How to Choose the Perfect Eyewear

By Guest Blogger Diana S.

How to Choose the Perfect Eyewear

Glasses are cool. To those in the back row, I’ll repeat louder: GLASSES ARE COOL.

Except for being essential to all of us who, obviously, can’t see properly, they are also known to give a more sophisticated look, intellectual if you will. People usually perceive other people with glasses as smart, well-read and educated. If you’re scared that you’ll be seen as nerdy, come on. You’re not in third grade anymore. Even if you are, don’t listen to them. Glasses are cool!

Now, picking the right glasses can be very stressful due to several reasons. First and foremost, the price. Nowadays, glasses can be inexplicably expensive, especially if they’re branded. Don’t fall for the price. Pricier doesn’t necessarily mean better, and trust me on this one since I’m writing this with the help of my very affordable eye friends.

Now that we’ve got this covered, there’s another issue: the way they look (not the way they help you look). When it comes to this, you need to take into consideration your looks, your style, and your personality. Most of us only have one or two pairs; so, you don’t want to feel self-conscious about them every day. As far as the style part is concerned, you have to decide on your own. For a more technical help, keep reading.

Here is some advice on how to choose the perfect type of glasses according to the shape of your face.

square-faceSquare face

People with a square-shaped face should go for glasses that soften the overall looks; so, you won’t be wrong if you choose round or oval ones. This creates a contrasting effect that works fantastic. The frame design is entirely up to your taste, but you might consider a thinner, light-colored frame.

Glasses Girl Face Eye Nose Woman
Glasses Girl Face Eye Nose Woman

Round face

Now, this one is the complete opposite. For the round face, go for rectangular or square glasses since they too will create a contrast here. Protip: Try finding bold, larger frames to create the effect of a longer, slimmer face.

oval-faceOval face

Here, you can experiment with geometry, but make sure they are a bit wider than the area around your eyes and forehead. Unusually shaped glasses, such as hexagonal ones, can do wonders for an oval face. However, find the balance and don’t go over the top with too big glasses.

heart-shaped-faceHeart-shaped face

If you have a heart-shaped face, you can really go wild with experimenting. The only thing to bear in mind is to try and create a balance between the width of your forehead and your chin. Other than that, you can wear both round and softer, rectangular frames. Also, you might want to consider bold colors and some interesting decorations on the top part.

diamond-faceDiamond face

Shine bright like a diamond! The joke was inevitable. When it comes to a face in the shape of a diamond, you people can pull off what nobody else can. You know iconic cat-eye glasses that retro superstars used to wear? Well, you can too, since you have just the perfect face for them. You shouldn’t be afraid of colors, patterns, and decorations since that can only make the look better. Just go easy on the narrow ones. You can check out the models that Zoom Optics offer, and you surely won’t be disappointed.

As you will soon be able to see with your new glasses, these are only some general guidelines for making the ideal choice of eyewear based on the shape of your face. However, these aren’t strict rules; so, you can feel free to combine, try out, and of course, choose the ones you are most comfortable with.

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