Valentine’s Day on a Tight Budget.

By Tia Cristy

How to do Valentine’s Day on a Tight Budget.



Valentine’s Day is the card giving, chocolate eating, gift exchanging day you either love or hate. There are many reasons people pick this day out of the year to express their love, but the price tag that comes with the day can be substantial. So you don’t have the money to buy that over-sized teddy bear or the giant candy heart. That’s alright. It’s the thoughts that counts.

Why not find that, kid-like side of you, that is innocent and sincere. A paper heart with “I Love You” written on it, when you were a child, worked, why not now? Take the time to do a little arts and crafts. Making your own card can go a long way. And, personalize it with just the right words. Store bought cards do a good job, but making it yourself, allows you to say just what you want.

Don’t put your craft skills away just yet. Valentine (2)

Guys, if you can’t afford to buy the jewels, why not make some. Making a necklace out of macaroni will melt her heart, knowing that you took the time to do this.

If you got a bit more patience, try making a gumball necklace or bracelet. All you need is a large needle, a steady hand, elastic string and gumballs.

Ladies, if you are stumped on a heart’s day project, try thinking of games. Guys like being entertained, as well as seeing the romantic stuff.

Get a box of Alphabet dry pasta. Spell out love words and move them aside. In a bowl, put in those words and add red food coloring, mix it up till all letters are covered with color. Let them dry. Once they dry completely, add them back with the uncolored letters in a decorated jar. Give him the jar as a gift, and tell him how many words he needs to find. Give him a sweet reward, for each word he puts together.

Don’t have the funds to go out to have fun, no problem. Make a dinner as fancy as you’d like. Having a blanket dinner, with all their favorite candy in front of a fireplace, could be a nice alternative to a heavy meal-candlelit dinner.

The money and expensive gift aren’t going to make the day special; it’s being together and letting the other one know you made an effort for love.

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