LOVE Doing The Chores With These Ideas

LOVE Doing The Chores With These Ideas

You read that title right. It’s totally possible for you to LOVE doing the chores, no matter how you feel about them right now. Try using these ideas and you should see your attitude towards the chores change in no time…

Put Upbeat Music On

Instead of doing the chores in total silence, make sure you put some upbeat music on as you work. Not only will this put you in a better mood, you’ll feel more inclined to get them done faster as you keep up with the beat of the music. Not only that, you’ll have something to sing to! Consider making a playlist especially to clean to so you feel amazing when you put it on!


Spread Them Out

Instead of leaving the chores so they pile up and you have a ton to do, do a little bit each day. You’ll keep your surroundings in much better condition, and find things so much more manageable. You can also consider spreading them out by doing a little, then going to do something you enjoy, then doing a little more, etc. If you do them in one big block, they’re always going to seem like a task you don’t want to do. Do whatever you can do as you go along too. If you use just one plate, don’t let it sit in the bowl for hours. Rinse it and put it away straight away. Make it second nature so you don’t even need to think about doing things like this.

Automate Them

Automating your chores can be an option now, so you can cut back on the amount of work you’re actually doing! With gadgets like the Vacuum Fox, you don’t even need to think about dirty floors when you get home from work. It does all of the hard stuff for you. There are similar things you can invest in too, so take a look to see what suits your needs best.


Get Your Family To Chip In

If you have a family, getting them to chip in makes so much sense. Why would you want to do everything alone? Doing chores can give children a sense of responsibility. It can improve a number of their skills too, especially if you get them started from a young age. If you do everything for them, they’ll grow up making even more mess and expecting you to clean it up. They won’t feel confident about moving out either! Do them a favor and get them started young.

Be Mindful

Some people use household chores as a form of meditation. It’s true! Be more mindful as you vacuum your rug, or wash a dirty plate. Enjoy the feel of the water running over your hands, and making something dirty clean. It can actually be really relaxing and help you to release stress!


Invest In Awesome Supplies

Make chores more fun by buying yourself a cool apron. Invest in products you like to use. Get some fun fluffy washing up gloves. It’ll make it all much more bearable!

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