Reasons for Tossing and Turning

Reasons for Tossing and Turning


Life is fast. Some feel there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done. The typical schedule endures work, kids, meetings, appointments and meals. Throw in a dash of stress and the simple juggle you have mastered can fall and come plummeting down.

We sleep a third of our lives, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be. But because of several factors we do not get the rest we need for growth in mind, body and spirit.

What’s making you toss and turn?

1.      Unable to shut your mind off

You must learn and maintain discipline to shut off your mind once you climb into bed. That means forgetting the things you didn’t achieve for the day. There’s a saying ‘Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today’, and sure, that’s true, but you must also feel the accomplishment of today. However, if you want to keep the above mantra, well then work on prioritizing what needs to be done today. A simple trick to shut off your mind is to rub your feet together while laying down with your eyes close. The brain will concentrate on the stimulating foot movement and not random thoughts.

2.      Sleeping on the wrong mattress

Everybody is different. Remember Goldilocks? Some are too soft, some are too hard and then there’s the one that’s just right! That’s why there are so many mattresses to choose from. Some people are highly sensitive and can even have allergies to their mattress. Getting and encasement for your mattress can alleviate this problem as well as keep it sanitary from dust and pests.

3.      Playing on your phone before bed

This is not a new realization. Playing on your phone with apps and social media causes disruptions in the brain. Power off at least thirty minutes before bedtime. But you use your phone to read before bed? It uses a different part of the brain, but still has caused sleeping issues for some. If that’s the case for you, try an audio book and use the timer setting. It works wonders.

4.      Hungry

The debate on eating before bed with always be endless. The truth is, you know your own body. I, personally, have no issue with eating before bed. I will toss relentlessly if I go to bed hungry. I will eat a lite snack before I go to bed. I justify it like this, babies eat and sleep. These are the things that help them grow mentally and physically. If you are going to eat before bed, go with a healthy snack, especially if your concerned about growing physically.

5.      Sleeping too much or sleeping too little

Again, you should know your own body. If you are getting too much sleep each night, then you may not be tired when you go to bed and that is causing a tossing effect. If you aren’t getting enough sleep each night, you’ll be sluggish during the day or evening, and then your body might be catching a second wind causing you to be restless. Not everybody needs eight hours, but not everyone can function on six. Find out how much sleep successful people get each night that works for them.

To stop the tossing and turning take a look at your before bed habits. Make some simple changes and see if they help you drift off a little easier each night.

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