Cabin Fever! Decorating Your Wooden Home

Cabin Fever! Decorating Your Wooden Home

So, you’ve taken the plunge and have bought a wooden home. The craze for cabins has been all over the place recently, and more and more people are chipping in to purchase one of their very own – either as a permanent residence or as a vacation property. Wooden homes and cabins hold a lot of appeals. They tend to be in remote locations, away from the hustle and bustle of city life, surrounded by woodland or mountains. Not a bad view to wake up to every morning, then! They are also much sturdier than the majority of people would think, with the latest designs being capable of withstanding even very strong winds. Finally, they are an interior lover’s dream – after all, is there anything more Pinterest-worthy than an adorable, cozy cabin? If you’ve just bagged your own cabin and want to make the best of it (who wouldn’t, really?) here are a few tips on nailing that rustic, chalet-style décor.

Sofa Coffee Cozy Cake Leather Blanket
Sofa Coffee Cozy Cake Leather Blanket

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Soft furnishings

The number one rule with log cabin décor is to make anything soft and fluffy your best friend. One of the most desirable things about cabins is that they look warm and welcoming – think back to the recent trend of Danish hygge. Your cabin needs to be cozy, so invest in plenty of rugs, blankets and cushions, so the place doesn’t feel too bare. A sheepskin rug is always a winner in a log home, and don’t be afraid of buying throws and cushions in a mismatch of styles and colors. The haphazard look of clashing prints will make it look as though you have lived there forever, collecting hand-me-down blankets as you go.

Caring for the wood

One thing is for sure about having a log cabin: you need to be prepared to take good care of it. Of course, all homes need a certain level of care, even one made from traditional bricks and mortar. But your log cabin will need specialist care, so it is worth educating yourself about the best exterior wood stain for log homes, among other things. Your wooden walls will be at risk of things like damp or termites, so always make sure your humidity levels in the home are at a reasonable level. If you do need to clean the wooden walls in your home, always patch test with a product first, as some cleaning products could potentially damage your wood.

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Bring the outdoors indoors

Cabin style is all about being close to nature. Hang up beautiful nature paintings, or even your own personal photography of the place you are lucky enough to call home. Don’t bother spending money on fancy ornaments and statues – simply find an unusual looking branch outside, bring it inside and pop it in a quirky vase. It’s super cheap, but sets you on your way to creating that rustic look! Having an abundance of house plants can also help create a cabin wonderland, especially if you use seasonal flowers and leaves.

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