Stay Calm: Tips For Keeping Logical After A Break In

Stay Calm: Tips For Keeping Logical After A Break In

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When the worst happens it can be hard to think objectively.  Especially if that disaster comes in the form of a burglary at our home.

Your home should be a place which feels safe for all the family.  The emotional impact of knowing someone has forced entry to your house and rummaged through personal belongings of you or your children will leave even the most logical person in a state of shock.  Not to mention trying to get over the financial loss or coming to terms that sentimental possessions have gone.  However when a crisis does happen there are a few steps you need to take immediately on discovering the mess.

Call The Police

Ok, this seems pretty obvious.  But the sooner the police are aware, the quicker they can gather evidence.  It’s hard to pinpoint when the crime took place, but if your arrival home disturbed the thief, there is a chance they could still be nearby.  Also, forensic evidence can be compromised if you contaminate it with the outside environment.  So as soon as you discover the break in.  Stay in one area, call the police and wait.  As hard as it sounds, the damage is done.  Leaving it until after police come before seeing it for yourself could be beneficial in nailing the culprit.

Secure Your Home

A lot of burglaries take place during the day when you are out at work, if you cannot find an emergency contact to repair any windows or doors then block up the damage with wood or cardboard until the morning.  Events like this can be a good time to consider the security and strength of your home.  Do your research on the most secure systems for your home.  Northwest Exteriors has many different replacement window brands to choose from and might help to deter someone from breaking into your home in future.

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Consider Your Security Features

Do you have an alarm on your house?  Research says that criminals looking to break into your house are deterred by anything that will alert someone to their actions.  A house alarm displayed clearly on your home could put them off.  Whilst it may not fit with every lifestyle, a dog is also pretty off putting! They are unpredictable and that is a situation most burglars don’t want to find themselves in.

Make An Itinerary

As stupid as it sounds having an itinerary of your precious items can help with any insurance items.  This is one of those ‘after the horse has bolted’ moments for a lot of people.  But preparing for the worst will make it a lot easier to cover the essentials you may miss in the midst of it all.

Keep Your Kids Calm

Lastly, If you have children a break in can be a very traumatic experience which will have a lasting impact on them.  Where possible get the kids away from the scene and at all times, no matter how devastated you are, act calm and cool.  Children take their lead from you.  If you are angry, sad and not in control of your emotions, they will sense the overwhelming shock of it all.  Reassure them everything is fine and then have your meltdown away from them.

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