Help Clear up a Winter Breakout.

By Tia Cristy

Help Clear up a Winter Breakout.

beauty portraitProblem: Hi Tia! I seem to breakout on my cheeks in the winter. I put acne stuff on and it seems to make it worse. Am I crazy?

Tip from Tia: Hi! Thanks for you question and reading! No, you are not crazy. Winter breakouts are usually the opposite cause of summer breakouts. And, that is why the acne soaps and creams almost seem to make it worse. The usual culprit of winter breakouts is dry skin. The drier the skin, the more natural oils your body will produce to heal itself, but sometimes that oil gets trapped deep and causes breakouts.

So, what to do? Add the oil to the top of your skin to slow down the natural oil production. Instead of  adding a moisture to the skin, most products that combat acne, will dry out skin. This is why it appears to be worse. It probably would get better over time and balance out, but to add the oil along with your regimen, will help speed up a natural balance.

Use a natural oil, like olive oil or almond oil to your skin after showering or washing your face. While pores are open the oil will penetrate deep into the layers. Let sit for absorption. If in a rush, and you don’t want a shiny face, let sit for a few minutes and wipe with a clean towel or tissue. (don’t rinse off) This isn’t a one time use, usually. You may have to do this for several days, followed by once a week, to maintain smooth, clear winter skin.

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