Caring for Trees in the Winter Season.

By Tia Cristy

Caring for Trees in the Winter Season. winter tree

With the chances of icing and thawing throughout the Winter season, trees can take a major beating. The best time is to prevent Winter damage in the late Fall, when trees go dormant. But, if you didn’t have time to do that or you’ve come to notice a problem in the Winter, it’s usually maintainable, if caught quick enough.

If ice has caused the branches to break or crack, Winter pruning is needed and also acceptable.  This will help save the tree, as well as, save anything, that a fallen branch could come in contact with. And remember, safety is a must when pruning, especially in colder conditions, because muscles tense up quicker, in cold weather.

Also, if you see the bark of the trunk starting to get bare, wrap it in burlap and put a little chicken wire fence around it, to keep any unwanted animals from eating the bark. You can also put mouse bait, on the inside of the fenced off area, so mice are not feeding off the tree as well.

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