Amateurs Beware! When Not To Attempt Household Repairs

Amateurs Beware! When Not To Attempt Household Repairs

Many of us fancy ourselves as an amateur tradesman. If there’s a paint job that needs doing or a leaking pipe, we suddenly become an expert and roll our sleeves up. In some cases, attempting your own repairs is fine. In others, it can have disastrous consequences. Here are some scenarios when it’s best to relinquish maintenance jobs to the professionals.

Anything that involves wires or electricity

If you’ve got a problem with your wiring, steer well clear. Electrical injuries can be life-threatening. You may have excelled at circuits at school or done a few basic jobs in your time. But it’s always best to be on the safe side. Electricians have advanced training, and they are much better placed to the do than you are. If you think there’s something up with the electrics in your home, search online for a local electrician or ask family or friends for recommendations.

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Complex plumbing issues

You may be able to shift a minor blockage in the sink. However, if you come across more complex plumbing issues, it’s best to investigate professional plumbing services. In your quest to resolve the problem, you could do a lot more harm than good. You may be at risk of injury, and the bill could increase significantly. Examples of problems you may need a plumber for include leaking pipes, hot water issues, and decreased water pressure.


Damp is a very common problem in older houses. It usually stems from leaks in the roof or cracks in the wall, which lead to excess moisture. You can often see patches of damp on ceilings and walls. There can also be a distinctive musty smell. If you spot signs of damp, it’s best to tackle the issue as quickly as possible. This is a problem that will only get worse, especially during the winter months.

Furnace malfunction

If you have problems with your heating, this usually indicates furnace malfunction. By all means, have a look at the control panel, and see if there are obvious issues. But don’t try and rectify problems by removing parts of the furnace or playing around with dials. If the furnace is faulty, this can be very dangerous. It’s best to call a qualified, certified engineer. They will be able to carry out an assessment, and hopefully, find a solution.

Loose roof tiles

If you spot loose roof tiles, resist the temptation to get the ladders out and embrace your inner Spider-Man. Going up onto the roof poses a risk of injury. If you fall, you could suffer fractures, dislocations or even head and spinal injuries. Call a roofing firm and leave it to the experts. They have the safety equipment and experience to do the job properly.

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Sometimes, doing jobs around the house can save you time and money. However, it’s essential to know when a scenario requires expert attention. If you encounter any of the household issues listed above, don’t put your safety at risk. There’s a reason why people train for years to do dangerous jobs.

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