Natural Mold Cleaning Tips. By Guest Blogger Heather R.

By Guest Blogger Heather R.

Natural Mold Cleaning Tips

Photo provided by Shutterstock.
Photo provided by Shutterstock.

One of the biggest problems in any home, under the right circumstances is that you can face a lot of mold if you’re not careful. Mold and mildew will be a terrible thing to handle, especially since it will be really difficult to get rid of if you’re not careful. This is usually the case with hoarders, but you can solve most of the issues with dehumidifiers involved in the process. Even though you may use them you should still work on removing mold and mildew from the surfaces you already have going. There may be good substitutes for any harsh chemicals used in cleaning such problems, so we will cover most of the potential options out there:

  • You can make use of tea tree oil that is commonly found in health food stores out there. You can use it as a natural mold killer instead. This may be a pretty expensive solution on the list that has a stronger scent, but one that will disappear within a few days or so. You can do a lot of good with it as it will allow you to handle the elimination of mold from showers, ceilings, rugs and a lot more. This will help you eliminate the mold infestation you have around with using a spray of tea tree oil and water to kill any mold right on the spot. You don’t even need to worry about rinsing it as it will dry off on its own and it will work quite well.
  • Another option you can use is grapefruit seed extract, something similar to tea tree oil but it also happens to be fairly expensive. Unlike tea tree oil however, it will be without a lingering scent. Combine water and roughly 20 drops of it into two cups of water and use it in the same way as you would do with tea tree oil.
  • Next on the list you can find a really nice and natural mold killer that you may have been underestimating: white vinegar. Distilled white vinegar has the ability to kill more than 80 percent of the mold species out there. If you have light staining, then you can simply use a mix of 50:50 to get rid of them. This would allow you to kill your mold spores more or less, leaving the carpets safe for carpet cleaning purposes.
  • If you have a plastic shower curtain in your bathroom that has grown mold and mildew on it, then you can deal with it by tossing it in the washing machine with two bath towels and some baking soda and a cup of vinegar in the cycle. You can do this during the washing cycle with the towels, while the rinse cycle should cover the baking soda and vinegar to ensure you have cleaning done. Once the cycle is done your cleaning will be perfectly finished and you won’t have to worry about the details of the job. 

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