How to Lose Your Weight in Fun and Exciting Ways

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

How to Lose Your Weight in Fun and Exciting Ways

 Weight has become a sensitive issue. On one hand, the first world countries have a growing number of obesity problems, and on the other hand, it has become a political issue. In spite of all this, people are always looking for a way to live a healthier lifestyle and these days, there are a lot of fun and exciting ways to lose your weight.

Become a smoothie master

One of the first things you hear when it comes losing weight is to cut down on starch, milk and milk derivatives. This means most of your meals will consist of fruits and vegetables, and this is where the fun way to lose weight emerges.

Since 70% of our body is water, we need a higher liquid intake to speed up our metabolism and lose those extra pounds. Therefore, you could combine the best of both worlds and turn your fruits and vegetable meals into juices. There are a lot of recipes online that even combine fruits and vegetables into a single smoothie.

However, you can go one step further and start developing your own recipes and combinations. This can be an exciting culinary adventure that can lead you in many unexpected directions. You just need a blender and a juicer and you are good to go.

Start trekking and discover the undiscovered

At first glance, the activity like trekking might sound too boring and hard for a casual person. However, with the right group of friends, this can be turned into a fun and exciting activity. For starters, find a group of people with which you click when it comes to adventuring.

Then go out whenever you can and start conquering those hills and valleys outside of town. You can even agree to go to a different location every time and enjoy hours of talking and trekking as you explore new territories and discover beautiful vistas you’d never think you’d find so close to home.

Play soccer and bond with friends

Soccer is not as violent a sport as American football and it can be played leisurely. It contains the element of socialization that will build up your bond with the members of your team and the respect of your opponents as you try to think of new strategies.

The 90 minutes (the length of one soccer game) will pass in a blink of an eye and you will start losing that extra weight before you know it. This is a fantastically fun sport that can work for a variety of people of all shapes, sizes and ages. No wonder, therefore, it’s called the favorite pastime of the world.

If there are no quality soccer terrains nearby, you can pop into a well-equipped soccer shop and buy a pair of goals as well as some additional accessories and make your own terrain for you and your friends. Since these accessories enable you to play wherever you want and modify the size of the terrain, you can even do it in your own backyard if other options are not available.

Do some doga

Yes, you’ve read it right. It’s called doga and it’s a combination of two words – dog and yoga. If you want to go completely wacky and fun with in order to lose your weight, why not add your pet to the mix? Believe it or not, doga is actually becoming a trend, as it’s a fantastically hilarious way to stretch and push your body and simultaneously bond with your pet. As it’s evident by numerous YouTube videos, it’s a potential source of countless funny situations which will help you forget you are even practicing. It’s far from the traditional way to lose weight, but try it out, and you’ll discover it’s as effective as it is fun.

We all want to push our bodies into shape. No matter the size of our bodies, we all feel much better once a physical activity that requires discipline is thrown into the lifestyle mix. In order to get the best of all worlds – in other words, have fun and lose weight – just try any of the aforementioned methods, and you’ll see yourself laughing through those extra pounds before you know it.

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