks than most guys who are fixated on cooking only meat on the grill. I encourage everyone to check out my Grill School Series where I show you how to easily start a gas or charcoal grill to get over this hurdle of cooking outdoors.”

~”If you can cook in your kitchen, think of your grill as your outdoor kitchen and bring those recipes outside but with the added benefit of smoke flavor from the grill!”

Signature Recipes

Brand Ambassador for Kingsford Charcoal

Competing in cook off competitions pushes one to be unique and push the regular BBQ envelope. Robyn has competed with her father in the World Championship BBQ Competition. Using that edge and passion in the field as well as the backyard, it’s no wonder that she has been able to create such incredible recipes to share.

Grilled Romaine Hearts– Robyn’s go-to side for any meal. It’s easy and delicious with sweet and smoky flavors.

Pineapple Ginger Grilled Chicken– Check out a bunch of Florida inspired recipes just like this one!

Feel Better Fast Hangover Burger

Kingsford Quinoa Burger– Robyn says that burgers are the greatest hangover cure. Be sure to try more burger recipes.


Smoked Old Fashion

Cocktails can be refreshing and fun, and in moderation, can be beneficial to one’s health. Adding a bit of natural smoke with a cedar plank can change the taste and experience. Cedar oils have been known to keep bugs away, clear acne, bronchitis, ulcers, among many other ailments. The smoke from cedar is believed in some cultures to carry prayers to heaven.

Adding a cedar plank to the necessary bar tools might just be what you need.

MIGHTY MEZCAL MINT COCKTAIL RECIPE– It’s a cocktail twist on the Kentucky Derby favorite.

AWARD WINNING BLOODY MARY RECIPE– It’s award-winning… need I say more?

(***Remember, you must be 21 to drink in the U.S. Please, drink responsibly. If you drink, drink in moderation and have a designated driver. Do not drink and drive.)

So, I hope that Robyn has inspired you to take a chance with cooking amazing dishes on the grill. I know that I’m ready to try it! For more information on Robyn and her recipes on the grill visit

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