Simple Seasonal Edits For Your Home

Simple Seasonal Edits For Your Home

After Christmas, there’s a tendency for our homes to look a little bare and forlorn. The decorations are down, and all signs of the recent festivities are put away for another year. But seasonal finishes are not just confined to Christmas. Consider adding some simple touches throughout the year to celebrate and welcome each new season.

A Blank Canvas

In order to add to and decorate your home, you need to start with a fairly blank canvas. A home that already has lots of accessories and finishing’s may look a little cluttered when it comes to adding seasonal touches. So keep things fairly minimal and provide a canvas from which to build.

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Spring is all about rebirth and new life. We start to notice the first shoots poking through the earth and daffodils and tulips appear. Bring some of this new life into your home with freshly cut flowers from the garden. Welcome Easter with an Easter tree. Decorate some sprayed branches with tiny Easter eggs, chicks and colored lights. Or keep it simple and display a few stark pussy willow branches.

Swap your home accessories with lighter spring colors. Replace heavy winter fabrics and drapes with fresh, light cotton. Think pastels and floral patterns. Throw open the windows and let the light in.

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Summer bursts forth in a riot of colors, and we move towards outdoor living. Make the most of the seasonal blooms and display them throughout your home. Our mindset changes as we create comfortable outdoor rooms. Clean up your outside furniture and add a few home comforts such as seat pads and cushions.

Up your outdoor lighting game. Dot a few candles around the yard and hang string lights through branches and trees. Warm rugs or outdoor heating will take the chill off colder evenings.

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When the nights begin to draw in, we return once more to our homes. Outdoor furniture is put away for the next year, and we close our drapes against the cold evenings. Berries appear in hedgerows and colors become autumnal. As we approach the end of October, our thoughts turn to Halloween and our holiday displays. This is closely followed by Thanksgiving.

Autumnal wreaths will take you right through the season until your thoughts turn to Christmas. Dried flowers, seedpods, and potpourri make beautiful table ornaments and can be used throughout your home. To add a little extra luxury, display them in bathrooms which are often overlooked when it comes to seasonal changes.

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Winter heralds the beginning of Christmas and the holiday season. Get into the mood with a festive Christmas wreath displayed proudly on your front door. Companies like the Worcester Wreath Company offer a varied selection. After the Christmas decorations come down, keep the cozy feel with lamps and candles. Embrace the Danish concept of Hygge and create a warm and welcoming environment for family and friends. Keep out the chill with warm woolen throws and real fires.

For a truly seasonal home, start with a simple, neutral backdrop. Update your fabrics as the seasons change, introduce new colors and textures. Embrace everything each month brings from fresh flowers, seasonal colors, traditions, and light.

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