Holiday Gifts That Guys Crave 

Holiday Gifts That Guys Crave

Is there a man in your life that is fed up of receiving socks and whiskey for Christmas? Do you long to provide them with a gift that they will actually like, enjoy or even treasure? For too long men’s Christmas gifts have been boring and uncreative, but they really don’t have to be. There are all sorts of weird and wonderful things out there that you can get to brighten his Christmas morning. Just check out the guide below for some suggestions.

Fun and Games

First of all, if the man in your life loves a laugh, there are plenty of games out this year that make the perfect gift. Try Pieface, the game where you have to try and avoid being hit in the face with a pie. Or if that sounds too messy how about Cards Against Humanity? This cult game has been gaining popularity over the last year, as it best played by adults with a darker sense of humor. You can find Cards Against Humanity online or in stores nationwide.

Or, if you are looking for a game that can be played by old and young alike then why not try Speak Out? The ingenious idea behind this game is to get the other players to understand what you are saying. Sounds easy right? Well, not with a gum guard in! In fact getting out any word that makes sense is an achievement!

Any or all of these choices would make a great gift, or even a great addition to a holiday party this Christmas. They certainly would stop anyone getting bored, that’s for sure!



A popular gift for the man in your life is something techie. But to get it right you need to tailor it specifically to his needs. Remember some people are funny about their tech and sometimes only use one certain brand like Apple or Samsung.

For the man that is into his music why not trade him to some wireless headphones? Then he can listen to his tunes without getting all caught up! Or for the guy that needs a little music to sleep, what about an i-pillow? They connect to your mobile device and emits music that only the person using the pillow can hear.

Or for the absent-minded guy, what about a fob that attaches to their keys, that can be tracked using their PC or mobile? Then they will never lose their keys again!


If the guy in your life is a gamer, then you probably have heard a lot about all the new stuff that is smoking out this Christmas like the PlayStation VR. You’ll already know that you can really make their day by getting a gaming present right. But it’s important to get a sense of what they are into before you part with your hard earned cash.


If they are into first person shooters, then Call Of Duty is a good bet unless they have it already. Or if they like to have the latest development try the VR headset. While it is a little pricey, it is guaranteed to make any gamer jump for joy come Christmas morning! There are plenty of games you can get for this including a horror ghost train and some old classics like REZ.

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