Don’t Forget To Clean These Items In Your Home (To Stay Healthy!)

Don’t Forget To Clean These Items In Your Home (To Stay Healthy!)

It’s so easy to head to the main areas when cleaning your home. After all, we spend the most time in the lounge and kitchen so it’s essential to clean these. However, even with these rooms, there are some items that we forget to give a good clean. It means we are putting our family at risk of allergies and flu. Therefore, remember to clean these items in your home so that your family all stay healthy.

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Spare room bedding

It’s so important that when you wash your sheets that you ensure you also clean the kids and the guest room bedding. Otherwise, the bedding over time will become a haven for dust mites. The next people who sleep in there could potentially get ill. It’s hard to spot if you even have them in your home. Therefore, wash the sheets at least once a week at 130F to ensure all dust mites are killed. Then you can hang them out to dry in direct sunlight, so they are fresh and clean. And don’t forget to clean the pillowcases and blankets on the bed as well. These are also great places for dusts and mould to hide over time.

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A lot of time we hover the flooring and move the rug to the side of the room. But it’s so important that you are cleaning your rug regularly. Otherwise, any bits of food that have fallen down while you were eating might be hiding in there and turning to mould. Also, dust will build up in the rug and end up causing dust mites. Therefore, it’s worth checking the label to see the best way to clean it. You can brush it down and then sponge it or put it in the wash. If it’s something more specialist such as a handmade oriental rug, you might want to find a professional for rug cleaning.

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Top of doors

When cleaning, we tend to look at things in the room that are at our eye level or below us. Therefore, the top of doors tend to be forgotten when we are giving our home a good scrub. However, dust will be building up and causing your family to have flu-like symptoms. So next time you are cleaning the rooms, make sure you dust the top of the doors so they are squeaky clean.

Kitchen bin

Although our bin is the home for our leftovers and rubbish, it tends to not get the privilege of a clean very often. However, any leftover food and bacteria which has fallen could be building up at the bottom of the bin. It can leave an awful smell in your kitchen which is not hygienic for your family. Therefore, as this article explains, hose the bin down and spray it with disinfectant to ensure it’s clean for your family.


Our beautiful curtains are often overlooked when it’s time to give the home a good clean. But pollen, dust mites, and bacteria can build up over time on upholstery. Therefore, make sure you get them down and give them a clean regularly.

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Hopefully, you can add these to your list to ensure your family is safe and healthy in the home.

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