Introduction to DIY Lighting. By Guest Blogger, Phoebe P.

By Guest Blogger, Phoebe P.
Introduction to DIY Lighting

Yellow Bug Light on Black Background with Glow
Changing the lighting is rapidly becoming a popular DIY home improvement project, especially now that many households are switching to LED lights. Changing the lights in standard rooms, such as bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms is one of the easiest projects you can undertake, as these places in your home already have wiring, switches and fixtures that you can use.

There are also a few slightly more challenging DIY projects that you can do. These will require a bit more planning and you may have to call on the advice of professional electricians to ensure that the necessary wiring is installed safely. Examples of these projects include lighting up loft conversions, installing powerful lights for your new garage workshop and lighting a shed in your yard. No matter what project you’re working on, be sure to select the right type of lighting equipment for the task. Bulkheads, high bays, floodlights, tube lights and spot lights all have their unique applications and can be installed in many different places around your home.

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