Natural Woman: Increasing Your Cup Size Without Surgery

Natural Woman: Increasing Your Cup Size Without Surgery

If you’ve never felt ‘blessed’ exactly in the chest department you certainly aren’t alone. In fact, 85% of women in America between the ages of twenty and fifty-four choose to get implants or have breast augmentation surgery performed. However, any surgical process is risky, painful and breast implants mean a lifetime of hoping the silicone doesn’t leak, or worse explode. So are there any alternative options for those who were wanting melons but may have been given apples instead?

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Use Breast Enlargement Creams

Self massage is one of the most popular options as a thirty minute massage each day could see you go up a cup size in just a month. Botanical serums also contain natural ingredients and nano particles that help to replenish and tighten skin. Infused with premium extracts of purest pueraria mirifica, a white tuberous root found in Thailand that’s been used for its rejuvenating properties for hundreds of years, the serum actively targets skin cells, connective tissues and fat repositories helping your cleavage become firmer, fuller and more youthful while deeply moisturizing your skin.

Try These Exercises

Although it may seem like a page lifted straight from a Woman’s Weekly magazine of the late 1950’s you can actually exercise your way to a more ample bosom. Try activities like wall, and floor presses, swinging your arms as you walk and even placing one hand on your hip while curving the other arm over the body as you stretch to the side. The idea is that the exercise will help to get your adrenaline pumping and build up muscle and healthy fats.

Eat Oestrogen Rich Foods

Did you know that certain foods are higher in testosterone than oestrogen? By eating too many of those you could be unwittingly slowing any breast growth, mind you, women don’t actually stop growing until around twenty five so even in your early twenties there’s still plenty of time. Testosterone based foods like pomegranates, garlic, seafood and even olive oil should only be consumed occasionally, while adding plenty of flax seeds, chicken, fruit, vegetables, peas, eggs and bran cereal to your diet could help increase bust size over time.

Reach For Radishes

Surprisingly, this small, round reddish, purple root vegetable could be the key to feeling more voluptuous. Radishes contain astringent chemicals that increase blood flow, especially to areas where there’s lots of fatty tissue present i.e. your breasts. Studies have shown that eating a portion of radishes a couple of times a week can lead to quick and entirely natural breast enlargement. However, whether the effects would be temporary or permanent it’s hard to say.

Wear The Correct Bra

One of the easiest mistakes women make is wearing the wrong bra size. Over 75% of us are either squashing them into bras that are far too small or hoping the extra padding will help fill them out. Many women are surprised to find when they’re fitted properly, always recommended, that they take a completely different bra size. Find a lingerie shop you feel comfortable in and book a fitting appointment then, when you go, wear a plain bra so the fitter can assess what you need just by taking a few measurements.

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