What’s Shadow Root Effect?

By, Tia Cristy

What is Shadow Root Effect?

Have you ever had an amazing haircut or color? I have. With my career, I’ve had to travel a lot. Years ago, I went to a salon, Jean Raymond and had an amazing hair experience. All this time later, I popped in the other day and surprisingly found the same kind of remarkable talent I did all those years ago.

Brantley greeted me with a sweet smile as he had me sit in his chair. His southern twang makes him instantly endearing, but finding out about his early career in NYC and his move to the Philadelphia area, makes him cutting edge. He decided to go with the trendy technique of root shadowing on my blonde locks. When it came to the cut. He didn’t feel the need to over-cut my hair, like some stylist have done in the past. He listened to what I was trying to achieve and made a conscious decision that he didn’t need to over-exhaust himself or appear dramatic in his snips for me to receive exactly what I was hoping for. And when it came to my blowout, there are no words!

So, what is Root Shadowing or Shadow Root effect?


It’s a great coloring technique, bringing a crown of essence, literally, to the hair. The hair will maintain a dark crown with lighter or bolder colors down the shaft. It brings new life to seasoned trends of ombres or balayage by starting with a traditional root application and then pluck or sweep the color in. This effect makes the new growth blend in smoother and more natural, than having a blunt line. Don’t get me wrong, the options don’t have to be neutral at all. Some people are going very dramatic in their shadows with an inch or so, of shadow. Pair the shadow with a vivid color, and the results can be over-the-top fabulous.  Whether you are looking for a natural look or an iconic statement, shadowing results can be extraordinary.


Who has been seen with root shadowing?

Celebs like Juliane Hough, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Blake Lively have rocked the shadow with not just blonde locks, but with red, pinks, purples and greys.

Is it easy to maintain?



Absolutely! And depending on the shadow length you are trying to achieve, touchups aren’t needed as often as regular color applications.

Thanks to Brantley, Erik and Jean Raymond for the beauty treatment. Brantley is taking on new clients at this time. If you are visiting or living in the Philadelphia, Pa. area, setup an appointment now. Haircuts start at $50 and new clients who reach out to Jean Raymond today, can get a $10 off coupon!

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