5 Low-Maintenance Decorating Tips for Frequent Flyers. By Guest Blogger, Aimee L.

By Guest Blogger, Aimee L.

5 Low-Maintenance Decorating Tips for Frequent Flyers


Image via Pixabay by RebeccaMartinez
Image via Pixabay by RebeccaMartinez

Frequent flyers know the best routes to the airports, the fastest ways to make it through security, and the best luggage for racking up miles. But, frequent flyers may not know exactly how to decorate their homes in a low-maintenance way, so that they can spend more time relaxing at home when they aren’t on the road. If you’re looking for low-maintenance decorating tips so that you can enjoy your home more between trips, you’re going to love our five tips for frequent flyers.

  1. Opt for a No-Fuss Look

Clean lines are a good option for frequent flyers because furniture and accessories or window treatments with skirts and fringe collect dust and pet hair. It’s also helpful to go for a casual and comfortable look. Any furnishings or accessories with extra fabric or expensive fabrics require more cleaning time and more care if there are spills or messes. The less clutter, the less fabric, and the less throw pillows and throw rugs in your home, the less time you have to spend dusting, sweeping, and fluffing, and the more time you have relaxing and enjoying being home.

  1. Avoid Solid Colors

Solid colors show everything, from pet hair, to dust, to scuffs. To hide these blemishes, consider patterns or medium tones for your furniture and bedding. It’s also a good idea to think about your wall and flooring colors, bath towels, and other décor when selecting colors; avoiding black and white is a must for low-maintenance decorating.

  1. Decorate with Low-Maintenance Flowers

It may seem counter-intuitive to decorate with flowers when the goal is to create a low-maintenance space, but choosing low-maintenance flowers gives you a fresh look without extra fuss. Indoor plants also improve the air quality in your home, and it’s nice to come home to greenery after a long trip. And, decorating with low-maintenance flowers adds color, texture, and visual interest to your home in a less-expensive way than pricey accessories.

Some of the best low-maintenance indoor flowers and plants are African violets, aloe vera, snake plants, and peace lilies. If you want to decorate the exterior of your home with low-maintenance flowers, opt for impatiens, liatris, marigolds, peonies, and irises.

  1. Allow for Storage

Storage areas and accessories are a must for low-maintenance decorating, because the less things that are lying around, the easier it is to clean and remain organized. One of the best low-maintenance decorating tips for frequent flyers in terms of storage is to consider the storage potential in every possible place in your home. Think about what needs to be stored and where, and then select pieces that will accommodate those needs.

Choose ottomans that open to reveal storage compartments for blankets, remote controls, and games in the living room. Consider built-ins and window seats for extra storage in every room of the house. Opt for vanities with doors and drawers for bathroom spaces, rather than pedestal sinks. You’ll be surprised how much time you save cleaning when your belongings are organized in storage areas.

  1. Avoid Tile Flooring and Showers

While tile can be beautiful, it definitely will not aid in your low-maintenance decorating efforts. Tile flooring requires a lot of care because it can crack or chip and is difficult to repair. While the tile itself is easy to clean, the grout between the tiles is not. Grout often becomes discolored over time and is very difficult to clean.

Tile in the bathroom is anything but low maintenance, as it attracts mold and mildew. Again, the grout in tile shower stalls is very difficult to clean. Opt for solid materials for tubs and showers because they easily wipe clean and do not require extra cleaning time or effort.

Frequent flyers should be able to relax and enjoy their homes when they aren’t traveling. That’s why it’s important to keep your home as low maintenance as possible. Getting started with our five low-maintenance decorating tips for frequent flyers is a good start.

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