Dating Hacks For The Notoriously Unlucky In Love

Dating Hacks For The Notoriously Unlucky In Love

They say that love is a many-splendoured thing… if you can get it, that is! The world of modern dating can be such a minefield at times, it can sometimes feel as though the search for love is never-ending. Sure, you do have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince – but after you’ve kissed quite a few, it can leave you wondering just when exactly said Prince is going to turn up! Of course, for all its sins, modern dating also has some benefits. Women these days are settling down much later, and the current culture surrounding sex and relationships enables you to date a number of people before deciding if you actually want to move forward with any of them. This allows for a much greater sense of freedom, and also, it means that far fewer of us are simply settling for the first guy who comes along! But when all your friends are getting married or having babies, it can make you incredibly aware of how fast the clock is ticking. Single life can be fun, but if you’re notoriously unlucky in love, knowing how to tackle the dating game can be quite the challenge. Here are a few tips so you can change your fortune, and bag yourself your Mr. Right in no time at all.

1) Stop looking

Yep, you heard correctly! It may seem mad to stop looking for love when that’s what your long-term goal is. But sometimes, people can get so wrapped up in what they are looking for that they stop giving regular guys a chance. If you have a list that you refer to every time you’re out with your friends, it’s highly unlikely that you’re ever going to come across a guy who ticks all your boxes – and even if you do, you may not even ‘click.’ Remove your focus from formal dating and just go with the flow – you could be surprised at who you meet.

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2) Work out what compliments you in a partner

You may swoon at the thought of a man who is dominant and who takes control of any situation – but consider whether that kind of scenario would work for you in real life. If you are naturally a bit of a control freak, having someone on the same wavelength could spell disaster, and you could clash. A good way to work out what you need in a partner is to read a capricorn love horoscope, or whatever your star sign may be. These can often tell you a lot about yourself and the nature of other partners, so you can tell whether you’d be compatible or not.

3) Persist

So often, people turn down their dates on the basis that they didn’t feel a spark right from the offset. But if you’re the type who never sees the same guy twice, consider putting in the work and going on a few dates, even if you weren’t immediately drawn to them. Sometimes an initial spark does happen, but in some circumstances, the relationship might be a slow burn. Of course, don’t drag out anything that isn’t meant to be. But if you seem compatible and you get on, see the guy again and keep an open mind.

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