Send Your Kids To School With A Message.

By Tia Cristy

Send Your Kids To School With A Message.
"Bread With Strawberry Jam" by Rawich
“Bread With Strawberry Jam” by Rawich

School is back in session. Mom’s and dad’s, alike, want their kids to know they’re thinking of them during the day, but don’t want to take a chance they may embarrass their children, in front of their peers.

So, what are some great ways to leave a personal message, without the hazard of them being ridiculed by others. Older kids that have established their self-esteem, may not be flustered by their friends bantering them, because you left a sweet note in their lunch bag. But, if your kid is just starting out with the social haven of school, why not try some alternative ways, that only you and your kids know.

Write a message with mustard on their sandwich. Put the message on the bread and press it against the other piece to seal the message. Then, pull the pieces apart and stack the ingredients atop of your message. At lunch, they can peek in between, to see what you said.

If your kids don’t like mustard, that’s okay. Make up messages for cookies. Like, Chocolate chip means, hugs. Going healthy instead, apple slices could mean kisses. Why not so both, so when they open up their lunch and see chocolate chip cookies and apple slices, they know your sending hugs and kisses.

Get creative and also include your child in making the messages. It’s a great time to spend together. And then, when they’re at school, they’ll know that you are thinking of them.

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