Keep Your Family Safe In The Home By Making These Essential Checks At The End Of The Year!

Keep Your Family Safe In The Home By Making These Essential Checks At The End Of The Year!

It’s hard to believe that we have reached the end of another year. As we wave goodbye to 2016 (what a year it’s been), it’s time to make sure we are ready for the new year. And one of the simplest ways to do this is by making some checks around your home. After all, when was the last time you checked your roof? Or when did you last make sure your fire alarm was working? It’s easy to end up forgetting to do these things during the year. Therefore, here are some essentials checks you should make at the end of the year to keep your family safe in the home.


Time to check your roof

A lot of us leave and enter our home without taking a look at our roof. But if you do check the roof, you might spot an issue that you can resolve quickly. After al, if a shingle has dislodged, it might end up causing a leak. And if it’s not dealt with quickly, you could cause damage to your attic or your ceiling. And as we said before, it can be a fire hazard if the leak occurs near your electrical sources! Therefore, now we are at the end of the year, it’s time to check your roof. Look for missing shingles and check the guttering. If you prefer, you could always get a professional out to look at the roof for you. They will be able to inform you about any issues and fix them before it turns into a disaster.


Get your boiler checked over

It’s also vital that you make sure your boiler is working efficiently. A lot of us just switch it on in winter and expect it to be working fine. But even if there are no obvious issues, it’s important to get it maintained so that they can check it over. After all, you don’t want to put your family at risk if it’s leaking! Therefore, you should contact a company similar to Home Comfort USA to give it a once over. They will make sure it’s running properly and will check for any issues which will put your family at risk. As well as this, getting it checked over could save you money as they will make sure it’s running efficiently.

Test that fire alarm

Time can quickly pass without you checking your fire alarm. But you need to make sure you test it to ensure your family is safe in the event of a fire. After all, you want to be alerted if there is a fire downstairs. Therefore, make sure you test the alarm and get some batteries if they are running low. Also, if you have gas in your property, you need to make sure you get a carbon monoxide alarm. And just like the fire alarm, you need to check it regularly to ensure it goes off if there is an issue with your boiler.

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And remember to make sure you take a look in your electrical box to make sure that everything is working fine. Here are some problems you should be looking out for when you check the wiring.

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